Le Mont Saint-Michel in Second Life

I read about Le Mont Saint-Michel in Second Life in Inara Pey’s blog as it was about to be taken off the grid in autumn 2015 and of course I visited it. But last time I didn’t take pictures nor did I write a blog. I must have intented to return – and then I forgot about it. Then I read about the return of the sim in Inara Pey’s blog “Mont Saint Michel returns to Second Life” and this time I took pictures of my visit and I blog about it.

November 27th: Diomita's visit to Le Mont saint-Michel in Second Life

November 27th: Diomita’s visit to Le Mont saint-Michel in Second Life

Le Mont-Saint-Michel is an island commune in Normandy, France. It is located about one kilometre (0.6 miles) off the country’s northwestern coast, at the mouth of the Couesnon River near Avranches and is 100 hectares (247 acres) in size. As of 2009, the island has a population of 44. The island has held strategic fortifications since ancient times and since the 8th century AD has been the seat of the monastery from which it draws its name. The structural composition of the town exemplifies the feudal society that constructed it: on top, God, the abbey and monastery; below, the great halls; then stores and housing; and at the bottom, outside the walls, houses for fishermen and farmers (source wikipedia)20161127-le-mont-saint-michel_016
I visited Le Mont-Saint-Michel myself in the 1990ies – and now I return to it in Second Life. This sim, created by Moeka Kohime, is a real landmark in SL. It is just amazingly close to the place in reality. And it was build before mesh came into SL. Walking through Mont Saint-Michel feels so real, the narrow streets, the stairs between the houses, everything feels and looks real. And in the main church you feel small and are overwhelmed by the plainness and the sheer enormity.20161127-le-mont-saint-michel_01720161127-le-mont-saint-michel_018
The monastery offers rooms to mediate, a cloister (covered walk) and of course a garden. The best way to visit the monastery and the church is to follow the tour signs. For me Mont-Saint-Michel is a must visit in Second Life. And as far as I know it is the first sim that has been saved as kind of a historic landmark by Linden Labs. Moeka Kohime has a blog about Mont-Saint-Michel but the last entry is from March 2009.20161127-le-mont-saint-michel_019
Thank you Inara for your bog entry, that reminded me to visit. WOW!
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