Simploring 2020 (2) Butter – You Butter Come Back!

I went on another short simploring tour on Christmas Day at night and visited Butter, a sim that I found once again at SL Destinations.

Butter is a moderate homestead owned by Mona Molinaxil. Butter has it’s own homepage which contains some more information about it. Butter can offer a little bit of everything and there are no private areas.

Butter – overview

The most picturesque spot is “the docks”, a great place to take pictures and close by is a nice farmer market. Quite in the center of Butter is a large Bistro and Bar with seating both inside and outside the building.

Impressions of Butter (1) – The docks, Famers market, Bar and Bistro

The beach is nice and offers a lot of places to lay in the sun, to chill and hangout. You will find a selection of beachy furniture, a beach bar, a dance deck and even some floats and other places to sit out in the water.

Impressions of Butter (2) – The beach, Camping and Trailer park, Diomita climbing the rope

Up on the high plateau above the beach, there’s a camping site and a trailer park and if you walk a bit further you get to a farm with livestock and to a wind mill. There’s more, like a rope that you can use to get from the main island to a small island with at residential home. And certainly you will find way more nooks and spots to hang out and chill. Unfortunately my time for this simploring tour was limited to see more.

Impressions of Butter (3) – Farm with livestock, Wind mill, Residential home and Diomita chilling at a nook

Butter is a nice sim and as mentioned above it offers a bit of everything. Thank you, Mona for sharing your place publicly. I enjoyed my short visit!

Landmark to Butter
Butter homepage