Simploring 2018 (91) Non-Consententacle Park

Wednesday, October 17th, Angelique gave me a notecard about “Non-Consententacle Park” recommending that I should visit it, She added that she herself had just a very short stay and doesn’t really know much about. I read the notecard: “The park is open to those who are looking for something a bit … different from most places. Hungry for some sexy capture roleplay or just some erotic tentacles? The Park is RLV active so if you have a open relay on, the monsters will get you!
The tags provided along with this description are “Tentacles, Aliens, Park, Nature, BDSM, sub/slave, sex, breeding, kidnap, rape, AFK, Mama Allpa, RLV, Toys, beast Herm, Fetish, Beach, Milk, Ivory, Dairy, Dungeon, …“.
That sounded for me a bit like Starry’s Tentacles park, which I visited earlier this year (read “Diary 2018 (24) Feb 10th – The Tentacles“)

Non-Consententacle Park – overview

When I met with Mistress Jenny Thursday afternoon, October 18th, we decided to visit Non-Consententacle Park. And as slave kelly was present, we just took her with us. Non-Consententacle Park takes the half of a full sim, rated adult of course. As we explored it on foot slave kelly was released from her hogtie. The landing looks futuristic, like the landing platform for an UFO and it surrounded by colourful plants. When we walked out of the landing we saw more strange but colourful plants. The path led us to a big very modern hall with vendors for example for the Mama Allpa and for the sin tracker and for other stuff, but also with a nice comfy meeting area.

Non-Consententacle Park – landing point and entrance hall

From there we began our way through the RLV park. What we saw was really nice. I liked the colourful plants. Some are really just decorative and I took quite some nice pictures. Mistress Jenny is more adventurous than I am and she tried out some of the tentacle fun. slave kelly was a bit desorientated when she lost us, her viewing restrictions made it hard for her – but we like her to suffer for us, poor slave.

Non-Consententacle Park – Mistress Jenny having fun / Impressions along the way

We explored the dungeon, found another nice meeting and socializing area, and then Mistress Jenny and I sat down and cuddled a bit. The environment is really inviting for it.

Non-Consententacle Park – inside the dungeon

I returned later to further explore the park and the other features of Non-Consententacle Park. I visited the the beach, the horny gorilla as well as the Cybernetic Goddess. The dungeon, we visited together, is built into a hill and on top of it is a building. I didn’t find a way to get inside and instead just used the cam to peek inside. It seems to he a laboratory.

Non-Consententacle Park – Mistress Jenny and I relaxing / slave kelly walking around desorientated

There’s a lot to discover at Non-Consententacle Park. The sim offers adult fun, in particular if you take things not too serious. What I liked most were all the colourful and exoctic plants, the fantasy. Non-Consententacle Park is also a great place for taking extraordinairy pictures.

Non-Consententacle Park – the horny Gorilla, the Cybernetic Goddess and some more impressions

Non-Consententacle Park is owned by Gem Parker (gem.oxygen). Thank you for sharing this fun place with the public. We enjoyed our visit!

Landmark to Non-Consententacle Park