Simploring 2017 (33) La Joie Mauvaise. The Motel.

I do only speak a little French and had to look it up. La Joie Mauvaise means malicious joy or spitefulness and in German it translates to Schadenfreude, a word that is also used in English. And in Second Life? I came across it once again reading profiles, in this case the profile of Candice (brunetteprincess), who owns The Motel. The landmark description reads promising: “La Joie Mauvaise: The Motel. Enter at your own risk.
findom, slave, sissy, domme, toilet, ahstray, sadism, cash cow, doormat, trampling, boots, heels, smoking , sph, lesbian, pay, pig, financial, paypig, pigsty, bizarre, mistress, bdsm, mistress
Although I’m not at all into financial domination (nor is Mistress Jenny) alone the words “Enter at your own risk” tempted me and I saved the landmark for later exploring. Wednesday afternoon, April 26th, Mistress Jenny and I went exploring it. Upon your landing you’ll get a landmark and a notecard with more information about the place and with a little background:
Occasionally a tired traveler loses his/her way, a switched road sign often helping in this regard. The road grows narrow and ends at a deserted old motel standing in the remains of a once large forest. The motel looks abandoned, but a light dimly glows in the office window; inside, the shape of a young woman can vaguely be discerned. Vacant rooms are promised and the traveler is drawn moth-like to the warm glow of the light. To be continued...”In fact the motel looks a bit like the famous motel in Alfred Hitchcock’s movie Physcho. It is a financial domination based adult sim set up around a motel, run by the evil motel keeper Miss Candice (brunetteprincess). Despite the purpose as a findom place you’re invited to look around and you can use rooms #2, #3 and #4, if you come with your partner or friend, rooms #1 and #5 are reserved for special roleplay (the beds are the same, what kind of special roleplay might it be?). There is also some BDSM furniture at the mansion located next to the motel. But remember this is a roleplay place. If the motel keeper catches you looking in her property she won’t be happy, and you will have to pay the consequences.Mistress Jenny and I had a quick look around after meeting Candice in the motel reception (she was busy). We spent some time in the mansion and I took a quick round over the whole place which is not that large. The whole set-up fits perfect to the kinky theme. “La Joie Mauvaise. The Motel.” might be a good place for those into findom and it is worth exploring for others who like the charme of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho hotel. Thank you Candice for providing your place also for non-clients.
Landmark to La Joie Mauvaise. The Motel.