Diary 2017 (57) April 17th – in control

Monday, April 17th, I met with Jenny in the afternoon. And as I was in control having a green light, I had to make the most of it. I was at Heavy Bondage Club, surfing profiles, when Jenny came online and joined me there. Just a few days before I was with her at the same spot and she enjoyed having me at her leash. Now it was my turn. I admit, that I adapted some of Jenny’s ways to dominate. I learn from her now. I handed her the leather cuffs and a ballgag and asked her to wear them for me, to lock them and to hand over the keys – and at least some at this quiet and busy club did take notice, which was what I intended. But the main intention was that I asked her for her submission and that she gave control to me in a voluntary act. I enjoyed having Jenny at my feet for about 15 minutes, then I took her to Keiko’s Castle as I had planned it during my fist visit there. I used the suspension crane in one of the dungeons to tease and spoil her. It was quiet there, just the two of us. This suspension crane is quite a lovely piece of bdsm gear, something to remember about for future sessions. It was a very relaxing afternoon.

Simploring 2017 (30) Keiko’s Castle

When we’re in a club we often read profiles and I began to collect any landmarks which descriptions sound promising and I store them for a visit later. We saw Keiko (keikonami) at Club DeLust, her profil has a pick about Keiko’s Castle
“I am Mistress Keiko Pleasure to meet you. I am Head Mistress at Keiko’s Castle. My personal RLV and Hostess Bar is now open. Come by and enjoy yourself”
Thursday, April 13th, I visited Keiko’s Castle. It is not a full sim but a larger plot with a Japanese house. Upon your landing you receive a notecard with rules to follow – mainly to behave normal and polite and respect others. Of course as a submissive member of the house you’d have to follow a bit more strict rules. Any play should be consensual (of course!).At the landing point you have the possibility to join the group “Maven’s Refuge”. By joining you’ll get access to the gear at Keiko’s Castle. From the landing point you can either walk to the house or you take the teleport system to visit the place. I used to teleporters and went to all offered teleport point as there are:
2 dungeons, slave pens, bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen and wash room, teahouse, entrance, slave Dock
I was alone at the castle most of the time and could explore it undisturbed. The two dungeons are in skyboxes and offer what you’d expect from a dungeon. They are quite similar. The slave pens are below the house and the slave dock is an entrance to the slave pens from outside. The slave pens offer enough space to store pets and slaves and there is also some SM furniture. Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen & wash room and the living room are in the main house. In particular the living room is cosy and offers additional possibilities for play. And for chatting or mediating you can go to the teahouse.
Keiko’s Castle is a nice place, not overloaded with gear and bdsm furniture. It leaves enough space for other activities and for just being together. It is for sure a place I can take Mistress to, when I get my next green light.
Thank you Keiko for providing your place to the public.
Landmark to Keiko’s Castle: