Diary 2020 (56) April 17th/18th Varied Days (II)

Friday, April 17th, I made a simploring tour in the afternoon and visited New Brighton (see yesterday’s post here). I had a lot of fun there and when Mistress Jenny came inworld she joined me there and we continued the simploring tour together. That was great!

April 17th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita simploring New Brighton

After the visit we went to club Domme a Domme together and chatted and looked at profiels and enjoyed togetherness for a while. While we were there Mistress Jenny exchanged my partnering collar with my normal collar, the next step leading up to my collaring anniversary. And we talked about the theme of our Friday night party. Mistress came up with “Every cloud has a silver lining so why not wear something Silver”, a theme fitting to our all RL situation at that time. We already changed into our outfits for the night, then went back home and tended to our RL.

April 17th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme and at our skybox home

And at night we had our party 🙂 Fun as always to chat, dance, have banter and simply enjoy ourselves.

April 17th – Friday night party: Diomita, Mistress Jenny, slave Gwendi, Sarah Fhang, vero Hartmann, Baroness Capelo, papafox57, Virgo Babii (upper row), Shinaree Coage, Starry Starship, Firefly (rmf361sim), Della Randt, Claire (maddh4tt3r), Sara (sararandall), Jammy (navanaxsacratus), Sydney Foster (t7wjx9cl4ld), illa Quan (lower row)

I had a full and varied Suday in Second Life on Saturday, April 18th. I went inworld in the earlier afternoon and made a simploring tour. When I returned back home Mistress Jenny came inworld and we went to Puerto Esclava first, where we caught up with our mutual news. Mistress leashed me with is also her command to me to kneel .. and I did of course.

April 18th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home and at Puerto Esclava

We went to Heavy Bondage Club next, where Mistress added some cuffs before she took me to our loft skybox. I had to strip and Mistress allowed me to lick her and to get my fix. My addiction seems to get deeper and deeper. Mistress made me wear a pink romper and left me like this at the skybox.

April 18th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club and at our loft skybox

Mistress is quite unpredictable. When I returned back inworld at night, Mistress demanded another licking and of course I did my very best to satisfy her. That day I got plenty of her juices, of my fix. But it was not just about licking her. Afterwards I had to rub myself on her boot. That is quite humiliating but in the meanwhile I am able to blind it out. Thank you, Mistress.

April 18th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at our loft skybox

We went home and met slave Flo and slave Gwendi and played a greedy with a sidebet first. If one of the slave had won the game they could have choose between restrictions yet I won the game. We took the slaves to Psi’s. It was well attended and fun to watch people there. I gagged and blindfolded the slave and made slave Gweind ride a dildo cushion, a sort of an Mini-Bronco *winks*.  This way we contributed to the scenery. Later I rezzed a second dildo cushion and slave Flo and slave gwendi rode their dildos until slave Flo had a huge orgasm, she clearly won this race *winks*. I had even a third cushion one and I can tell we had 2 guests who were very tempted to get on it but they had not enough time left over.

April 18th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Psi’s relam with slave Flo and slave Gwendi

This varied Saturday ended at our loft skybox again where Mistress Jenny and I just talked and wound down a bit.

April 18th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at our loft skybox

Simploring 2020 (34) New Brighton

I picked New Brighton from scoop.it SL Destinations. The picture and the blogpost from Faithless Babii “Virtual Tourist – New Brighton (Plus Dollarbie)” tempted me to visit myself. New Brighton is a moderate full region owned by Bernard Herzog. The landmark description contains the tags” New Brighton Pier, The Seagull Arcade, Brighton, England, UK, Britain, roads, scooters, shops, galleries, beach, diving, hot air balloon, jetboats, bumpercars, UFOs, HAUNTED MANSION!” That sounds fun, doesn’t it?

In the New Brighton group, that I joined for the visit, I found more information: “Occasional news of events and developments on New Brighton island. Wear the group tag to drive the fabulous Neuspa 4×4 land/sea/air vehicle, fly the hot air balloons and  helicopters, race the jetboats. Enjoy!
IM Bernard Herzog if you have any problems here or would like to rent some space. Spammers will get mashed and extended idle chit-chat will be firmly clamped down on – eventually.
And furtheron there’s a website for New Brighton.

My visit began at the landing on the beach where you can start your tour with a balloon ride. I was tempted to do that but to drive the balloon you need to grab a HUD that looked quite complex to me and I had not the time to study it. I came here to see New Brighton! Of course I first went by the historic carousel and then went to the pier. I have been in Brighton quite some decades ago as a teenager and my memories are almost gone. But I do remember the famous pier (or did I see it often enough?). Anyway it looks great and is a real eye catcher not only in the physical world but also here in Second Life.

Impressions of New Brighton (1) – at the balloon / the merry-go-round / at the pier

The big building on the pier hosts a theatre / club room / bar and does look quite historic also from the inside. At the end of the pier is a blue submarine UFO with which you can go on a sea exploring tour. Once again I shied back from getting a according suit and instructions and continued my visit instead. There’s a second pier with a little art installation. Next to it are also pictures of the art installation in the physical world. Unfortunately I didn’t find additional information about it.

Impressions of New Brighton (2) – the historic pier (upper left shows the building in reality)

I looked at the stores, bars and entertainment lined-up along the promenade and found a sign “Dungeon”. Under the sign you find a board that provides the landmark to the “Haunted Mansion” that is mentioned in the tags. I didn’t go there yet. Instead I continued my visit with the skylift, maybe the other attraction of New Brighton beside the historic pier building itself. I went up with the elevator and took a parachute for my way back. That was fun!

Impressions of New Brighton (3) – the UFO / the theatre / the art installtion

Did I mention that there’re a lot of activities offered in New Brighton? One is flying an helicopter and I did that. The flight was great and I explored New Brighton from the air, great. I flew to above the town to the other side, where you fined a lovely beach and some beach houses. You can rent some of the townhouses was well as the beach houses. Unfortunately one of these houses was protected by a security orb that I couldn’t see flying with the helicopter and I was ejected from my helicopter and landed on the beach.

Impressions of New Brighton (4) – Entertainments along the promenade / the skylift

I looked around and have to say – it looks nice. I sat down in a lounger and enjoyed the view, when Mistress Jenny came inworld. I asked her to join me as I wanted to show her New Brighton, knowing that she had been there in RL not that long ago. We went to the pier first.

Impressions of New Brighton (5) – exploring by helicopter / at the beach / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at the beach, at the pier and as royals

Diomita: “The big skylift and the art object must be like in reality
Mistress Jenny: “It is based on the place called Brighton on the south coast, it has some very authentic pieces, not in the correct places though. The tower looks great but it would be 2 Km down the coast this way and not the other side of the pier. The merry go round with the horses is exactly correct, and the shops next to it are penny arcades in RL too. The promenade would continue for about 1 km with a few bars at the lower level. Let me find a picture from my visit – and one from up the tower just after sunset.

Impressions of New Brighton (6) – Pictures of Mistress Jenny’s visit to Brighton, UK (upper left 2 pictures) / Mistress Jenny and Diomita simploring together

Mistress and I fun and I took a picture from us as Royals. We went up the tower together again and Mistress Jenny told me that there’s a bar in the real tower and you can buy Champagne for the ride. Mistress tried riding a pogo stick and together we had another tour with the helicopter – this time I crashed violating another protection zone above the townhouses *laughs*

A great place to have fun! Thank you very much Bernard for sharing New Brighton pulicly. Mistress Jenny and I enjoyed our visit a lot. I might visit again just for the fun and try out the activities I hadn’t time to try out yet.

Landmark to New Brighton
New Brighton website
Faithless Babii blogpost “Virtual Tourist – New Brighton (Plus Dollarbie)”