Simploring 2020 (39) It All Starts With A Smile (IASWAS)

For my simploring tour on Wednesday, May 13th, I picked “It All Starts With A Smile (IASWAS)” from SL Destinations. IASWAS rang a bell as I had visited it twice in 2016 (read here and here) and in December 2017 as “IASWAS Groenland Kangamiut” (read here).

The version of IASWAS, that I saw this year is a residential full sim (rated moderate) private, furnished parcels which are all beautifully decorated and landscaped. The public areas are open to all to explore and take photos. You can join the IASWAS group to get updated, there are fun events on the sim for everybody to enjoy.
IASWAS is owned by Kaelyn Alecto. Kaelyn has created kind of a brand with her IASWAS sims!

It All Starts With A Smile (IASWAS) – overview and orientation map

IASWAS consists of a central public island where you also land when you visit. The main island is surrounded by several other smaller islands that are all contected by bridges and walkways. Very well integrated into the environment you find 8 residential homes on these smaller islands.
My tour began at the landing on the main court of the central island. Around the court you see a small concert, a stall for foot, a large recreation hall and a reception building. I started my visit in the big recreation hall, which offers games, a rodeo bull, places to sit and a bar. There is also enough space for celebrations in this hall.

It All Starts With A Smile (IASWAS) – around the landing point / recreation hall

I went back to the court and to the reception building. It is nicely furnished and decorated. There’s a counter with pictures of the 8 residential houses that can be rented. At the time of my visit all houses but one were occupied. IASWAS seems to be a popular place (great!).

It All Starts With A Smile (IASWAS) – reception building and rental office / examples of residential home

I walked through the reception building and found the first of countless nice spots to sit and enjoy right behind the building. I sat down and looked around.  To my right I noticed an open truss and a sign on the ground “Walk Down Memory Lane” and I walked in of course. It is a small gallery with just a few pictures taken at the predecessor sims of IASWAS.

It All Starts With A Smile (IASWAS) – Walk Down Memory Lane / starting my simploring tour beheind the reception building

From there I began my walk over all of the smaller islands. They also offer a lot to see. Most of the space is public, you just shouldn’t you into the houses themself. There are (small) sign, that mark the private plots. But no worries, you won’t intrude by accident – and the cosy spots to enjoy are all pulic. And I saw a lot of them! And the houseboat, which is laying on the inner shore is also public.

It All Starts With A Smile (IASWAS) – one of countless cosy places / the houseboat

My round trip also led along the waterfalls. The wooden walkway at the bottom side of the falls is quite impressive and offer great opportunities for taking picture as well as there’re more cosy spots.

It All Starts With A Smile (IASWAS) – at the waterfalls

I ended my tour with a visit at the coffee corner, a place with another great view on the falls. Behind the café is another court with space to meet. At least at 2 spots you can also start a tour with a bumper boat.

It All Starts With A Smile (IASWAS) – the coffee corner / more cosy spots

IASWAS is a nice place to live and also offers a lot for visitors. I had fun exploring and took many pictures. Thank you Kaelyn for creating this sim and for opening up most of it to the public. You definitively succeeded to bring a smil to my face!

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