Diary 2019 (157) October 6th – A full and varied Sunday

Sunday, Ocotber 6th, I went on a longer simploring tour in the later morning. I enjoyed some time for myself and took full advantage of it, not only by taking many pictures but also by just sitting and enjoying the creativity of people in Second Life.

When I returned home, slave Gwendi and Luci were inworld and I decided to see them before I had to log for lunch. I was about entering our house when Becky (igagi) showed up there. She was tied up from her toes to her hip in a hobble skirt and could hardly move. It took her a while to get to slave Gwendi, Luci and me. I chatted with the slaves and I added an armbinder to Becky’s outfit. Yes, that looked much better already.

October 6th: Diomita at home with Luci Glendale, Becky (igagi) and slave Gwendi

When I returned inworld in the afternoon, Becky and slave Gwendi were still (or again) at home. And Kitty was inworld at Psi’s realm. She was up brigt and early! I went to our house and wanted to take slave Gwendi and Becky with me to Psi’s realm, but slave Gwendi had to leave for RL, hence I went with Becky. But before I took her with me, I tightened her restraints and gagged her. Thus she was my helpless leash candy.

October 6th: Diomita meeting with Kitty (left) at Psi’s realm with Becky (at my leash) and Jammy (navanaxsacratus)

It was quite full at Psi’s realm and Kitty was leashed to the wall. She was having fun and there was really much going on so that it was hard to follow, in particular in the beginning. Sara (Sare Piers, who I usually teasingly refer to as Baroness Capelo’s sister) and Kitty had fun with eachother and this time Kitty had ended tied up. I stayed at Psi’s until Kitty had to leave, then I returned home with Becky and waited for Mistress.

October 6th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita catching up at home while Becky helplessly watches

I had not much time left for this afternoon but it was enough to catch up with Mistress and to fill her in about my night before and about my Sunday so far. I always miss Mistress Jenny, when she’s prevented to be inworld together with me. It felt good that we had at least a bit of time together.

At night Mistress Jenny was also not inworld. I met with Angelique and slave Gwendi at home and we talked about two new activities of Angelique. She might attend another maid training programm, a more personal education. And she intends to help out at a fetish club for nylons, foot worship and femdom working there at the bar or dancing for guests. The club is named NylonKiss and we went there and got a short tour by Angelique. A few days later it turned out that Angelique won’t work there…..

October 6th: Diomita and Angelique with slave Gwendi at home and at NylonKiss

Back home we played a round of greedy until slave Flo came inworld. She had a reward open from the night before and she got her reward – a rid on her beloved pony Bronco. Sometimes the oldest toys are the best! Flo enjoyed her ride and Angelique, slave Gwendi and I watched her fun. Before I locked slave Flo’s chastity belt again, slave Gwendi cleaned slave FLo’s soaking paradise.

October 6th: Diomita and Angelique watching slave Flo’s fun ride together with slave Gwendi

Finally, when slave Flo and Angelique had went off to bed quite early, I took slave Gwendi to Mesmerize Dungeon and we weren’t there for long when slave slut cecy came inworld and could join us there. Moon (Moondog Merlin) came by and we  chatted about this and that and in the end about the puzzle cage at Stonehaven and about old times. Moon had even a mesh model of Stonehaven. It was fun to just think we could revitalize it. In fact, the good memories stay what they are – memories. It was great seeing slave slut cecy again for a bit longer and we talked in private a bit (and I teased her).

October 6th: Diomita at Mesmerize Dungeon with slave Gwendi and slave slut cecy .. talking with Moon

Time flies by quickly when you have fun and it was already midnight when we returned home. By that time Suzie (suziegirl1999) had come inworld but it was too late to start anything. As opposed to I set fair timers on her cuffs and allowed her to enjoy her bondage and to return whenever she wants to. And that’s it about a full and varied Sunday

Diary 2019 (145) September 19th – Twin slaves

I had a relaxed time with Mistress on Thursday, September 19th, in the afternoon. We went to Heavy Bondage Club and watched people and read profiles. Mistress and I discussed some profiles, we also found a good pick about what charactersizes a good dominant. We just enjoyed being together. Upon our return slave Gwendi was inworld and we chatted a bit with her before Mistress had to leave.

September 19th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club and at home with slave Gwendi

I returned to slave Gwendi and began to prepare her for the night. Mistress Jenny had instructed me to dress slave Christin and slave Gwendi as twin slaves. She also wanted them to wear penis pacifier gags, a toy that we had enjoyed playing with often. Unfortunately these gags aren’t available anymore in SL. Mistress had transferred her penis pacifier gag to slave Christin the night before without outlining her plans.
It didn’t surprise me that slave Gwendi had already penis pacifier gag. I ordered her to reset it and to take it into her RLV folder. Furtheron she had to change into other overknee ballet boots, the same that slave Christin was wearing. slave Gwendi told me where to get the top she was wearing and where she got the extra chains for her armbinder bag.

At night Mistress was prevented from coming inworld. When I returned online, slave Gwendi had a visitor, an old firend of hers, Moondog Merlin. We had a nice chat. slave Gwendi showed Moondog her personal cage, then we sat down in the living room and chatted. One after another Angelique, slave Flo and slave Christin came inworld and joined us. I had to gag slave Flo because she made an inappropriate remark and I used slave Flo’s pacifier gag. Actually it was very convienent to have a good reason for gagging her as I had planned that anyway.
After Moondog left I took slave Christin to Dark Wishes and we replaced her armbinder bag. I had tried her armbidner bag the night before and had noticed that it was broken. Back home I began to change slave Christin’s outfit. She had to wear her armbinder bag, she got the same top as slave Gwendi, she got the additional chains for the armbinder bag. While I was “working” with slave Christin, Angelique and slave Flo waited patiently. Angelique changed her outfit several times, she played with her pacifier gag and entertained herself and slave Flo.
Changing slave Christin took a while. I had planned to have her wearing slave Gwendi’s outfit in red but I changed my mind because the reds didn’t match, hence she ended wearing the exact same outfit as slave Gwendi also in black: D’Evil ballet boots thigh high, D’Evil chastity belt, CLBlue-GothTop, RR Vixen ankle cuffs, RR Vixen armbinder bag with additional chains. What was missing? The penis pacifier gags. Et Voila – twin slaves.

September 19th: Diomita with slave Gwendi at home / Diomita, Moondog Merlin and slave Gwendi at home / Diomita and Angelique with slave Flo, slave Gwendi and slave Christin at Mesmerize Dungeon

It had become late already and Angelique and I went to Mesmerize Dungeon with the slaves to expose them. We returned home when it was slave Flo’s bedtime and when Angelique also left. I noticed that slave Gwendi’s penis pacifier gag didn’t have the plugins that Mistress and I love to play with and hence I swapped my gag with hers just to make slave Gwendi and slave Christin perfect twin slaves.

September 19th: Diomita with slave Gwendi and slave Christin at home and at Mesmerize Dungeon

After all this “work” I went back to Mesmerize Dungeon with slave Gwendi and slave Christin and relaxed. I enjoyed the two twin slaves. I’m pretty sure that Mistress and I will have fun with them. And slave Flo’s outfit is fitting to it as well, slightly different as it is in white and black with different thigh high ballet boots, a different corset top and a different posture collar. And she wears no armbinder bag and a pacifier gag. But head slaves have to differ a bit. Well, writing these lines ….. it think that I shall talk with Mistress about it and change slave Flo a bit as well.