Diary 2017 (120) July 23rd / 24th slave slut cecy is back

Sunday night, July 23rd, was one of those nights in Second Life, where Mistress Jenny and I were just caring about technical issues. When we arrived at home, slave Flo and the new slave maid Karen Jenkinson (forcedmaid) were dusting and cleaning at home. We first began to instruct slave maid Karen about the basic rules in our household. Karen is a well behaved and willing sissy boy and so far we’re pleased with her behavior during her first hours with us. She’s not very experienced with restraints and restrictions but eager to learn and she’s patient. Patience, obedience and the willingness to please are the key manners for a good maid. We had to get her a new open collar and to teach her some commands. We were just about done with that, when slave slut cecy joined us and this time, she didn’t crash again. Nonetheless slut cecy had to wait until we finished instructing slave maid Karen.

slave slut cecy had detached all gear as I told her to do by email and that cured her crashing issue. We put the chastity belt and her cuffs back on and finally added her ball gag and she crashed again. It took quite a while until we finally found the reason for her troubles. With our permission slut cecy had joined the bondage team group, a group where I am a member myself. The bondage team, founded by Aimee Riptide, is a female-only group committed to bondage in SL. They use Marine Kelley’s RR restraints and regular competitions are arranged, for example in struggling out of restraints. For these competitions RR serious shackles set and the RR ballgag is mandatory and particular extra scripts are added to them. slut cecy crashed when she put the RR ballgag on, hence there was the reason for her crashes. For some reason, the extra scripts made her crash, most probably there’s a conflict with other (extra) scripts, that we use. Honestly I have no idea.
slave slut cecy is not familiar with scripts nor with technic. The next problem we had to solve was instructing her how to remove the scripts. Issues like that are part of Second Life, at least when you use the RLV features. Luckily they don’t happen often though.

When we were done and slut cecy was “resetted” it was bedtime for us. slave Flo and slave maid Karen followed patiently the labourious process. And we also had a little bit of fun with some banter while “working”.

Monday night, July 24th, was very relaxed. When Mistress Jenny and I came online, everything was cleaned by slave Flo and slave maid Karen. That’s how it should be! We played one round “greedy” and went to The Secret House with both. slave Karen wears a butt plug. She wore it already before she came to us. And this butt plug causes her to squirm and moan every once in a while and we teased her about it. What a nice toy,  particularly for a sissy. At TSH it provided reason for some talk in main chat, something that is rare enough there and we had fun. It was a very enjoyable evening, just perfect after Sunday night with the technical issues about slave slut cecy.

Diary 2017 (91) June 1st – June 4th: Quiet Relaxing Moments

Thursday night, June 1st, was a very quiet relaxing night, that I spent with my property Jenny mostly at Domme a Domme. It was quite crowded there and we had enough to look at and to read profiles. But mostly we caught up with RL and SL before Jenny left into her vacation the next day. I made no pictures, at least no pictures to publish in here. We locked another “victim” in the fram of our key holding service (read here). But that’s is about Thursday.

Friday night, June 2nd, we had our regular party that was quite well attended. Claven was there with her slaves Betina and Lexi, Starry and Della and several others of the Atomic Pixies, and Virgo and Tyra (as a tied up and gagged tigress – Virgo and Tyra are still Fin Saphir’s dolls). From the Euro Brats it was just Kitty and me. We had fun as always.

Saturday night, June 3rd, Jenny came online and we spent a relaxed hour at Domme a Domme while she reported about her first day of vacation. Well, in Second Life, she’s also kind of on vacation – always nicely tied up and gagged. I can’t see enough of it! I shouldn’t change it and keep her like that. Argi joined us, she landed right next to us at Domme a Domme when logging in. And of course she teased Jenny. You might ask … and what about the slaves? They all are somehow prevented from coming online by their RL. slave Flo has some health issues and is recovering and should care about herself first of all, slave slut cecy has new working times that will decrease her presence online when we’re here (remember she’s from Mexico and hence the time difference is an issue), slavin C is locked away at “The Keep” and not often online anyway, and slave Adarra just let us know a few days ago that she’s quite tied up with her RL but that it might become better by the end of June. Who did I forget? Yes, Angelique, who is enjoying her newest adventure – and Kitty.

When I logged in Sunday morning, June 4th, to make a simploring tour, I got a message from Aimee Riptide. She asked me if I could come and look at our Kitty. I agree but Kitty was free when I arrived at Daisy’s playground, a BDSM, D/s and kidnap play area owned by Daisy Rimbaud and home of the Evil Kitten store. Aimee, Kitty and I had a nice chat about a new cell, that should be available for purchase soon. It has some really nice features. For example you can’t touch own items (like cuffs) and hence you have no ability to struggle out of them, you can’t use channel 77 if you wear Real Restraints (channel 77 is used to get to the menu), you can’t cam outside of the cell (very realistic), you can chat but you can’t send or receive IM (realistic) and there’s a reasonable anti idle feature that will stop a set timer once you don’t move within 5 minutes. To sum it up, this new cell is perfect for a realistic punishment, that provides enough time to think for the prisoner. I will for sure get one, once it is on the market.

I took Kitty on my simploring tour to Flash Back / Flash Forward (read here) and upon our return from there we met cow Dana for a short chat.

That’s it about these last days.

Diary 2017 (29) Feb 23rd – Shackles

When I started my Second Life and came into the BSDM scene, RLV (Restrained Love Viewer) was something new. Cages that restrict your avatar were new and new features to RLV were released step by step. My first cuffs were Real Restrained shackles which are still available nowadys. In 2008 they were more or less the only cuffs available in Second Life. These RR shackles are functional but they really look ugly and clumpsy. Hence I really don’t like them.
Wednesday night, Feb 22nd, when Mistress’ went to bed, she put these shackles on my wrists (of course fully aware about my dislike). Luckily she only put the wrist shackles on and not the upper arms or even worse the ankle or thigh shackles which look totally clumpsy. She locked the wrist shackles and kept the keys. It could have been worse as Mistress Jenny loves it to leave the keys out (and not available to me though). Anyway with these cuffs you’re truely marked as property.
I had some time for being online in the afternoon. But going out with the shackles? To make the best of it, I went to The Secret House and to the Heavy Bondage Club and stood around there looking at the crowd. To stay honest, nothing happened at all, just one IM from a sissy boy.20170223-dio-tour_009

I went to Silent Island, the new skybox island of Adara Kattun and – nomen est omen – it was silent, none there. I looked around if there’s anything new but there wasn’t. What I did is taking a nice picture. I had a picture like this in mind for quite a while, but it is not easy to find the time for it. As mirrors don’t work in SL I had to take 3 pictures and then had to process them into one. Well here it is …

February 23rd: Diomita exploring the villa at silent island

February 23rd: Diomita exploring the villa at silent island

Then I decided to go simploring but where to with these shackles on? More about it in tomorrow’s entry.

Diary (115) Nov 16th – Key shuffle

Wednesday night, November 16th, was short for me as I came online quite late. Jenny was at home with slave maid Flo, slave maid Adarra, slave maid cecy and Poison. She was having fun. She got slave cecy some RR serious shackles as cecy had no RR cuffs yet and added our script to it. This script is like a spare key and allows her and me to lock and unlock the cuffs no matter if we locked them ourselves. And then she began to shuffle keys like slave maid Adarra getting slave maid Flo’s legiron’s key and slave maid cecy her wrist keys and slave maid cecy getting slave maid Adarra’s wrist keys … well, honestly I don’t remember at all. But the slaves and she seemed to have fun with teasing eachother and locking eachother into different poses. I’m curios to see where this may lead to.

November 16th - Key shuffle: slave maid Flo, slave maid Adarra, Jenny, Poison. slave maid cecy, Diomita

November 16th – Key shuffle: slave maid Flo, slave maid Adarra, Jenny, Poison. slave maid cecy, Diomita

I took Jenny to club DeLust later. I’m enjoying a green light again and just wanted to expose her proudly. Anything else is not for this blog …

November 16th: Mistress Diomita and Jenny at club DeLust

November 16th: Mistress Diomita and Jenny at club DeLust

Dairy (32) April 5th / Euro Bondage sluts II

Last night was quite relaxing.  First I got one of my favourite catsuits, the XTC Blackout, as an applier version so that I can wear it with my meshbody. Then Mistress and I visited club DeLust, just chatting and catching up.

April 5th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club DeLust

April 5th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club DeLust

In the meanwhile our two new “Euro Bondage sluts” arrived and we went home. First stop was at Lochme where we got the RR vixen cuff set for Adarra. It took a while for reasons not to be discussed here and Poison enjoyed to kneel nicely tied up and leashed.

April 5th: At Lochme - Mistress Jenny, Poison, Diomita

April 5th: At Lochme – Mistress Jenny, Poison, Diomita

Finally at home, we enjoyed our bondage sluts while cuddling on the bench just opposite of the main house. The question is, who did enjoy it more – we or the Euro bondage sluts? Well, I assume that Adarra and Poison did enjoy it at least as much as we did, we didn’t hear any complaint at all.

April 5th: Euro Bondage sluts Adarra and Poison enjoying different views

April 5th: Euro Bondage sluts Adarra and Poison enjoying different views (1)

April 5th: Euro Bondage sluts Adarra and Poison enjoying different views (2)

April 5th: Euro Bondage sluts Adarra and Poison enjoying different views (2)

Diary (14) Feb 9th

Last night when I got online I noticed slave Nina being online but not at home. So I looked her up on the map and teleported to her. And I teleported directly into a RLV trap. After catching up with slave Nina I began to analyse the situation. We were in a cave at Amelie’s garden, a place that we visited more often before but not lately. The maze at Amelie’s was always fun and I often lost my orientation in it. After the latest changes I didn’t try anymore to get a full overview of the maze and rooms. The cave was closed with a big rock and the only way to get out was the struggle game that is well known from the Real Restraints. Luckily I’m not that bad in solving that and the setting was not too difficult. I got some help offers (to get the rock removed from outside by calling help) but I refused. Instead I enjoyed some time of togetherness with slave Nina while collecting enough energy for the last 3 moves. After we got out, we still had to find the way out of the maze (or teleport out). To my surprise I found a complex but not too long way out of the maze, and if I wouldn’t know better, I could pretend that I knew where I had to turn left or right (I just was lucky *winks*)

Feb 9th: Abbess Diomita and slave nun Nina trapped_at Amelie's garden

Feb 9th: Abbess Diomita and slave nun Nina trapped at Amelie’s garden

By this time slave nun Flo was also online. Time to go to a place where nuns belong to – a monastery. There is a monastery at the Island of Pain and I assume that we will visit there more often as long we we’re nuns. You won’t believe what happens behind the thick walls of a monastery! In fact we found some very strange furniture and …. well, we added to the rumors what might happen behind the walls…

Feb 9th: Behind the thick walls of the monastery at Island of pain - The Abbess Diomita supervising the latex slave nuns Flo and Nina having particular fun

Feb 9th: Behind the thick walls of the monastery at Island of pain – The Abbess Diomita supervising the latex slave nuns Flo and Nina having particular fun

Of course, being a good Abbess, I had to take the slave nuns to the chapel where we prayed that their sins might be forgiven…

Feb 9th: Abbess Diomita praying with the latex slave nuns Flo and Nina at the monastery at Island of Pain that their sins might be forgiven

Feb 9th: Abbess Diomita praying with the latex slave nuns Flo and Nina at the monastery at Island of Pain that their sins might be forgiven

After this visit to the monastery we went home and had some banter and chatting. As Jenny is a bit limitated getting online at the moment I enjoyed even more just to sit and talk with Kitty, slave nun Flo, slave cecy and Poison. After all it was another relaxing and eventful night with various fun.

Feb 9th: At home with Kitty, slave Flo, slave cecy and Poison

Feb 9th: At home with Kitty, slave Flo, slave cecy and Poison


Dear Diary – Back in charge

It has been a bit more busy for us lately. Besides slave Flo and Sklavin, we took slave Ashley (AshleyAnnLove.resident) and will collar or sell her. So far we keep the young slave naked, she quite needs no clothes and is an eye candy. Also Paige visited us several times. During one of her visits I took the picture below of her with slave Ashley. Aren’t they cute?

Paige and slave Ashley

Paige and slave Ashley

We still consider to collar our toy (Karen.Emms). So far RL and timezone are against us and we decided to postpone her collaring but to keep her as our toy nonetheless. It is fun to tease her and to see how she struggles and squirms as we add rules and form her more and more from a respectable housewife into our toy. Her diary will be continued ….

Dio and toy

Dio and toy

As I hinted before, Mistress granted a green light to me. It’s my turn to take her slowly deep into subspace. I enjoy her submission and devotion a lot. It feels very particular having her at my feet again as my Ehesklavin, although I should be used to it after all these years.

Dio and Ehesklavin Jenny at DaD

Dio and Ehesklavin Jenny at DaD

20160917 My Ehesklavin and me_003Jenny got a new armbinder from Marine’s Real Restraints. It’s called highbinder and and offers quite some possibilites to adjust it and to colour it. And it looks simply great, particularly when Jenny wears it. Nothing can describe how it feels to have your Mistress bound like this. I get an idea now how it feels for her having me *winks*.

Dio and Ehesklavin Jenny at home cuddling at Angel Falls

Dio and Ehesklavin Jenny at home cuddling at Angel Falls

But even tied up and obviously controlled and owned herself, Jenny still stays superior for our brats, slaves and subs. Slave Ashley experienced it even although it is very rare that we expose eachother that obviously in front of them. She had to clean her boots (and more) and she could sense Jenny’s natural supremacy as we discussed our further plans for her.

My Ehesklavin and me and slave Ashley

My Ehesklavin and me with slave Ashley

And after all it is also very helpful to delegate surveillance and leashing to Jenny. Not only that I can tend to other things, no, it also helps her to direct her domanince to someone else but me *winks*. A real win-win-win  situation.

Janny and slave Flo and sklavin at Mesmerize Dungeon

Janny and slave Flo and sklavin

That’s it for now.


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