Simploring 2020 (41) Endless 58-58N “YES”

After I published my post about Endless 58-58N (read here) I got a very nice feedback from Sombre Nyx (sombrenyx) who explained to me some further details about the Orkney Islands, which inspired her to create Endless 58-58N and about some details, that I missed. I added some remarks to my original post afterwards.
Sombre also confirmed that Jackson Cruyff owns the sim in which she realized Endless 58-58N: “Jackson Cruyff is the land owner, group founder, and a very dear friend – he’s generously offered me the chance to build anything I wish on his land. He has taken the top level in the sky at around 3500m for his build entitled YES, which is totally different from my own work.

On Friday, May 22nd, I went seeing Endless 58-58N “YES” and it really was another great experience. “YES” is just one large island surrounded by a few rocks and a few very small Islands or rocks. It is dominated by one very tall and high mountain. The rest of the island is comparable flat and green and does remind of Endless 58-58N. There’re just a few trees and some rare flourishing wild flowers, which stand out between all the green.

Endless 58-58N “Yes” – overview

You see what makes “YES” very particular at once: wooden walkways set up on poles. Some of them don’t make any sense on a first glance as they just build a circle or an eight. The first walkway I took makes sense as it leads out into the sea like a long pier and at its end is a chair where you can rest and have a look at the island and the mountain. From here you also see a structure of these walkways in several levels with a spiral walkway at its end. That looks like a rollercaoster but is in fact a walkway leading up to the top of the mountain on which you see a big sign “YES”. “Yes, I can do it. Yes, I got there. Yes, Yes, Yes” came into my mind and I decided to keep walking up for the end of my visit and to continue exploring first.

Impressions of Endless 58-58N “Yes” (1) – the pier leading out to the sea / the circle walkways with the two birds

I walked on the first walkway that has a platform in its center. Two birds sit there looking as if they chatted with each other. Walkingin the walkway isn’t that easy though, in particular if you keep waling and don’t stop inbetween. Perhaps this circle and the other walkways are just for exercising for the big challange to get up to the hill?

I tried the next walkway and felt a bit more comfortable already. Then I took a long suspension walkway to a smaller island off the coast. Again you find a place to rest there.

Impressions of Endless 58-58N “Yes” (2) – the walkway around a rock / a visit to the off coast island

I continued exercising and walked on the walkway formed like an eight. There’s a campfire in the middle of it, and it feels almost like a little reward to sit there after the exercise. Before starting the challenge of the big walkway leading up the mountain, I went to the beach, the only beach at Endless 58-58N “YES”. That’s a nice place, with no view on the mountain, just enclosed by rocks, really cosy!

Impressions of Endless 58-58N “Yes” (3) – the “eight” walkway / the beach

When you approach to the big walkway you’ll come around a small hut and some leftover floorboards. It seems as if building or maintaining the walkways is a permanent task. After my exercises walking up the big walkway wasn’t that hard anymore. I did not fall and I enjoy some great views.

Impressions of Endless 58-58N “Yes” (4) – the hut with the replacement floor baords / walking up the big walkway

You arrive on a palteau with a nice pond before you reach another smaller walkway leading up to the top with the “YES” sign. This smaller walkway is – although it looks easy – harder to walk up then the big walkway, because is curves are sharper. And yes I made it, Yes, Yes, Yes. *winks*. At the foot of the Yes sign a few peacocks found their favourite place.

Impressions of Endless 58-58N “Yes” (5) – walking up the big walkway

And of course there’s again a place to sit and enjoy as a reward for succeeding to get up here. The look from up there is great! I played a bit with the windlight settings and tried to get some different impressions before I walked down again and ended my visit.

Impressions of Endless 58-58N “Yes” (6) – YES, I did it!

Endless 58-58N “YES” is different, as Sombre told me in advance. It fits nonetheless to the Orkney Islands sim on the ground level. I had fun and enjoyed this outstanding sim. You can see that in Second Life almost everything is possible. Jackson Cruyff did try out something weired and the result is really great. Thank you, Jackson! YES, I did it! *smiles*
Thank you Sombre for the hint.

Landmark to Endless 58-58N “YES”
Landmark to Endless 58-58N