Enjoying bondage series – June 2013: Demi (demenise), Pamela Emmons, Eroyan Barmy

Tonight we went to “Catch a sub” formerly known as “Domme a Domme”. As usual for a Sunday it was full and full of subs, some were chitchatting and….. as often looking for trouble they had their keys out. So Jenny and I had mercy with them and grabbed three of them and took them to Sarah’s patio and had fun tieing them up. All different: Pamela Emmons in classic serious shackles, Eryoan Barmy in nice boots and a corset revealing her crotch and bound in vixen cuffs and Demi in MD cuffs presenting a bondage called “ballerina”. Enjoy the pictures.

20130622 Bondage Night_with Pam, Dem and Eroyan_001

20130622 Bondage Night