Diary 2018 (68) April 19th-22nd Maids II

Thursday, April 19th, I got a call from Cerise Cloquet, who works as a mistress at the Apostasy. As Angelique was at The Apostasy, I took slave Flo there and we met Cerise there who did remember the cheeky slave Flo from the night before. Long story made short, Flo can now dust at the Apostasy also.
She doesn’t like it at all, hence demanding 30 minutes of dusting there is a nice punishment we have on stock for her now – and we can control it as well by checking the board there. Angelique is really far ahead at position #2 with far over 6 days cleaning time. We met AnneWanne as well at the Apostasy. slave Flo made her first steps as a maid there. We stayed until 11 PM, then went home and Angelique, Flo and I played a skipee.

April 19th: Diomita and Angelique at The Apostasy with maid slave Flo and Anne

There’s notthing to report from my side for Friday, April 20th and Saturday, April 21st, as I was not online due to my RL. I got a message from slave slut cecy who finally cleaned our home again, at least she works to please us.

Sunday, April 22nd, I first caught up with Mistress, when I met her at night. We met slave Flo and Angelique at home and decided to play cards first. We were just about to finish playing when slave slut cecy came inworld. Of course she was begging to get permission for having an orgasm RL.
We watched her dusting for a bit, then we took slave slut cecy and slave Flo to the Stonehaven patio, where we had a little surprise for the two – a double fucking machine. The slaves enjoyed and slave slut cecy finally got the permission to have her orgasm SL and RL … and slave Flo enjoyed it too.

April 22nd: slave slut cecy dusting at home / slave slut cecy and slave Flo enjoying the double fucking machine

We went to Psi’s realm, which was quite full. Psi Merlin herself was present, well not present literally as she was absent like most of the time. But she had her 11th rezzday recently and wore a titeler asking for spanks. Of course she got the spanks from me .. 11 spanks. We watched what was going on, Pamela Emmons entertained us by suspending slave L. Anne came by and watched with us.

April 22nd: Diomita giving Psi her 11 rezzday spanks / Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Anne and slave slut cecy watching Pamela Emmons tieing up slave L at Psi’s realm

And then the night was already over again.

Diary 2018 (3) January 3rd – at slave Bella’s tube cell

Wednesday, January 3rd, I could meet with Jenny shortly in the afternoon. We went to Psi’s realm and teased slave kelly a bit. Jenny had to leave soon after for RL and I took slave kelly home.

January 3rd: Jenny and Diomita with slave kelly at Psi’s realm / Diomita at home with slave Flo at Bella’s cell

I spent my night at home sitting by the tube cell where slave Bella is locked for her trial with us. She’s doing well. She was absent first but later we found time to talk. It was a coming and going … first slave Flo was with me, then Mara (Maralyn Corleone) showed up to say hello and to wish a happy new year. Mara left and slave L came. slave Flo went to bed. I began teasing slave L and she was allowed to cum. When slave L left, slave kelly returned inworld and also Jana (object87).

January 3rd: Jenny and Diomita with slave kelly at Psi’s realm / Diomita at home with slave Flo, Mara, slave kelly and Jana at Bella’s cell

When you’re alone it is sometimes not that easy to keep track with the chat and the private chat and to play simultaneously. But time does fly by quickly and I had a nice night. It is still very exciting to have a new slave, a new family member on trial.

Diary 2017 (115) July 16th/17th – The guest list

Sunday night, July 16th, was quiet. I went to Domme a Domme to watch the silent crowd and for reading profiles. Soon after my arrival I got an IM from Summer Robertson (summerlong) “There’s the woman with the nice blog i always like to read. How is your day?”. I Like getting feedback for this blog and of course I felt flattered and I began to chat with Summer. We talked about her likes, experiences and plans. Summer was polite and open and soon she knelt at my feet obediently. She sees herself more as a dominant but having not much experience on either side of the leash and we agreed that she may get some experience at our leash. Oh, and she hoped to appear in this blog some day – that wish is fulfilled now *winks*. Later at night she met Jenny as well. She told us, that she’s more active on weekends – so will see how and if something develops.

What else to report from Sunday night? Yes, slave L was eager to be tied up and literally throwed herself at my feet at Domme a Domme. As I had no ther plans, I did her the favour and took her to our “Stonehaven” wall, where slave Flo and I teased her for a while. Just some entertainment for slave Flo and me.

Monday, July 17th, was quiet too, but different. Mistress Jenny is back and we started our night talking about our “guest list” that consists of Jade (jadaide), Irene (adlerirene), Rubbertoy (Bianca Lamplugh) and the above mentioned Summer Robertson (summerlong). We didn’t see slave Jade for quite a while now and so far our timetables did not fit. With regard to Irene and Summer, we have just started and have to wait if there’s a fit.
And Rubbertoy? She became reluctant, doesn’t talk and tries to test her limits, obviously she wants to try it the hard way – well ok.
Rubbertoy was present Monday night. We went to her cell and I took her out, removed the gag – no single word. Ok, gag back on. We took her with us to Domme a Domme where we met Baroness and watched what was going on. It was full and reading profiles and observing was fun.

Then we took Rubbertoy to club DeLust and had her dancing on the table while Mistress Jenny and I enjoyed togetherness after a week where we both missed eachother due to our RL obligations. That was very relaxing. Time flew by. we brought Rubbertoy back to her cell – and surprise surprise, she said something. Not much, but enough ot give evidence that she was not absent that night.
Anything else? Oh yes, Mistress Jenny replaced my partnering collar with the thicker jewelery collar. Back to everyday life in Second Life (if there’s something like that).

Diary (104) Oct 20th – teasing slave L

Thursday night, October 20th, began quiet, became very busy and anded quietly. When I came online slave Flo and slave cecy were online. slave cecy hat cleaned the house to perfection after it was neglected as slave cecy was stuck at Psi. Soon after slave L appeared and I decided to give the slaves some fun with her. I exposed her naked and suspended with an anal hook in our house and the slaves were allowed to tease her.

October 20th: Diomita and slaves cecy and Flo teasing slave L

October 20th: Diomita and slaves cecy and Flo teasing slave L

The full fun began when slave Adarra and Kitty showed up in addition – and also Mistress Jenny could join us shortly. While slave cecy used a vibrator to push slave L into one orgasm after the other, slave Adarra kept begging to keep slave L as a personal toy for our slaves (what a thought!). We had fun.

October 20th: Teasong slave L - Diomita, Mistress Jenny, Kitty, slace cecy, slave Adarra and slave L

October 20th: Teasing slave L – Diomita, Mistress Jenny, Kitty, slace cecy, slave Adarra and slave L

Diary (97) Sept 27th: Sluts

On Tuesday night, September 27th, we visited S & L Slave Storage and Castle of Fate. But that wasn’t it all for that night. After our visit Mistress had to leave again and all of a sudden I was alone with slave L and slave cecy and still had some time left for fun. I took both to our dungeon and chained slave L to a spanking horse and ordered slave cecy to lick her. The two sluts do fit quite well, at least slave cecy’s tongue and slave L’s (or slut L’s) pussy do fit *winks. Slut L’s moans did fill the room and I enjoyed watching and had my fun teasing both sluts.

September 27th: slave L licked by slave cecy

September 27th: slave L licked by slave cecy

After slave L had to leave for bed too, I took slave cecy and stored her at S & L Slave Storage. Besides that she’s safe there, she can also report what is going on at S & L at other times of the day. Hence I selected a quite public spot in front of one of the big storage buildings.

September 27th: Diomita storage slave cecy at S & L Slave Storage

September 27th: Diomita stores slave cecy at S & L Slave Storage

S & L Slave Storage and Castle of Fate

It is really surprising for me that I don’t just discover new lovely build sims that are created with love and just for their beauty and to take nice pictures and enjoy a virtual environment. After far more than 8 years in the BDSM scene of Second Life, I still discover large sims dedicated to this kink, that I never heard about before. One was Xaara and Alanis Gallery, which is discoverd in August. And now I came across S & L Slave Storage and the Castle of Fate.  Tuesday, September 27th, I went exploring and shortly after my arrival I was accompanied by slavin C, slave cecy, Posion and slave L. And soon after also Mistress Jenny joined us.

September 27th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and slave cecy, slavin C, slave L (hidden behind me) and Poison exploring S & L Slave Storage and Castle of Fate

September 27th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and slave cecy, slavin C, slave L (hidden behind me) and Poison exploring S & L Slave Storage and Castle of Fate

The S & L Slave Storage is simply huge! I bet there are several hundreds of cages and cells. They are arranged in 4 quite big bulidings with several stories. Any domme has a huge selection of different cages and cells of many brands to choose from. As the landmark description says “The perfect place to keep that sub or slave, a big variety of cages“. It was not very crowded when we went there and hence it was quite lagfree.

September 27th: S & L Slave Storage (1)

September 27th: S & L Slave Storage (1)

September 27th: S & L Slave Storage (1)

September 27th: S & L Slave Storage (1)

S & L Slave Storage and Castle of Fate, both are adjacent on KRAL Island. We walked over the the Castle and found – surprise! – many more possibilites to storge a sub or slave. As opposed to the S & L Slave Storage the Castle of Fate also offers some racks, pillories and other gear plus several large beds and cuddle and sex possibilities. On the Castle part of the island is also a pirate ship with more (surprise!) storage possibilities.

September 27th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and slave cecy, slavin C, slave L and Poison exploring the Castle of Fate

September 27th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and slave cecy, slavin C, slave L and Poison exploring the Castle of Fate

As far as I could find out the S & L Slave Storage Group has over 700 members and the S & L most probably stands for the founders (and also most probably owners) of KRAl Island, Stamkos & Lydia (lydiaelle).

What a huge place – for sure we will return there.

Landmark to S & L Slave Storage
Landmark to Castle of Fate


Diary (96) Sept 26th: The machine

We had a varied mixed Monday night. slave Adarra taught slace cecy how to play greedy. Sometimes we just love to play some rounds and to chat while playing or having bets, hence the slaves should know how to play. While the two were exercising, we cared about a guest who visits us every once in a while, slave L. slave L was placed on our lovely spanking and fucking machine which is just the right toy sometimes. And Poison teased her while I held the remote and operated the machine. Mistress hadn’t much time and joined us for a bit, before I retreated with her to say good night.

September 26th: Slave L getting used to "the machine"

September 26th: Slave L getting used to “the machine”

Upon my return slave L was still enjoying “the machine”, but I had to stop it in order that the floor didn’t get to slippery (and slave L had to go off). My night ended with a quick round of greedy with slave Adarra and Poison. Quite some fun, for just a short Monday night.

New slave midsummer outfit (4)

It looks as if the slaves have a little conspiracy. They show up one after the other each night. On Thursday night (August 4th) it was slavin C who was fitted into her midsummer outfit. This time I choose for her as I got used to have her in pink. So she became slavin pink. After she was dressed I put out three kinky cushions fitting in colour with the three present slaves yellow, cyan and pink. While Mistress Jenny and I cuddled on the bench we watched the slaves riding the dildos with increasing lust.

August 4th: slaves yellow, cyan and pink enjoying the kinky cushions while Mistress and I cuddle

August 4th: slaves yellow, cyan and pink enjoying the kinky cushions while Mistress and I cuddle

Later we went to Mesmerize dungeon for the slaves to cool down after riding the dildo’s and for chatting. We met slave L there who you might remember from last year where she joined some bondage fun. She makes a contrast to our slaves.

August 4th at MD: slave L, Diomita, slave pink, Mistress Jenny, slave yellow and slave cyan

August 4th at MD: slave L, Diomita, slave pink, Mistress Jenny, slave yellow and slave cyan

August 4th at MD - a backside view: slave cyan, Mistress Jenny, slave Flo (saying good night), slave pink, Diomita and slave L

August 4th at MD – a backside view: slave cyan, Mistress Jenny, slave Flo (saying good night), slave pink, Diomita and slave L

Now just one slave is missing to be put into her midsummer oufit, sklavin Gebby…..



Diary (63) June 10th – June12th

While I wrote about my simploring tours to Khaled and to the Gates of Melancholy and while I finally put together the collage with the slaves, there was also “normal” Second Life going on. On Friday, June 10th, we had our regular party which was as relaxing as it is always, the perfect start into my weekend. It really has become a fix part of my RL too.

June 11th: Diomita and slave Nina at HBC

June 11th: Diomita and slave Nina at HBC

Saturday, June 11th, was quiet as Saturday evenings often are. I met slave Nina in the late afternoon and spent some time with her at Heavy Bondage Club, where we watched people and talked about them secretly. In the evening just slavin C was present from the slaves . I went to The Secret House with her where we met Angelique. It was really nice to catch up with Angelique as we hadn’t talked for some weeks. Angelique has found a new, dominant girlfriend and she enjoys the roleplaying with her to the fullest. Afterwards we went to the Persian Lesbian Palace. The design of the Club has changed but it was quite empty. Next station was dancing at club 4you (former Venustus). Although it was not very full we had fun. And slavin C found time to talk with me. When Jenny appeared we went home and chatted.
My Sunday, June 12th, was dedicated to simploring. I visited Gates of Melancholy where I sit actually and listen to the lovely music while writing the beginning of this diary entry.

June 12th: Diomita enjoying the sunset at Gates of Melancholy

June 12th: Diomita enjoying the sunset at Gates of Melancholy

Sunday night when I came home to our sim, I saw a girl – gothic-lola (leatherlola) – loitering in front of our house being absent. Obviously a new way to apply as in her 2nd profile picks I found our sim and below her application “Trying to find my way in sl looking for one or two Mistressess that want to take me under there control. So i have no saying anymore if i will be transformed in the little rubberslavegirl  i am.. or a cow, or whatever my Mistresses want me to be.”
I first took a shower at the waterfall then changed into something more appropriate to see the slaves. Apropos slaves … slave L, you might remember her, peeked into our sim the last weeks again and again and that night she was there too, ready to be locked, in a black latex catsuit with a read leather harness and according leather wrist and ankle cuffs. Such a horny slave and so eager to serve. After she greeted me I brought her to our dungeon and she was allowed to clean my boots.

June 12th: Slave L is back

June 12th: slave L is back

I left slave L leashed in the dungeon as I had to care about other issues. When I returned I found slavin C and slave Flo with her at the dungeon. slave L wasn’t done yet with cleaning my boots so she had to finish her cleaning under the critical views of slavin C and slave Flo. I noticed that slave L tried her best to satisfy me although she needs a lot more exercising. I removed the armbinder bags from slave Flo and slavin C and ordered them to care about slave L’s nipples that were poking hard through her latex catsuit. It just needed some rubbing with my boot to make her explode in a heavy orgasm. slave L didn’t forget to ask for permission at least.

June 12th: slave L licking Diomita's soles under the supervision of slavin C and slave Flo

June 12th: slave L licking Diomita’s soles under the supervision of slavin C and slave Flo

June 12th: slave L being rewarded with an orgasm

June 12th: slave L being rewarded with an orgasm

Anything else for the diary? Yes, the idling slave gothic-lola (leatherlola) came to the dungeon and introduced herself. We exchanged only a few words as it had become late.

That’s it for the weekend June 10th to June 12th.

Dio’s 8th year in Second Life Feb 11th, 2016

Today is my 8th rezzing anniversary in Second Life. It has been a real addition to my real life throughout these years and I hope it will continue for more and more years, as it hasn’t lost it’s facination and it’s addiction for me. As every year on the occasion of my rezzing day I write a longer blog post summarizing the last year. I’m blessed with a stable environment in SL, a base from which I can explore and discover myself, my (not so secret) kinks as well as the beauty of Second Life and the creativity of the residents building this temporary virtual world.
We, Jenny and I and the whole Eurobrat family still live at Mount Everest Island. It’s great that we could keep it for all these years. Tyra (Tyra.Sciarri) and Virgo (Virgo.Babii) on one side and Sarah (Sarah.Fhang) on the other side are still our neighbours. Thank you! Our island didn’t undergo dramatic changes but we continued to develop it. Last year we moved the dungeon from a skybox to the ground level and covered it with a hill. I learned how to build rooms underground and how to make an entrance to it. It looked so easy, but it isn’t. And I know now how elaborated some other sims with large underground areas are. I was about to add more space underground but it means to raise the base level and will take a lot of more building work. This might be the next change for this year. As in RL, there’s always something to do.
Along with building the new dungeon we also build a small very private dungeon just for Jenny and me, where we can retreat to for some private playing.
20151231 Our new dungeon_003
With regard to our family we had again some changes:
We had to face reality and released our “poor” bondage victim qt (queen.takacs), aka, Maurer’s It and our inspiring sub Rona (ronapotter.resident), aka. Maurer’s Künsterlin. qt became the victim of a hackers attack. She was more than 4 years our bound victim. We miss her wit and the way she teased us about being not strict enough with her. She returned after the hacker attack with a provisional alt to tell us what happened, but after all she shyed away from building her world and avatar from the scratch again. She was always nervous when we had to change anything as the technique and software issues were something she really disliked. All the best for you, qt, from Jenny and me and the whole Eurobrat family and friends… mmmuuuhhhh *winks*.
We don’t know what happened to rona. It’s more than a year now that she left SL. This is really a downside of this virtual world, that you don’t know what happened to people who leave all of a sudden. We can just hope that rona is doing well.
20151231 Rona and qt
We collared Gebby as Maurer’s sklavin on August 11th, 2015. Gebby is a very obedient slave, always following her rules very attentively. She’s always in chains, or in a cell or restricted in some way. After some experiments we finally enforced spoke-when-spoken to on her permanently. Gebby can only speak when the trigger word “sklavin” is spoken in main chat and of course she has to answer then. This keeps her very attentive and we appreciate it. We might play around with this a bit more this year and make slight changes.
We collared Nina as Maurerien orja on December 15th. Nina is from Finland and Maurerien orja means nothing else than Maurer’s slave in Finish. Orja has a constant desire for bondage and we will certainly take advantage of it as we see fit. Slave Nina will also become kind of our phographer slave thus contributing to our blog and getting some work done for us. She has an own deviantart account and documents her Second Life with pictures there. This way we become aware of her activities when we give her some days off in addition to the steady control we enact. slave Nina will also support slave Flo in keeping our house clean.
Welcome to the family to both of you!
20151231 Gebby & Nina
We sold our slave Dana on December 27th, 2014, as I wrote here a year ago in my last anniversary blog entry. Dana was our collared brat for more than 4 years. To make a longer story short, Dana came back under our wings and under our control. Once again we had a good merchandise to offer for the right domme. Finally, Dec 31st, 2015, we sold Dana again. Her new owner is in her timezone. As we did the last time, we gave full warranty for the slave and will take her back within the warranty time. As we won’t reimburse the money, that’s always a good deal.
And as of today it looks as if we will get slave Dana back under our wings again very soon. Will we get rich?
So right now the family consists of the 3 slaves – slave Flo, sklavin Gebby and slave Nina – and Angelique and Kitty.
Slave Flo (florence.riddler) was around and with us most reliably of all of our family. She kept the house clean and spoiled us with her dedication. Of course she still tests her limits and needs to be punished and restricted every once in a while but beside her complains we know she enjoys that as much as her owners do. Thank you for your contribution to our family, slave Flo.
Angelique started a new adventure by joining the uniform punishment group, where she had some fun and she still is in this group (read: https://themaurers.wordpress.com/2015/09/06/angeliques-diary-the-uniform-punishment/). Beside that Angelique had a really hard time in RL that had it’s effect on her SL. Her online times changed and we don’t see her as often as we would like. As our niece she always enjoyed some special freedom and it is just great having her around. I’m quite sure that we will find ways of playing together again. Anyway, we love you, Angelique!
Kitty (Santana.Thibedeau) settled more and more in her female role. Jenny and I love to tease “her”. She really looks female now, more like a vamp and we support her change with advice and motivation. Beside diving deeper into her femsub role, Kitty still contributes with wit and silly jokes to our SL and makes it brighter. Thank you for being our’s, Kitty.

20151231 Dana & Kitty & AngeliqueIn May 2013 we started a little series “Enjoying bondage”. Surprisingly we could keep it up until today so we might reach the 3rd anniversary for this series soon. Last year we had 2 in my eyes extraordinary entries. The first was roaming around tied up, which is more fun than I thought and it offers a lot of opportunities to take pictures. The fun is more than doubled if you do it together with someone else as I did together with Jenny
(see https://themaurers.wordpress.com/2015/05/14/enjoying-bondage-may-2015-diomitas-and-jennys-tied-up-fun/). The second was about suspension. Several slaves and guests were excited about a picture in our dungeon, that shows a slave, fully encased in a latex catsuit and latex hood, that is suspended from the ceiling by her arms. Thus this became another theme for the enjoying bondage series. With the MD cuffs you can suspend a slave accordingly and we had several models for our series. Together with a simple plain white background it looks really artful (see https://themaurers.wordpress.com/2015/11/06/bondage-art/)

20151231 Enjoying bondage 2015
And this year started promising as we decided to choose a similar latex outfit for our 3 slaves. We called it living latex dolls and improved it more and more. As we did we even got 3 other living latex dolls to share the fun: slave L, slave Mii and slave cecy. In January we had several nights enjoying bondage and finally I succeeded to publish a picture of all of our living latex dolls.
Enjoying bondage January 2016: Living Latex dolls slave cecy, slave Mii, sklavin Gebby, slave L, slave Flo and slave Nina

Enjoying bondage January 2016: Living Latex dolls slave cecy, slave Mii, sklavin Gebby, slave L, slave Flo and slave Nina

Slave Flo contributed not only to our family by her submission and dedicated work but she also contributed to the blog by adding a little survey (The Health study, see https://themaurers.wordpress.com/2015/03/07/the-health-study-by-slave-flo-part-i/) and by writing a fiction (The Accountant, part I and II just published this week!). Both will be continued hopefully. Slave Flo had also an important part in Toy’s appearance last year. Toy (formerly known as Karen Emms) joined us last summer as a kidnappee and the roleplay with her was real fun. Unfortunately timezone and RL were against us and we had to let her go before we could collar her. Toy wrote a diary for us which I published in 3 parts in our blog.
20151231 Toy and Flo
Scrolling back in the blog I noticed that I did quite some simploring last year. As mentioned above, visiting sims is still one of my favourite activities in Second Life and it is again and again amazing what people build mainly for themselves but also for others to enjoy and share. I need to mention that most of my simploring tours have their origin in Inara Pey’s “Living in a modemworld”- blog, that became my never ending source of great places to visit in SL. Thank you, Inara! If you select the category “Exploring sim in Second Life” in the blog you will get a long list of blog entries about my tours. It is nearly impossible to pick just one as my favourite of last year. For sure my autumn tours were a highlight for me (see the 3 blog-entries “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are octobers”). Also before Halloween Ironwood Hills was another highlight. We visited this sim several times.
20151231 Simploring 2015
 Speaking of our activities in Second life beside our bdsm, I also enjoyed a lot the “hunts”. The hunts are organized by the store owners in SL and they take you around the shops with riddles to solve and you get a little giveaway in every shop. Some of the giveaways are really worth the long hunt, most are just giveaways that you store away or bin quickly. But it’s fun to solve the riddles and to search the giveaways and you get around in SL. In addition the hunt fulfills what it is intended for. We visted some of the stores again later to buy something.
My Second Life with Jenny couldn’t be better. Our relation is still developing and changing after all these years. For our 7th wedding anniversary I made a little video that also provides a bit of insight into our relation, but mostly it is simply a thank you to Jenny and what she is for me and the family in SL.
We switch control back and forth but there were some very intensive weeks for both of us. I pushed my beloved Ehesklavin into subspace for several weeks in the time before and around of her 7th collaring anniversary in June 2015. I remember, that it was not at all easy for me to let her get out of subspace again and recover. I for sure enjoy her submission. Also before our wedding anniversary last year Jenny allowed that I take control for a longer while. Having my Ehesklavin on a leash has become something very particular for me and I do enjoy every second. Last year Jenny became the one, who decides about granting control to me, whereas she takes control whenever she sees fit. She always tries to consider my mood as long as I make her not wait too long. But it is up to her.
Mistress Jenny herself put me into several also longer red lights, after which I had troubles to recover my dominant side. Mistress knows exactly which buttons she has to push. My submission to Mistress has become very strong and she brought it to the point by saying in passing “I could own you in an instant”, but she also added “but you will always own me”. Mistress Jenny’s will to control me is strong and I might experience longer phases in subspace in near future. I can’t be prouder owning her and being her property. Thank you, my wonderful wife!
20151231 Changing control
What is missing? Yes, an actual portrait picture of me as I start my 9th year in SL. For a change this year it won’t be just a portrait picture as my face and hair style didn’t really change and luckily you don’t get any unwanted wrinkles in SL (too bad you still get them RL). End of 2015 I bought a mesh Body, the Maitreya Lara mesh body. I did that mainly to play with it and to get familiar with the technique. But after a while I began to like it. One big downside is that I can’t use my skin anymore and my tattoos are on my skin. But you can wear tattoos with a mesh body with an applier. Unfortunately I’m not (yet) familiar how to make the tattoos myself. But I found someone who made them for me and they are at the right place marking me as Jenny’s wife and property. Once I had the tattoos, I began feeling very comfortable with my new body (once again, what a shame that you can’t just buy a new body in RL). Another downside is that you can’t wear the clothing layers from the prim body. You have to get so called appliers and beside that you have to wear mesh clothes. Now I needed some new clothes. I said it is a downside? Maybe that’s an upside indeed as I did some shopping and shopping is fun, isn’t it? Anyway, here are some pictures of me as I enter my 9th year in SL.
20160131 Diomita Maurer Maitreya Mesh BodyThank you all for making this world for me and for us. SL is first of all about people and it’s you all who make my and our SL what it is: Still going strong, still enjoyable and still exciting! It was a great 8th year in Second Life and I look forward to the 9th!

Love from Diomita

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