Simploring 2020 (53) Edge

For my simploring tour Sunday, July 19th, I picked “Edge” from SL Destinations. The entry led to a post from Maddy Gynoid “Simtipp: EDGE” (in German).

Edge is an adult full region. The owning landgroup is founded by EdgeResident (an alt or an avatar created just for this reason?). Edge is designed by Lady Bug (liloneladybug). In the landgroup I found three owners: EdgeResident, Cookie Bug Clut (juniperdreamer) and Katie Bug (Katiebug Wumpkins).
The landmark description consists of a list of tags: “Adult voice hang out- Live Singers, Karaoke, Dj’s, events, Photos, Bloggers, Games, Discussions, Nudity, Clubs, Harbor, contests, Storytime, Stories, Live Readings, Sex, strippers, Secrets, Swinger, Movies. Come Get away at the edge with so much to offer

Remark: Lady Bug (liloneladybug) told me later that my assumption was correct: “Cookie (juniperdreamer), Katie Bug (Katiebug Wumpkins) and I are the owners. I am the sim designer as well. We created EDGE resident together for the sim management as it is easier to run that way.”

The landing at Edge is between a large greenhouse and a small gazebo on a large rock with several waterfalls. The greenhouse is used as a large event hall. Right at the landing you find a list of upcoming events, the invitation to a photo contest and a teleporter sign post to 10 locations: Edge Venue (the greenhouse), The Harbour, Town Centre, Games, Pebble Beach, Smoke Lounge, Storytime, Tea House, Stables and Nude Beach. I decided to simplore on foot though.

Impressions of Edge (1) other overview perspectives (left pictures) / at the landing point (Edge Venue)

Although Edge is an adult sim, you do not necessarily notice it (if at all). Edge is a lovely designed sim, offering countless places to hide away, to cuddle or to simply enjoy. You do notice though, that it was built as a community home. I started my visit at the harbour, which is really picturesque. I was more or less alone during my visit, only once there were 3 other people. Nonetheless the sim has a problem, I suspect due to high script load. My frame rate never reached 40 fps and was often below 10 fps and I didn’t use shadows. That’s a pity as you could make better and great pictures of Edge with using another windlight settings and shadows. The textures loaded very slow and it wasn’t easy to get pictures without blurry areas. Maddy had the same problems using another viewer (I use firestorm).

Impressions of Edge (2) Edge Venue / The Harbour

Close to the harbour is the Smoke Lounge and a club called “The Garage”. This club has an adult atmosphere but is stylish in it’s own way. The lounge is furnished nicely and I could imagine to sit there after a party or during a break.

Impressions of Edge (3) Smoke Lounge (upper pictures) / The Garage (lower pictures)

I continued my simploring tour and came to another meeting area with a café and several market stands. This place is called “Town Centre”, next to it is a very large games area and below of it is the “Nude Beach”.

Impressions of Edge (4) The Harbour (upper left), Town Centre (lower left), Games (upper right), Nude Beach (lower right)

A place without a seperate teleport spot is next to the bigger lighthouse, quite cosy and away from the rest of the sim. I didn’t swim over to the large lighthouse, therefore I can’t tell if there’s anything to see. Did I mention that all houses at Edge are furnished? Have a look inside! I went to “Pebble Beach” another nice spot, I visited “Tea House” and “Stables” and I went to the “Storytime” sky platform, which is obviously used for story telling events.

Impressions of Edge (4) at the bigger light house (left pictures), Pebble Beach (upper right), Tea House (lower right)

Edge is a nice adult place that offers a lot of nice and cosy spots as well as larger areas to meet, dance, discuss or listen to stories. I liked the sim design and I hope that the performance issues can be resolved quickly (most probably it is just one or a few items that cause the lag). Thank you Lady Bug (liloneladybug), Cookie Bug Clut (juniperdreamer) and Katie Bug (Katiebug Wumpkins) for providing your place to the public. And thank you Lady Bug for the design. I enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to EDGE
Maddy Gynoid’s “Simtipp: EDGE”