Simploring 2019 (74) Summer Edge

Following Inara Pey’s blog post “A Summer Edge in Second Life” I visited Summer Edge Thursday, June 20th.

Summer Edge is a moderate homestead, owned and designed by Funky Banana (funkybananas), who also created Wild Edge, a sim which I visited in December 2018 (Simploring 2018 (110) Wild Edge). The landmark description is short but to the point: “A remote island with no inhabitants, perfect for an escape from everyday life. Beaches, cliffs and fields”

Summer Edge – bird’s eye view

The landing point on Summer Edge is at the end of a wooden pier from where you can either access the nearby beach or walk up to the green high plateau of the island. On the high plateau are some paths and at the cliffs you’ll find several wooden deckings form which you have a nice view over the sea.

Summer Edge bird’s eye views and at the landing point

The only building on Summer Edge is an old abandoned lighthouse. Of course I walked up to the top of it to enjoy the vew from up there.

Impressions of Summer Edge (1)

Summer Edge has no inhabitants yet the paths, the fences, some small wracks, the wooden pier and the deckings witness that the island is at least visited by humans. It could be part of a preserve area. The only animals you see on Summer Edge are birds, they seem to have their breeding area here.

Impressions of Summer Edge (2)

There’s not really much to see on Summer Edge but it is a prefect retreat, a place to wind down, to chat with your loved one. At the base of the lighthouse you find posing balls to take a particular picture. At the beach and on the decking you find numerous opportunities to sit and cuddle. It’s just an enjoyable peaceful island and as such it is outstanding.

Impressions of Summer Edge (3)

Thank you Funky for providing your sim to the public. During my visit Summer Edge was quite crowded but it is large enough, everyone found a cosy and peaceful corner. I enjoyed my visit a lot.

Landmark to Summer Edge
Flickr group
Inara Pey’s blogpost “A Summer Edge in Second Life”

Simploring 2018 (110) Wild Edge

For my simploring tour on Saturday, December 22nd, I picked Wild Edge from SL Destinations. Wild Edge is a moderate homestead sim owned by Funky Banana (funkybananas). He describes it as “a calm and relaxing wilderness to enjoy, explore and escape“.
What caught my eyes first was that just about one-third of the island is inhabited and cultivated, the rest of the island is occupied by snow covered hills.

On the first view wild edge looks like an outpost somewhere near the Artic or Anartic. In the bird’s eye view of Wild Edge you see a gravel runway for small planes, a radio antenna, a water storage, quite large inlet and a few buildings. Most of the shore is rocky but there’re some beaches too. I began my simploring tour at the antenna.

Impressions of Wild Edge (1) – Antenna, chicken farm, Christmas tree farm

Next to it is the wrack of a plane. Walking along the shore you get to a small residential home with some chickens outside, a small chicken farm. I continued walking along the shore and came to a Christmas tree farm just at the end of the cultivated area where the snowy hills begin. Honestly, I was surprised finding a Christmas tree farm here. Who the heck buys Christmas tree’s here?

Impressions of Wild Edge (2) – the residential house

From there I went to the only larger residential home at Wild Edge. A really nice house which is fully furnished and decorated for the season inside. Close to the residential house is a grainfield with a tractor.
My next stop was a fishing and hunting hut at the end of the inlet and from there I walked along the shore of the inlet. I found a nice place to sit and watch just close to the fishing and hunting hut. And I raptor which had just caught a fish. At the entrance of the inlet is a rock, that attracts a lot of birds. I walked back along the inlet and explored the beach with it’s campfire and fishing pier.

Impressions of Wild Edge (3) – grainfield and fishing hut

And I saw a raptor which had just caught a fish. At the entrance of the inlet is a rock, that attracts a lot of birds. I walked back along the inlet and explored the beach with it’s campfire and fishing pier.

20181222 Wild Edge_033

Impressions of Wild Edge (4) – the raptor, the bird’s rock and the fishing pier

I ended my visit at the gravel runway and had a look into the garage and at the plane parked there.

Impressions of Wild Edge (5) – around the gravel runway

Wild Edge is layed out as an outpost, most probably used for hunting and fishing or just to watch flora and fauna of a wilderness. I really enjoyed my visit and the concept. In my opinion just the Christmas tree farm, the small chicken farm and the grainfield with the tractor don’t really fit in. I’d prefer a few more hunting huts to make it a pure outpost.
For sure, you can take some great pictures at Wild Edge and enjoy nature and simplicity. Thank you Funky Banana (funkybananas) for sharing your place with the public!

Landmark to Wild Edge
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