Diary 2018 (223) December 18th/19th oink … oink

Our afternoon on Tuesday, December 18th, was quite relaxed. We went to Heavy Bondage Club with slave Gwen as our decoration. We caught up there with our mutual news while teasing slave Gwen and while getting some IMs. Later slave Flo joined us there. And that’s it about our afternoon hour. I didn’t take any picture.

At night Mistress Jenny and I went to Puerto Esclava and to Mesmerize Dungeon with slave Flo. We had a good time watching people and teasing slave Flo. Then we had a round of greedy before slave Flo had to leave to bed.

December 19th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo at Puerto Esclava, at Mesmerize Dungeon and at home

Mistress Jenny and I had some time of togetherness at our skybox afterwards. Mistress exchanged my parterning collar with my sub collar before she had to leave because she had an early start the next day. slave kelly had come inworld in the meanwhile and I went seeing her after Mistress had left. I took slave kelly to Psi’s realm and continued teasing her as my piggy slave publically. She has to “oink” before talking every time. As it was really full, slave kelly got quite some attention what added a lot to her humiliation. I had my fun.

December 19th: Diomita with slave kelly at Psi’s realm

Wednesday afternoon, December 19th, the fun continued for me. slave Flo, slave Gwen and slave kelly were present and at home. slave kelly was suffering from being a piggy slave and from being shocked by her collar again and again. I had set the collar to give her a shock every time she talks more than 30 characters per min – and she did already when she screamed of pain – thus causing the next shock. What a nice mean toy.
In addition slave kelly was that excited again that she peed. Of course she had to lick up her mess. She was whimpering and sobbing, she tired to rebell and complain but then she quickly realized her helplessness, poor girl (happy slave?). Anyway I put her into the pet cage on the porch of our house to get some time of thinking.

December 19th: Diomita with slave Flo, slave Gwen and slave kelly at home

At night Mistress Jenny and I took slave Flo and slave kelly to Lochme. Lochme is really nice decorated for the holidays. We met Pauline (pauline Babad) there and she began to tease slave kelly, who was very embarrassed to “oink” before talking and of course we forced her to talk. On the other hand she had to be careful not to talk too much in order not to get spanked – a perfect exercise to focus.
Pauline remarked that slave kelly doesn’t seem to be used to being a piggy. She reported that it takes time to get used to it but that the embarrassment of humiliation won’t get less. Maybe we should keep slave kelly as a piggy for some months at least?.

December 19th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave kelly and slave Flo at Lochme meeting Pauline

We moved on to Mesmerize Dungeon. I ordered our piggy to crawl around the court several times and to oink. Again our piggy slave attracted some attention. slave Flo stayed silent most of the time. The collar is better than any gag *grins*. It was a relaxed and entertaining night for Mistress Jenny and me, as it should be.

December 19th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave kelly and slave Flo at Mesmerize Dungeon

Diary 2018 (222) December 17th – Enjoying control

Monday afternoon, December 17th, became unexeptedly busy and was fun. When Jenny and I came inworld, slave kelly, slave Gwen and slave Flo were present. Jenny and I had a dance in our seasonal Christmas Gazebo, then we turned our attention to the slaves.
I ordered slave kelly to get a corsage and a skirt from D’Evil on the marketplace and to wear it. Spontaneously Jenny bought something on the marketplace for slave kelly – a piggy hood and tail, wicked! Looking at slave Gwen, I decided that she had to get the set of big nipple rings with the optional sign, which slave kelly is already wearing more or less permanently.
We went to Mesmerize Dungeon with the slaves and had our fun. Finally we ordered slave kelly to “oink” before talking – always! How humiliating for her, how much fun for us. slave kelly pleased us. *winks*

December 17th: Jenny and Diomita with slave kelly, slave Gwen and slave Flo at home and at Mesmerize Dungeon

Our night began with a lovely surprise. Angelique was inworld and said hello. She’s very busy with her RL and her working schedule doesn’t fit to her or to our regular online times. Angelique leaves messages and stays in touch and that night she stayed up just to see us shortly. I summoned her to our skybox and we could at lease see eachother again for a few minutes. There will be better times some time soon, I’m pretty sure.
After Angelique’s visit we went to Psi’s realm with slave kelly and slave Gwen. Psi (Psi Merlin) is offering a new service “Psi’s taxi service”. I tried it our shortly and I can report, that the seat is comfortable.

December 17th: Jenny and Angelique at home in our skybox / Jenny and Diomita at Psi’s realm with slave kelly and slave Gwen. Diomita trying out the new taxi service of Psi

We spent the main part of our night at Puerto Esclava with slave kelly and slave Flo. slave kelly attracted a lot of attention as our piggy pet, which resulted in many “oink oink”‘s of her – cute and evil at the same time. Jenny had several IMs and she got quite some comments about slave kelly. Strange, but I think many were envious and would like to swap with slave kelly although it is humiliating.
I was busy trying to understand all features of slave Flo’s new metal hood and tested a few of them. First slave Flo was moaning quite loudly and annoyingly, but I could switch that off finally. The hood offers the opportunity to display pictures on the slave’s screen with a HUD, but I’m not familiar with this feature yet.

December 17th: Jenny and Diomita with slave kelly and slave Flo at Puerto Esclava

Time always flies by quickly when you’re having fun – and we had fun. After we returned home and said good night to the slaves I took my property Jenny to club Domme a Domme and exposed her there. Most probably you can see the pride in my face having my Eheslut at my feet. That is really addictive!

December 17th: Mistress Diomita and Eheslut Jenny at club Domme a Domme

After we had returned home, I took advantage of my Eheslut once again before I gave up control and ended my green light. I’ve learned that it’s better to stop at the top and before I become to addicted of having control *winks*

Diary 2018 (221) December 13th – 16th Back in control

Thursday, December 13th, I met with Jenny in the afternoon. We saw slave Flo and slave Gwen (gwenney), had a round of greedy with slave Flo and we caught up about our mutual news. One hour can pass by quickly in Second Life. And I forgot to take any pictures.

Jenny was not inworld at night. I took slave Flo with me on a shopping tour first. I saw some nice clothes but didn’t get anything, at least I collected some ideas. Then I made a tour through the clubs with slave Flo. We visited Mesmerize Dungeon, Puerto Esclava and Psi’s realm and had fun reading profiles and watching.

December 13th – Diomita with slave Flo shopping and at Puerto Esclava, Mesmerize Dungeon and Psi’s realm / Diomita watching the scenery at club Domme a Domme sitting on Zephaney

After slave Floleft I went to Domme a Domme and I stayed longer there than I planned. Zephaney was there and she was a very comfy seat for me. I watched a scene and had some IM’s – time flew by. And that’s it for Thursday.

I was offline Friday and Saturday, hence nothing for the diary to report. Our Friday night party had to cancelled as Jenny and Virgo were off Friday night as well. I returned Sunday night and I started my night with taking my property to Angel of Pain’s BDSM Island. I teased Jenny, I prepared her for what I intended to do later … and of course we caught up with eachother’s news. It’s good to be in full control.

December 16th: Diomita with her Eheslut Jenny at Angel of Pain’s BDSM Island

I took my Eheslut to club Domme a Domme for a bit to expose her, then we went home to see slave Flo. We had a game of greedy with her and slave slut cecy joined us.

December 16th: Diomita with her Eheslut Jenny at club Domme a Domme / Diomita and Jenny with slave Flo and slave slut cecy at home

Time to relax and watch people…. we went to Mesmerize Dungeon and made ourselve comfy on our slaves. There was quite some eye candy and Jenny and I had fun. We even saw a Rubber Rocket Doll again, too bad that none touched the rocket breasts as it would have been fun to watch.

December 16th: Diomita and Jenny with slave Flo and slave slut cecy at Mesmerize Dungeon

Back home and after slave Flo and slave slut cecy were off, I enjoyed my green light, my control.

December 16th: Diomita with her Eheslut Jenny at home

There was more – but no pictures of that part for the diary *winks*. What a full and varied night!

Diary 2018 (220) December 11th/12th – slave Flo in a new bondage outfit

Tuesday, December 11th, Jenny and I unlocked slave Flo’s corset, the hood and removed her wrist cuffs, then she was allowed to take off the boots and catsuit. I had a new restricting dress for her which she had to wear with black overknee ballet boots. The dress came with a tight armbinder bag and I pulled the bag tight around slave Flo’s arms.
We might add more later, but for the moment we were satisfied. We took slave Flo to Mesmerize Dungeon to decorate us and we enjoyed an hour just chatting amoung us and with some other visitors and watching the scenery.

December 11th: Jenny and Diomita at home changing slave’s Flo’s outfit / at Mesmerize Dungeon

It was a short night but we also got a short time of intimate togetherness before bed.

Wednesday night, December 12th, the first thing I did when Jenny arrived inworld, was taking control of her. I added the Elegance collar and Elegance cuffs. Then I went shopping with Mine. We got a nice harness with chains for her that fits perfektly. slave kelly came inworld in the meanwhile and we took her and slave Flo to Mesmerize Dungeon.
I rezzed cushions for Jenny and me and sat down on slave kelly. Jenny sat down on Zephany, who was at Mesermize Dungeon and eager to please Jenny. We spent a very enjoyable hour at Mesmerize Dungeon, teasing our slaves and watching. The police “zapper” collars do a great job keeping the slaves silent, even more effective than gagging them. slave kelly can tell, as she once was not cautious enough and got zappeed.

December 12th at Mesmerize Dungeon: Jenny and Diomita with slave kelly, slave Flo and Zephaney

In the end we could see the beginning of a little show, but it was time for us to leave and to retreat to our skybox.

December 12th: Mistress Diomita enjoying Control over her property and Eheslut Jenny

I used the remaining half hour to get spoiled by my Eheslut. I did miss that! After I was satisfied, I took Jenny shortly to club Domme a Domme to proudly expose her. It feels great having her at my feet again! I left Jenny leashed to a wall at the annex of our skybox after she had kissed my butt properly *winks*

Diary 2018 (219) December 9th/10th Relaxed

I had a nice and varied Sunday afternoon in Second Life. When I came inworld, slave Flo was present and I took her with me to Puerto Esclava, where we watched the crowd for a bit and read profiles. Then we went to Psi’s realm , where we found a maid slut tied and locked on a so called “slut punishment cart”. It is a new device from DHB, quite expensive but nice to play with as I learned. As the controls were open, I took the opportunity to play a bit with the slut and the device. I switched the fucking device on, played with the different speed levels and vibrators, I tried out different bondages and I locked the cart so that the slut couldn’t move it herself anymore.

December 9th – a varied afternoon: Diomita with slave Flo at Puerto Esclava (left) / at Psi’s realm testing the slut punishment cart (middle) / at Heavy Bondage Club and at home taking control of slave doll

The last place we visited that afternoon was Heavy Bondage Club. It didn’t take long until a slave doll applied to me. She had tried that before, at least she’s persistent. The slave doll seeked strictness and she had all her keys out. I locked all layers of rubber and the corset of the slave doll took all the keys. Wait a minute … where the heck did I store the keys? Anyway, I took the slave doll home and leashed her there, just to test how she reacts.

December 9th – a relaxed night in 3 pictures: Diomita with slave Flo at Heavy Bondage Club / Jenny, Diomita and slave Flo at home next to the greedy table / Jenny and Diomita at our skybox cuddling before saying good night

At night I spent an hour at Heavy Bondage Club with slave Flo, mostly reading profiles and chatting with a few others there. When Jenny came inworld, we returned home and we had a game of greedy together (Flo won it). Jenny and I retreated to our skybox and finished catching up with each others’s news. What a relaxing night.

Monday, December 10th, I had some time alone at night. Jenny was not online nor was any other of our closer family. I visited several fetisch places, got once into a bit of trouble but that didn’t develop into any roleplay. After I had roamed aorund for an hour, Jenny and slave Flo both came inworld more or less simulataneously. Jenny and I took slave Flo to Mesmerize Dungeon and had her decorating us while we caught up with our mutual news.

December 10th – another relaxed night in 3 pictures: Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo at Mesmerize Dungeon, with Ann (transann) and with a stray sub / Jenny and Diomita at home

Ann (transann) came by and presented a nice latex nun costume. slave Flo did attract another slave seeking control. This way we were quite entertained. Then we returned home as we all had an early start ahead the next day.

Diary 2018 (218) December 8th – A short but varied night

Saturday, December 8th, I was offline due to RL. It’s the season and that’s a busy time. I came inworld late at night and Mistress Jenny was present. We caught up with our mutual news quickly and then went to Mesmerize Dungeon. As slave slut cecy and slave kelly were present we summoned them and they served us as comfortable chairs.

December 8th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Mesmerize Dungeon with slave kelly and slave slut cecy as our personal chairs

We chatted with our slaves and slave kelly reported from her day. We had allowed her to roam freely, as we both didn’t expect to be around during the day. Of course, I locked her chastity belt before.
I also still have some pictures of slave kelly from her time being rented out to Antony (antonygift) along with a short report from her. I published a first series of pictures with slave kelly’s reports a couple of days ago in this blog here).

When slave kelly had to leave we brought her and slave slut cecy back home. We stored our slut in one of the display cages on our porch and retreated to our skybox. Mistress Jenny ordered me to strip and took me to Trouble Tavern. I had to kneel at her feet while she was talking with with another guest.

December 8th: Diomita stroing slave slut cecy at home / Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at Trouble Tavern

When we returned home, Mistress Jenny had an surprise on stock for me. She exchanged my Ehesklavin collar with my partnering collar. Thank you, Mistress Jenny.

Diary 2018 (216) December 4th/5th – Calas Galadhon’s yearly Christmas installation

Tuesday, December 4th, I went simploring in the late afternoon and visited Winter Wonders and Floating Islands (read yesterday’s entry here).

At night Jenny and I went exploring Calas Galadhon’s Chrismas installation 2018, called “A Christmas Midnight Clear” (read here). A visit there has become a tradition for us. We made the sleigh tour and we explored a bit riding a horse. The installation is great once again and we intend to visit it a few times more during the season.

December 4th: Jenny and Diomita’s first visit to Calas Galadhon’s yearly Christmas Installation

slave Flo came inworld and had to wait for our return home. As a reward Mistress Jenny let her choose which club to visit and slave Flo choose club DeLust. It was full there and after we found a nice place, slave Flo danced for us and the other guests. She’s a real eye candy in her tight corset, the ballet boots and wearing the hood. We spent some time at club DeLust and after slave Flo left we went to Mesmerize Dungeon shortly before we retreated home and …. (no pictures *winks*)

December 4th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo at club DeLust and at Mesmerize Dungeon

Wednesday, December 5th, Mistress Jenny and I had some time in the afternoon together. We went exploring Bound by Desire Club and Public RLV Playground. I had come across it when I met Gwendolyn (gwendoelynn) the day before at club Domme a Domme. I hadn’t seen Gwendolyn for more than 5 years, she was together with Wiltrud Piccard that time as far as I remember. Bound by Desire is the place she spends most of her time as she told me. It was quite empty at the time we visited. Mistress Jenny leashed me and had a look around, then we moved on to Trouble Tavern for a bit and then our time was already over again.

December 5th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Bound by Desire / at Trouble Tavern / at home

Back home in our skybox, Mistress left me leashed on a timer, as she couldn’t be online at night.
My night became very relaxed and entertaining. I went to club Domme a Domme, made myself confortable in a chair and watched. It’s rare but it happens, there was entertainment in public chat and it was quite amusing. A naked Mistress, hooded with a leather cow mask, wearing a buttplug that sent electric shocks and vibrations every once in a while, was having her way with a sub. She played with the sub’s restraints, tying her up in different poses. She mooooed, which brought her the nickname “Moostriss” and she was calling for others to join the sub. Anyway, it was fun watching.
At the time that the two had stopped their play, slave Flo came inworld and I summoned her to me. She decorated me well and I played a bit with her restrictions. We both looked around and read profiles until slave Flo had to leave again for bed.

December 5th, a relaxed night at club Domme a Domme alone and with slave Flo

I myself went shopping. With all the eye candy that night, I saw someone wearing a very nice dress that caught my attention – and I bought it. Before I called it a night myself, I went on a short kinkploring tour checking 3 landmarks that I collected while reading profiles, one facesitting club – empty, one prison – empty, one private place – protected. In particular the prison with it’s adjacent rooms looked promising and might be a nice place to take Mistress Jenny to, when I get back in control.

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