Simploring 2020 (9) Grauland / Okinawa Islands

Inspired by posts on SL Destinations, I revisted Grauland. I had visited it half a year ago and had written a simploring report about it (see Simploring 2019 (89) Grauland). What caught my attention was the changed name “Grauland / Okinawa Islands” and pictures of a destinctive rock formation.

The landing is close to a heap of stones that reach into the sea. I immediately recognized it again and knew where I was. This heap of stones and the horseshoe form of the islands are the only similarities to Grauland back in 2019.

Grauland / Okinawa Islands 2020 – overview

Grauland / Okinawa Islands is an adult homestead owned by JimGarand. It is also home to M-1 Art Poses, a shop for poses that is located on a platform in the skies above. M-1 Art Poses is also owned by JimGarand. On Grauland / Okinawa Islands you find several teleport pads to the store.

Impressions of Grauland / Okinawa Islands 2020 (1) – the heap of Stones at the landing Point / exploring with a jet ski

Close to the landing point is a jet ski station and of course I had to try it. The jet skis are fun and the work up to 700m off sim. I drove all around the islands before I continued my simploring tour on foot and explored the Japanese park that occupies the largest of the 3 connected islands. It is a peaceful place, the park is quite simple with a huge stone in the center.

Grauland / Okinawa Islands 2020 (2) – the Japanese park

I visited the bath house and the residential house, both clearly Japanese as you would expect on Okinawa Islands. The furnishing is very neat and stylish, the garden around the residential house has also a Japanese touch and there’s a little greenhouse that contains a small canabis patch, a little reminder of the large canabis greenhouse at Grauland back in 2019.

Grauland / Okinawa Islands 2020 (3) – the bath house and the residential house in- and outside

I climbed on the destinctive rocks that are besides the heap of Stones at the landing point a second landmark of Grauland / Okinawa Islands. At several places, in particular at the beach, you find places to rest, to sit and enjoy alone or as a couple and I tried out some of them. And finally I visited the M-1 Art Poses Store and tried some poses there.

Grauland / Okinawa Islands 2020 (4) – the rocks / the small greenhouse

Grauland / Okinawa Islands 2020 (5) – trying poses on the Islands and at the M-1 Art Poses Store

I appreciate it a lot when shop owners combine their business with a nice place to visit, to take pictures or just to enjoy like JimGarand did. Instead of donating to the sim I bought something at his store. Thank you very much for creating Grauland / Okinawa Islands and for sharing it with the public. I enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to Grauland / Okinawa Islands