Simploring 2020 (78) Midnight in Paris

Once again I picked my simploring destination for Wednesday, November 4th, from SL Desinations. The entry for Midnight in Paris caught my eye. It led to post of Inara Pey “Midnight in Paris in Second Life” and after reading it, I decided to visit myself.

Midnight in Paris is a homestead, rated general, owned and created by Billie (littlesquaw). Billie is also the creaotr of BKLYN, a place I visited in April 2020 (read Simploring 2020 (32) BKLYN). This time Billie selected Paris at night for her town scene. In order to see it properly you should use the preset windlight and switch advanced ligting on.

The landing is inside of a houseboat on the river Seine. You step outside and WOW – what a view. Billie has created a quite realistic night scene of Paris. I was overwhelmed immediately.

Impressions of Midnight in Paris (1) – the landing in a houseboat

I began to explore and left the boat, I crossed the bridge and it was raining. My latex dress and the overknee booty was once the right outfit for simploring! Billie selected the light very smart and you can see the reflections on the puddle on the street. There are also some static figures on the streets to liven up the scenery.

Impressions of Midnight in Paris (2)

I went seeing the louvre with the Eiffel Tower in the background. I really got the feeling of being in Paris, a town that I have visited back in 2014 the last time in the physcial world.

Impressions of Midnight in Paris (3)

But there’s more to see at Midnight in Paris, not just the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and the promenade along the river Seine. Behind a Bistro there’s a passage leading to a cul-de-sac road. And that is designed really well, almost perfect. There are so many little details to discover, be it the graffiti at the wall, the different stores, signs, bicycles, garbage tons, a chair, the illumination above the street, etc.

Impressions of Midnight in Paris (4)

After a while I returned to the promenade and found way more scenes and places to take pictures.

Impressions of Midnight in Paris (5)

What a great place to immerse yourself into Paris at night! And what a great place for taking pictures in Second Life. I had a great time. And I was and I still am impressed of Billie (littlesquaw)’s work. Thank you for creating Midnight in Paris, Billie, and for sharing it with the public.

Landmark to Midnight in Paris
Inara Pey’s post “Midnight in Paris in Second Life”

Simploring 2020 (32) BKLYN

For my simploring tour on Thursday, March 26th, I picked BKLYN from SL Destinations BKLYN is a homestead rated general owned by Toxx Genest (toxxicshadow) and Billie (littlesquaw).

BKLYN – bird’s eye view revealing the way how the urban feeling is created

As the name already implies BKLYN is the abbreviation for Brooklyn, New York City. The sim is quite unique for the way it is built. The background is showing a skyline with many skyscrapers. BKLYN itself is surrounded by water, and extends into the background by one half of the Brooklyn bridge.

Impressions and urban scenes of BKLYN (1)

Inside BKLYN you feel like being in Brooklyn. You see the skyscapers in the background from everywhere and life is pulsating in the streets. It is dirty, there’re many worksites, still standing traffic, shops, corners you won’t like to be alone, it is noisy (turn ambient sound on!).

Impressions and urban scenes of BKLYN (2)

But it is not only the way BKLYN is built that makes it unique. I think I haven’t seen a place in Second Life yet with so many mesh figures to liven up the scenery. And the figures have the right size so you can easily mingle with them be it on the broadwalk or be it queing up at the cinema. There’s a quarter with Asian food and food stands with a restaurant. You also find a fully furnished bar and a foot store.

Impressions and urban scenes of BKLYN (3)

BKLYN is great for taking pictures of urban scenes – and I took many pictures. And there’s a lot to discover. I found a newspaper stand with several animations for example. Or have a closer look at the Asian food shops. Those stores that are not furnished but just facade have unique textures to look real.

Impressions and urban scenes of BKLYN (4)

The garbage bags, the noise, the traffic, the many people, the life on the streets, the tunnels, the big billboards, the road works, the yellow cabs, that all adds perfectly to the feeling of being in Brooklyn.

Impressions and urban scenes of BKLYN (5)

I enjoyed my one hour trip to BKLYN – a feast for a photographer, a great urban setting. Thank you very much, Toxx Genest (toxxicshadow) and Billie (littlesquaw) for sharing your place with the public!

Landmark to BKLYN
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