Simploring 2017 (47) – LICK and Crystal Bay

Thursday, June 15th, we had a holiday in parts of Germany, Corpus Christi. I had a time for some simploring and decided to check some landmarks that I collected over time when standing or sitting in one of our clubs from profiles I read. First I visited LICK , accordinding to the description “an exclusive and private Fem Fashion & Style community, founded in the Fall of 2016 in New York City and a beautiful, safe space for fems to hangout, chat and meet.”

LICK is a huge spacious skybox club, with bar, sofa and chairs, dance floor, spotlights. Yes, it looks exclusive and luxurious. Through the windows you see the skyline of New York City. You can walk outside and sit on a large terrace that offers again enough space to sit. Unfortunately you look up into the blue sky and not at New York City skyline, something I would change. What differs LICK from any other club I saw so far is another large room adjacent to the club that is intented for fashion shows with a catwalk and tribunes for the guests. During my visit, I was all alone, most probably because in New York it was early morning. The board at the entrance invited to a party on Monday, June 12th, starting at 2 PM SL time (11 PM in central Europe).
From the impressions I got I assume that LICK is not a club, you go to to hang around (and read profiles for example *winks*), it’s more a club you visit for a fashion show or for a party. The group for the club has close to 200 members. LICK was founded by Yes Mode, thank you for providing the place.

Landmark to LICK

The second place I visited on my holiday tour was Crystal Bay , Lesbian D/s and RP Touring Resort, a women only sim. Crystal Bay was founded by Crystal Jestyr, who I saw at The Secret House and from her profile I had the landmark.

We offer a D/s and RP themed destination to relax and enjoy your Second Life experience. Crystal Bay is an adult D/s and RP themed sim for women only. We feature over 700 meters high of winding, scenic endless mesh roads for you to ride and plenty of places to stop and explore, relax and play along your travels through Crystal Bay. We offer a sim wide MSM restraint system for Dommes and subs to enhance your D/s and RP experience.”
I landed at the large social area on the ground level. There’s a big board with the teleport destination, which makes traveling around easy. Right next to the landing lies a motor yacht at the starting point of a water race track. I took the motor yacht and drove once around the sim. It is the first time that I saw a racing track for motor boats in Second Life.
After my boat trip, I zoomed out to get an overview of Crystal Bay and I saw that it consists of several levels all connected by streets. The sim is a huge race track (700 meters high of winding, scenic endless mesh roads for you to ride). Quite close to the landing point you can rezz a free old Porsche and use it to further explore the sim. That’s what I did.

It is great fun as you can drive and drive and drive ….. and while you drive you see some of the sims attractions that you can also reach by the teleporter board. If you like driving or racing in Second Life, this is the place to visit! I’m pretty sure, that our Kitty will soon drive some rounds there. On the most upper level, I found another rezzer, this time for a bike and I exchanged “my” Porsche to a chopper bike. Unfortunately, I couldn’t unlock it (maybe because I didn’t join the group) and hence I could not adjust my seating position and more restricting, I could not change gears and stay in gear 1, which is really slow.
I had a great hour cruising around Crystal Bay. Thank you Crystal Jestyr.

Landmark to Crystal Bay

Byrd Island

Welcome to Byrd Island. Take a step back in time to explore this once inhabited island. The Light house keeper and his family left the island never to return. Could it have been the birds, or something else? Byrd Island is now open for tours.”

August 20: A visit to Byrd Island

August 20th: A visit to Byrd Island (1)

This is the landmark description of Byrd Island, which I came across following Inara Pey’s blog and her post “Byrd Island in Second Life“. Byrd Island is another creation of Sera Bellic, who owns LICK sim design, and she demonstrates her talent again. I had visited her “Adirondacks in Second Life” as well as her “LICK – Heaven or Hell” before in 2016.

August 20: A visit to Byrd Island (2)

August 20th: A visit to Byrd Island (2)

August 20: A visit to Byrd Island (3)

August 20th: A visit to Byrd Island (3)

When I arrived at Byrd Island it was foggy (using the windlight settings of the sim) and the atmosphere accordingly mystic. A swarm of seagulls welcomed me as well as some pelicans. As expected there’re many birds and even when you don’t see them by accident their sound is everywhere. I do like in particular the big wooden landing pier as it reminds me of my home RL. There’s one big difference to reality – in Second Life the pier isn’t covered with bird droppings.
At the pier, where you arrive is a little beach and the elevator to the high plateau of Byrd Island. You can use a rope ladder instead for getting there. I roamed around the Island and peeked into the buildings. The sim is beautiful, offers many views and places to sit and cuddle and is for sure worth a visit just to explore or to get some ideas for own sim designs.

August 20th: A visit to Byrd Island (4)

August 20th: A visit to Byrd Island (4)

As I had to stop my visit unexpectingly I returned later the same day to Byrd Island. The fog was gone and the atmosphere was different. I could smell summer and I tried out some of the places to chill or to hang around and to listen to the sounds of the birds. What a difference the sun can make!

August 20th: A visit to Byrd Island (5)

August 20th: A visit to Byrd Island (5)

Landmark to Byrd Island:
Inara Pey’s blog:

LICK – Heaven or Hell

What a title (!). Actually this post is not what you think it might be about. “Heaven or Hell” is a sim in Second Life. I found it browsing through the SL destination guide under the tag “Art”. The descrpiton doesn’t say that much “Has your fate been decided for you or will you decide? Choose wisely, choose carefully. And remember you can always check out but you can never leave. Turn your sounds up and get ready for the ride.”

July 23rd: Diomita visiting "Heaven or Hell"

July 23rd: Diomita visiting “Heaven or Hell”

At the landing point you have to decide to go to heaven or to hell. Btw. have you ever thought about why there is as stariway to heaven but a highway to hell? I like the text between the two doors “When you think of heaven and hell, you already have images in your meind of what you think it should look like. No right or wrong they are your images and these are mine“. Mine refers to Sera Bellic, who owns this sim and “LICK” sim design.  “LICK sim design offers complete sim/parcel design, landscaping and interior design. LICK is dedicated to creating beautiful, enchanting spaces for your home or business.” Back to my simploring. I decided to see hell first. For going to hell you step downstairs into a dark area, fire is everywhere, it looks very hot.

July 23rd: Diomita stepping down to hell

July 23rd: Diomita stepping down to hell

Walking around you see some dead bodies, some cages and some steam fountains erupting through the hot ground, the eternal fire of hell is around you. After a while I found the entrance to go further down to hell, a tunnel system that is connecting caves. Skeletons and skulls lie on the ground everywhere and dinosaur skeletons guard the entrances to the caves. You can hear screams every once in a while when your sound is turned up. Scary? Yes.

July 23rd: Diomita in hell

July 23rd: Diomita in hell

Ok, the hell did meet my expectations, my images and what I’ve been told about hell when I was a kid. But how will heaven look alike? Good news is, in Second Life you can see both :-).  So I stepped up from hell and went further upstairs to heaven. Heaven is a beautiful and peaceful place, an harmonic landscape.

July 23rd: On my way from hell to heaven

July 23rd: On my way from hell to heaven

July 23rd: Diomita in heaven

July 23rd: Diomita in heaven

Ok, the heaven did not meet exactly my expectations. I saw no angels and I didn’t hear plainchants and I didn’t walk on clouds. Shame! :-). But heaven in SL is still nice. I walked a bit around and found 2 spots that did make up with my expectations. Firstly I walked over a bridge build of violins and secondly I visited the only house in heaven and obviously the angels get their wings there.

July 23rd: Diomita walking over the bridge of violins

July 23rd: Diomita walking over the bridge of violins

July 23rd: Diomita selecting her wings :-)

July 23rd: Diomita selecting her wings 🙂

One last remark: I my imagination the word “LICK” can mean heaven sometimes *winks*

If you don’t want to go the “Heaven and Hell” yourself you can also watch a video from Andrew Carvin that is a bit lengthy though here. Thank you Sera Bellic for this piece of imagination of heaven and hell.

Landmark to “LICK – Heaven or Hell”