Diary 2022 (74) May 28th/29th A relaxed weekend

Saturday, May 28th, I was inworld twice during the day. In the later morning I met Kitty at FDS Dungeon. We talked and caught up with our news. It was nice seeing Kitty alone, a rare treat for both of us.
In the afternoon I met with Mistress Jenny. We went to club Domme a Domme and summoned slave Lly (Lily Bloodrose) to us. slave Lily had been busy with her RL lately and that might last a few more weeks, she was eager to see and to decorate us. And she decorated us well, good slave girl.
Mistress and I left slave Lily and went to Carnal Intentions for a while and later to Puerto Esclava. At Puerto Esclava Mistress took my leash and I had a short time kneeling at her feet.

May 28th: Diomita and Kitty / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme with slave Lily / at Carnal Intentions and at Puerto Esclava

At night Mistress Jenny was out. I played a skipee with Flo and slave Holly first. And then, as slave Alessi were also present, we played another round as teams. The game was long and (at least to my surprise) Flo and I won it in the end by 1 card, after we were behind a lot. When the game ended it was far over Flo’s bedtime and she retreated to get some sleep.
I took slave Holly and slave Alessi to Carnal Intentions and had fun restricting them and leashing them to each other while they were forced to look at me. Where ever I moved or turned to, slave Holly and slave Alessi followed me. I had the idea that it would be nice if you could force them to look at somebody else …. for example at each other. There’s still potential to improve the AnaVision HUD.

May 28th: Diomita at Carnal Intentions with slave Holly and slave Alessi

We returned home as I had to bring away the wine that I drank.I made slave Alessi watch while I used slave Holly as my toilet. slave Alessi got the part of cleaning me afterwards. Quite a ritualized procedure – but I love it. It combines the neccessities of life with kink *winks*.

May 28th: Diomita at home with slave Holly and slave Alessi

This time the mice didn’t dance on the table while Mistress Jenny was away.

Sunday, May 29th, I came inworld in the later morning,actually for a simploring tour. slave Holly was at home and she had had help cleaning the house, a pony girl named Jessica (JessicaMcCain). I stopped my simploring tour before I had begun it and returned home to see slave Holly and the visitor. Kitty was also inworld and she joined us as well. We chatted and I teased Jessica, slave Holly and Kitty. And knowing Kitty, she’s always fun and made me smile. I left after about half an hour and tended to my RL.
After lunch I started another attempt to go simploring. I visited Frogmore & Finnygook Cove (read here). It was a longer simploring tour, I enjoyed it a lot. Mistress Jenny was already inworld for our afternoon appointment when I ended my tour. We went to club DeLust and just chatted for an hour. That day the “Backflash of the month” post – Backflash May 2022 “Celebrations.” (May 25th, 2012) https://wp.me/psPPu-89g – had been published and I asked Mistress to read it. We talked about how we changed – and also how deep our relation had become with time. Just in 2022 our relation has experienced another dynamic with my full enslavement. Out hour together went by very quickly.

May 29th: Diomita at home with slave Holly, Kitty and Jessica (JessicaMcCain) / Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at club DeLust

We had a relaxed night playing skipee with Flo and slave Holly as teams. We had a rare team constallation, Mistress Jenny and I were playing against Flo and slave Holly. It was another close game that Mistress and I won by just 2 cards.
We went to Carnal Intentions and spent the rest of the night there chatting mostly just anoung us. Faye decorated as for a while as well. Mistress Jenny and slave Holly discussed the the jubilee of “our” precious queen, a big event in the UK …. slave Holly and I just wondered if Mistress’ collaring anniversary isn’ the real (top secret) event that weekend *winks*

May 29th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Carnal Intentions with Flo, Faye and slave Holly