Art in Second Life (13) The Magical Forest by Jaz and Harry

Jaz (Jessamine2108) sent a message to me and invited me to see “The Magical Forest“, an istallation by Harry Cover (Impossibleisnotfrench) and Jaz herself.
Along with the landmark to “The Magical Forest”, I got a notecard that contained all relevant information including a few words about the artists who were involved in creating “The Magical Forest“. I will be lazy and use most of this notecard.

First of all there’re instructions for your viewer settings and you should follow them to get the full experience.

The exhibit is an immersive experience of Peter’s story, his journey to the magical forest, and his assimilation into it. It also touches upon human greed and the possible consequences. The story unfolds in 11 scenes – the road will take you through the scenes in sequence. You can either read about each scene, listen to the narration, and experience the special effects.
The immersive exhibit brings together the creativity in multiple areas like mesh, landscaping, storytelling, photography and particles. We hope you enjoy the magic and the story.

You walk along the scences, each scene has a text going along with it. You can grab the according notecard or listen to the narrator. Listening will take around 5 min for each scene so the whole story unfolds in about one hour. The story is a tale with many references to today’s world and to our dealings with nature and wildlife. It is fun with enough seriousness.
The 11 scences are arranged in boxes along the edges of a sky platform. In the center you find some of the participant characters, flowers and other elements.

The Magical Forest – overview

The Magical Forest team would like to express their thanks to
Kurk Mumfuzz for his mentoring on particles
Natalie Starlight for offering her magical sim “Lost Unicorn” as the background for the story
Harriet Gausman for inspiring writers to create on her “Milkwood” sim
Frank Atisso & Jerzzie Reece for their continued support throughout this project

We hope you enjoy the magical journey through the forest.

The Magical Forest – scene 2 and 7

About the Magical Forest Team:

Finn Bookmite (Fionn Bookmite)
Finn Bookmite is a member of the Milk Wood writers group and Interested in the role of (coughs) more mature people in SL. In RL she is the author of four historical novels.

Harry Cover (Impossibleisnotfrench)
Harry Cover, a.k.a. Impossibleisnotfrench, is a French man. He started his second life by playing with prims, then sculpties and finally mesh.
Passionate about photos, graphic designer in RL (among others), and driftwood objects creator.
Come discover his creations, unique objects, inspired by his meetings, his interests including the recycling of metal objects. He has created L’Artistan to exhibit the objects he has created over time and welcomes you to share your comments, your visions and your experiences.

Jaz (Jessamine2108)
Jaz loves colors and loves to express herself with them. For her, creation is fun and a process of learning. She enjoys experimenting and loves to bring the different things that she does – tell stories, blend colors, create particles, and take photos – together. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t — but it is always fun doing it.

Wednezday Mourningside – Wenz (odinswendzday)
Wenz is a remarkably talented designer, possessing both an impeccable eye for aesthetics and a deep understanding of design principles. She has an innate ability to take complex ideas and distill them into simple, elegant solutions that communicate effectively to her audience. Wenz is also an excellent communicator and collaborator, always open to feedback and willing to work closely with clients to ensure their needs are met. Her attention to detail is unparalleled, and she takes pride in delivering work that is not only visually stunning but also functional and user-friendly. Wenz’s passion for design is evident in everything she creates, and her dedication to her craft is an inspiration to all who work with her.

The Magical Forest – scene 10 and 11

Thank you Jaz (Jessamine2108) and Harry (Impossibleisnotfrench) for this installation, thank you Finn Bookmite (Fionn Bookmite) and Wenz (odinswendzday). I had a lovely and relaxing hour visiting, listening and reading.
I enjoyed my visit!

Landmark to The Magical Forest – Landing point