Diary 2020 (54) April 13th/14th Varied Days

I had a quite varied day in Second Life on Monday, April 13th. I was inworld in the late morning and went to Heavy Bondage Club. slave Luci joined me there and I had fun watching people and reading profiles while tieing her up and restricting her.

April 13th: Diomita and slave Luci at Heavy Bondage Club / Impressions of Kohlmannskuppe in Second Life

In the afternoon I went on a simploring tour as Mistress Jenny wasn’t inworld yet. I went to Kohlmannskuppe, “a ghost town and tourist destination in southern Namibia. Once a thriving diamond mine and one of the richest towns in Africa, the abandoned buildings are now being swallowed by the Namib desert.” It was built by Serene Footman and opened just a few days before. I spent quite some time there exploring and later had quite some pictures to sort and writing the simploring report took also time but was fun (read Simploring 2020 (29) Kohlmannskuppe if you haven’t read it yet). Yasminia, the sim where Kohlmannskuppe is built on, was once kind of my second home in Second Life about 10 years ago and it is already the second time that I visited it on my simploring tours with a totally different design. What a coincidence!

I met Mistress Jenny shortly while I was simploring. She had a busy day and came inworld just to say hello and to avoid making me wait, then she left again.

April 13th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home and at Mesmerize Dungeon with slave Flo and slave Gwendi / at club De Lust and at home in our skybox saying good night.

At night slave Flo and slave Gwendi were present and they had been trying the Easter hunt prize that slave Flo got the day before. After having a busy day Mistress was up for a game and we played a round of skipee as teams again. We sat differently this time to avoid that the chairs we use to sit on make the difference. It was a close game and hence we could enjoy it. We had some time left over and went to Mesmerize Dungeon until flotime. The slaves went to bed and Mistress and I chilled 15 minutes at club DeLust. It was very full, as a matter of fact Second Life is quite full lately due to all of our real lifes where everybody has to stay at home.
Mistress Jenny and I went home and to bed quite early.

Tuesday, April 14th, I wanted to meet Mistress in the afternoon, yet she didn’t show up due to her RL. I went a bit simhopping and ended at the House of Sensations. I was all alone there and looked for new equipment and found new equipment. Being naughty I tried another Shibari rope furniture and I made some pictures of naughty me *winks*

April 14th: Diomita in Shibari ropes at the House of Sensations

At night I ran late and Mistress Jenny, slave Gwendi, slave Flo and Ann were present. After saying hello, slave Gwendi went off to bed as she was very tired. We took slave Flo and Ann to Mesmerize Dungeon where we watched, chatted, read some profiles and where I caught up with Mistress Jenny about our mutual news RL and SL. slave slut cecy joined us at Mesmerize Dungeon as well. When Ann changed into her rubber doll outfit I couldn’t refrain from taking control and locked and leashed her. Time went by quickly and at flotime we returned home and tucked slave Flo in. We went to Psi’s realm and leashed slut cecy there and retreated to our loft skybox.

April 14th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with Ann, slave Flo and slave cecy at Mesmerize Dungeon, at home and at Psi’s realm / Mistress Jenny and Diomita in our loft skybox

There Mistress allowed me to get my fix before we went off to bed. Thank you, Mistress Jenny.

Diary 2019 (101) Jul 10th Green Wednesday

Wednesday morning, July 10th, I went online in the morning and saw Kitty online at Gwen’s storage. I went there and met with her. I didn’t see Kitty for a while but Jenny had kept me up to date. Kitty was doing well and told me about her newest challenge, which she called “5 in 5” – visit 5 sims within 5 minutes and cause as much mischief as possible. If that is not our Kitty !!! I asked her to write a report about one of this challenges for the blog, but I doubt she will *sighs*. Anyway it is was great seeing Kitty again and to chat with her for a bit.

July 10th: Diomita meets Kitty at Gwen’s storage / Diomita and Jenny at the House of Sensations

In the afternoon I met with my property Jenny and summond her once again to the House of Sensations. We caught up first, then I took her over to a bondage rack but unfortunately she had to be a group member for the rack to work properly. Hence I had to stop at the House of Sensations and went to Angel of Pain’s BDSM island instead. I made the most of the short time I had and teased my property, licked her and finally fucked her hard. It was a very intense hour we had together. And we both smiled when one of the other guests at the island complained about our shouting – that really brought back memories.

July 10th: Mistress Diomita and her property Jenny at Angel of Pains’s BDSM island (1)

July 10th: Mistress Diomita and her property Jenny at Angel of Pains’s BDSM island (1)

When we returned home, I hugged my wife and property once again, then I released control. Green lights mustn’t be long, it’s the varaition that counts, that makes our SL enjoyable and varied Thank you for this green light, Mistress!

Mistress wasn’t present at night once again and I was out to attend a concert. I came inworld late and I admit, I was a bit tipsy. slave Flo was inworld and we played two rounds of greedy. Flo was tiered herself and so was I … and so we went off early.

Diary 2019 (100) July 9th Green Tuesday

Tuesday afternoon, July 9th, I took fully advantage of my green light. The hour, that I had with my property, was short but very enjoyable. I summoned Jenny to the House of Sensations, a place that I visited June 1st the first time (Diary 2019 (81) June 1st – Kinkploring Saturday) and that I had in mind for my next green light ever since. I sat down and had my property at my feet. We drank a cup of tea and caught up quickly, then I led Jenny to a bondage post, had her strip and tied her at the post. I teased her .. and I took what I needed first, my personal fest licking her. Then I fucked her hard.

July 9th: Mistress Diomita with Jenny at the House of Sensations

When I was done Jenny was allowed to dress again and I took her to club Domme a Domme to expose her as my property. Nothing can really beat having my very owned Mistress at my feet. I fully agree with her, dommes make the best subs *winks*. And hour goes by really way too quickly *sighs*.

July 9th: Mistress Diomita with Jenny at club Domme a Domme

At night, Jenny was prevented from getting inworld and when I came inworld, slave Flo was at the greedy table plaing on her own. I joined her and we had a few round of greedy and were about to visit a club, when slave Christin showed up. slave Flo was a bit uspet, that slave Christin hadn’t swept the house. Actually she hadn’t done it before and din’t know how. I took the two to the house and slave Flo instructed her how to sweep. When the house was clean I opened slave Christin’s chastity belt again and had slave Flo tasting and licking her. I myself relaxed and watched the two. Of course, slave Christin couldn’t withstand slave Flo’s tongue for long and had an orgasm.

July 9th: Diomita at home with slave Flo and slave Christin

After slave Flo left for bed, I took slave Christin to club DeLust for a short time, so that she could wind down a bit.

Diary 2019 (81) June 1st – Kinkploring Saturday

I went on another simploring tour Saturday, June 1st, in the later afternoon. At night I grabbed the newest group gift at “Nice but Naughty”. It’s a lounger, that offers some kinky animation, but it is also great just as a lounger. I placed one opposed to our main house at home. Then I went to Heavy Bondage Club for a while and had some chats there, but most of the time I read profiles – and that reminded me of my “kinkploring” list, where I make notes about kinky places to have a look at later. The first place I visited was the homeplace of a domme. I had grabbed the LM from her profile a while ago. Homeplaces to tell a lot about a person or community, about their kinks and passions.

June 1st: Diomita at home enjoying the new lounger (upper left) / Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club (lower left) / Kinkploring a homeplace (upper and lower right)

The next place I visited was the House of Sensations. I saw the landmark in the profile of a domme named Devi while I was at Heavy Bondage Club that night. The landmark led me to a sky platform and I saw that Devi was on the ground. I went down to the ground and was quite surprised seeing a stylish manor, nicely decorated outside. I rang the bell but none opened the door and after a while I peeked in. Devi was on the 2nd floor but obviously absent. And there was Essanem Spark but she was absent as well.

June 1st: Impressions of the “House of Sensations” (1)

Devi logged off and Essanem woke up and said hello to me. She turned out to be very nice and she gave me a tour through the manor. It is her place and she told me that she loves to create places. The manor is really built with love for the detail and the kinky stuff is well hidden in furniture and not seen on the first glance. Essa took me also back to the platform where I landed first and gave me a tour through the castle up there, which is really humongous. You can easily get lost in it. I had my problems following Essa and got lost twice during the tour.

June 1st: Impressions of the “House of Sensations” (2)

Finally Essa showed me her beach house. She invited me to the House of Sensations group and allowed me to return. I look forward taking Jenny to the House of Sensations during my next green light.