Diary 2017 (131) August 9th – Red light break

In the diary post “slave Flo in heaven (II)” I reported that Mistress Jenny demanded that I’ll be out and about without her wearing the reverse straight jacket, hood and veil and the Mo gag covered by the veil – and the titeler that anybody can change but I can’t see. She said that she’ll keep me locked like this until I fulfilled her demand to her satisfaction. And I know, Mistress Jenny does what she says, hence I had no choice and I’d better do it soon.

The next day, Wednesday August 10th, I managed to come inworld one hour early, so that I could fulfil the assignment. I went to Heavy Bondage Club for half an hour and read profiles and took pictures of myself but none spoke to me nor seemed to be interested. I don’t know if anybody had changed the titeler and what it said though. Then I went to Domme a Domme and stood for another half hour by the “failed domme” sign. I still see myself as a dominant and not as failed (at least to everybody else but Mistress Jenny), but the sign did fit to the task. Again I took a couple of pictures and this time someone sent an IM to me praising my outfit (*sigh*). She knew me and Mistress Jenny as we’re quite often at DaD and she first assumed that I tied up myself.

August 9th: Ehesklavin Diomita out and about without Mistress at Heavy Bondage Clubd and at Domme a Domme

We had a short chat, then Mistress Jenny came inworld. She also had a short conversation with the one who spoke to me. Mistress took me back to our skybox and told me that she was pleased and satisfied, then she unlocked all restraints. She exchanged my collar to the heavy think leather and steel collar and explained that I may recover a few days, getting a little break within the red light.

slave Flo and sissy maid were at home. slave Flo had cleaned the whole house alone before – good girl. She learned her lessson (for now at least). Together with the slaves, we went to “Elegant Femme Gallery and Maison Sybille” (see yesterday’s simploring post). We visited the Maison first. Mistress Jenny liked the elegance of the rooms combined with the views on Paris, just like I did. At the Elegant Femme Gallery we had a closer look at the pictures. Quite some of them show sissies, which makes this gallery outstanding. We discussed likes and dislikes and had a nice and relaxing hour together.

August 9th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, slave Flo and Sissy maid visiting Elegant Femme Gallery and Maison Sybille

Our night ended at club DeLust where sissy danced for us and the other guests. I could relax a bit and wind down, but Mistress Jenny’s assignment that I fulfilled before will remain present.

Simploring 2017 (65) Elegant Femme Gallery and Maison Sybille

I met with Mistress Jenny Friday afternoon, August 4th, just shortly as I had RL obligations and Mistress wasn’t present at our regular party at night due to her obligations. When I came online at night I found a note from Mistress together with a landmark: “Have a look, if you get time”.

It was still half an hour before the party began, so I decided to have a quick look at it. The landmark let me to “Elegant Femme Gallery and Maison Sybille” and I first read the description of it “Discerning elegant lesbians, t-girls, transvestites, shemales, crossdressers, herms & sissies who adore the sensual sensation of slipping on a pretty dress and stockings. Wearing Nylon or Nylons is mandatory.”

Impressions of entry hall and dancing hall at “Elegant Femme Gallery and Maison Sybille”

I landed in an entry room decorated with erotic pictures of naked females and a big sign where to go and to wear nylons. I quickly put my nylons on and followed the sign which led me into a big hall with a lot more erotic pictures and many poseballs for dancing either alone or in group. That’s abviously a plce to meet and the hang out. One woman was dancing there alone during my visit. There are more signs, one pointing to the Elegant Femme Gallery and one to the Maison Sybille. I first explored the Maison Sybille.

The Maison is a large flat spread over 2 floors, equipped with antique and expensive furniture. From some windows and balkonies you have a nice look over Paris. The whole flat looks very elegant and you will see the BDSM equipment only when looking more in detail as it fits will into the overall design. There are some decorative cages, and on one wll I found a nice collection of paddles, whips and other gear for spankings. I assume that some of furniture has adult animations. For sure you are in the house designed and equipped by an elegant, distinguished and wealthy lady.

Impressions of Maison Sybille at “Elegant Femme Gallery and Maison Sybille”

I continued my visit at “Elegant Femme Gallery and Maison Sybille” with the Elegant Femme Gallery with is adjacent to the dancing hall. There are several rooms with beds, a big bathroom and many possibilities to retreat and have sex. Red is the dominating wall paper colour and all walls are decorated it erotic pictures of lesbians, shemales and sissies – most pictures are in black and white. You could spent a lot more time looking at the pcitures.

Diomita meets Sybille in the dancing hall (on the left), Diomita exploring the Elegant Femme Gallery (on the right)

Upon my return to the dancing hall at “Elegant Femme Gallery and Maison Sybille” I met Sybille Saintes (sybillesaintes), the owner of the sim. She was very nice and told me that the maison was her home in SL some time ago and that she opened it to the public now. There’s just one rule to be followed strictly – wear nylons, they are mandatory. “Elegant Femme Gallery and Maison Sybille” is a very large skybox, she herself spends more time at other places of her sim. Sybille showed me the teleporter pad at the dancing hall, which would bring me to other points of interest: “There is a red room, a shybox and still the whole land below. There you’ll find a rope slider, some funny theater with a dungeon, sort of.. and some spots for sitting on a beach and talking”

At the ground level of “Elegant Femme Gallery and Maison Sybille”: The Roman temple, the zip line and the dungeon

As it was time for me to leave and get ready for our party, I postponed exploring the other points of interest at “Elegant Femme Gallery and Maison Sybille” to the next day. And yes, there’s more to see. The ground level consists of several islands and rocks and as Sybille told me there’re spots to socialize or just to relax. Quite close to the top of the main island is a long zip line – that’s fun riding it! In the center of the main island is a large Roman temple. I wonder if Sybille organizes events to make use of it. And below the temple you find a dungeon. The dungeon is spacious but not dark and offers some bdsm equipment as well as enough rooms to store your subs and slaves.

Other skyboxes at “Elegant Femme Gallery and Maison Sybille”: Skybath (upper left), Jazz Lounge (upper right) and Shybox (lower)

With the teleporter system you can visit other skyboxes named Skybath, Jazz lounge and Shybox. The Shybox with it’s lovely view over Paris is for sure my favourite amoung the many places at this sim. “Elegant Femme Gallery and Maison Sybille” is a nice mix between a family home, a private place and a public club – and for sure a place to visit and to explore for those who like the kinky side of Second Life. Thank you Sybille for opening your place to the public. I enjoyed my visit and I’m pretty sure that we visit it again, maybe even regularly.

Landmark to “Elegant Femme Gallery and Maison Sybille”