Simploring 2018 (72) – “The 7 deadly sins” by Oceanida

I came across Ana (oceanida) when I visited the R&D Gallery at Diotima (see here). Ana (oceanida) makes photographs in black and white. She plays with coloured transparent walls and with mirror effects that provide another and particular view at her work. Today, when I was looking where to go to for simploring, I saw on SL Destinations, that there’s another exhibition of Ana called “The 7 deadly sins”, which is presented at the Niflheimer Art Gallery.

The Niflheimer Art Gallery, owned by Thor (anaadi), is located in an old plant building. The Gallery is curated by Yvan Slade. The old plant building is quite popular in Second Life and I saw it quite often already before used for different purposes.

“The 7 deadly sins” by Oceanida at Niflheimer Art Gallery

Ana’s exhibition “The 7 deadly sins” presents her black and white pictures again using coloured transparent walls as well as mirror and light effects. In addition Ana added furniture and other objects to enhance the effect of her pictures.

The seven deadly sins, also known as the capital vices or cardinal sins, is a grouping and classification of vices within Christian teachings. Behaviours or habits are classified under this category if they directly give birth to other immoralities. The standard list compromises pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth, which are also contrary to the seven virtues prudence, justice, temperance, courage (or fortitude), faith, hope and charity. (source wikipedia).

“The 7 deadly sins” by Oceanida at Niflheimer Art Gallery (1) – Lust

Ana grouped her pictures according to the 7 deadly sins. You enter the different rooms through transparent walls and the room, the pictures on the walls and all other objects are submerged by this colour. Most of the pictures do clearly represent the according deadly sin. I just had problems to interpret 2 of the 3 pictures related to the sin of sloth.

“The 7 deadly sins” by Oceanida at Niflheimer Art Gallery (2) – Sloth (lower left) / Gluttony (upper right) / Wrath (lower right)

During my visit I was dressed in a black latex catsuit and wearing a corset and I fitted quite well into the surrounding, particular in the space dedicated to the deadly sin of lust.

Overall “The 7 deadly sins” is a felicitous exhibition. Ana’s pictures are very expressive and the colourful environment once again provides a great contrast, something you can’t easily reproduce in the physical world.

“The 7 deadly sins” by Oceanida at Niflheimer Art Gallery (3) – Greed (upper left) / Envy (upper right) / Pride (lower left)

The exhibtion was opened August 5th and I don’t know how long it will be shown at the Niflheimer Art Gallery, so you should better visit it timely.
Thank you Ana for the great work and thank you Thor for providing the space for the art.

Landmark to Niflheimer Art Gallery

Simploring 2018 (58) Diotima, Ocio y Cultura

After my visit to the exhibition “Fractal Chaos Theory by Redi”  I got in contact to Redi (Red Bikcin). She appreciated my report about her exhibition and told me that she also liked the fractals of Gem Preiz, a passion we share. She even made a little book about Gem Preiz, that she provided to me. It attaches to the HUD and shows te work of Gem Preiz along with a text in Spanish. To bad that I don’t understand Spanish at all.

Example pages of LIBRO GEM PREIZ ARTISTAS SL 2 by Red Bikcin

Redi also invited me to see the other parts of Diotima, Ocio y Cultura, the place where her current exhibition is located in a skybox. I visited Diotima, Ocio y Cultura on Tuesday, July 3rd, late night.
Diotima, Ocio y Cultura (Ocio y Cultura is Spanish and means leisure and culture) consists of several buildings, courts and a beach area. There’re two art galleries, a disco, a pub, a small shopping mall with an art shop among others and a grand theatre. From the basements of these buildings you can access the beach. This all pretty much explains the name Ocio y Culture.

Diotima, Ocio y Cultura – overview

Of course I visited the 2 art galleries. The first currently shows an exhibtion by Oceanida called Monster. Ana (oceanida) makes photographs in black and white. Monster shows variations of the title picture in several colours arranged in a way that they mirror to the floor provided in different viewing experience. In a second room the exhibition shows surreal b/w photographs. The room is divided by transparent coloured wall and this visual effect provides a particular focus on the pictures itself.

Impressions of “Monster by Oceanida” at R&D Gallery, Diotima (1)

You can grab a folder with information about the artist close to the entrance to the second room. It contains the poster of the exhibition, a business card from Oceanida, a link to Oceanida’s website and some information about the exhibition, unfortunately that is in Spanish once again, so I couldn’t really read and understand it.

Impressions of “Monster by Oceanida” at R&D Gallery, Diotima (2)

The second art gallery shows the work of Barry Richez, an artist from France. It’s about fractals once again and titeled “Dreams in Space Fractals”. The fractals are displayed on the walls of the 1st and 2nd floor. They are static. On the 2nd floor you find a animated 3D plastique with poofs spreading pigeons and hearts. It is called “Peace and Love”, how fitting.

Impressions of “Dreams in Space Fractals by Barry Richez” at R&D Gallery, Diotima

After visiting the 2 art galleries I had a short walk over to the disco and the “Diotima pub” (I’m pretty sure there’s a typo and it should have been named “Diomita’s pub” *winks*) as well as to the shopping mall with it’s library and art shop. From there you can also acess the beach. I ended my visit of Diotima, Ocio y Cultura with a short look at the grand theatre.

Impressions of Diotima, Ocio y Cultura: Disco (upper left) / Diotima Pub (upper right) / art shop (lower left) / Gran Teatro (lower right)

As I know now Diotima, Ocio y Cultura is owned by Redi (Red Bekcin). It was once founded together with someone else, hence the name of the owning Group “Red&Danni”. Thank you for providing your space for the art as well as for leisure. Too bad for me that it seems to be most for a Spanish community.

Landmark to Diotima, Ocio y Cultura
Website of the artist Ana (Oceanida Resident)