Enjoying bondage series – June 2013: Demi (demenise), Pamela Emmons, Eroyan Barmy

Tonight we went to “Catch a sub” formerly known as “Domme a Domme”. As usual for a Sunday it was full and full of subs, some were chitchatting and….. as often looking for trouble they had their keys out. So Jenny and I had mercy with them and grabbed three of them and took them to Sarah’s patio and had fun tieing them up. All different: Pamela Emmons in classic serious shackles, Eryoan Barmy in nice boots and a corset revealing her crotch and bound in vixen cuffs and Demi in MD cuffs presenting a bondage called “ballerina”. Enjoy the pictures.

20130622 Bondage Night_with Pam, Dem and Eroyan_001

20130622 Bondage Night

Enjoying Bondage – May 2013: Tamsin Etoile

20130512 Bondage Night_001

Diomita, Jenny, Dana, Ivory, Argi and Tamsin on Sarah’s patio

As we had a relaxing Sunday night on Sarah’s patio the idea was born that we could make a little picture contest or some sort of a regular picture series of our brats, applicants or casual victims nicely tied up in their best bondage gear on Sarah’s Patio. We didn’t hesitate long and last night our latest victim, Tamsin Etoile, was tied up at the wall. Tamsin got trapped by us several weeks ago and lost all control (poor girl *winks). She tires hard to find her balance between reluctance and getting used to her new life. I think she’s as curious as we are where her way with us will lead to. So here is the first picture that starts our little series.

Bound Girl May 2013: Tamsin Etoile

Bound Girl May 2013: Tamsin Etoile