Simploring 2019 (114) Catena et Cavea

Catena et Cavea is a newly opened full adult region owned by Oroeia. Once again I found the sim by following SL Destinations. Ororeia and Kyra Nachtigal own at little shop for bsdm devices named Fluffy Chains. So far they only sell a little multi chain pillory pillow, but they annouced to creat more things soon. Catena and Cavea is the homeplace of Ororeia and Kyra. And there’s really a lot to explore and discover. I spent far over an hour there – and just got a first overview!

Catena et Cavea – Overview

The landing point is close to the Beach house. There’s a advertising column where you can grab a notecard with some information:
This island is our home, and at the same time a big playground for everyone. It’s adult, so please no underage avatars.
Catena et Cavea‘ means ‘chain and cage’, so you might be able to guess our main theme. Feel free to explore everywhere, but please be respectful if we are at home. If a door opens on touch, you are welcome to enter.
While you will find some bdsm toys scattered around everywhere, the main playground is inside the cliff. There you will find a bar, an oriental area, a dungeon, a secret lab and an even more secret cave. Not every door looks like a door.
Have fun
Ororeia and Kyra

The notecard also contains some hints how to get to the dungeon and to the lab. In order not to spoil the fun of finding out on your own, I won’t tell you here. If you need help, look into the notecard (I did).

Impressions of Catena et Cavea (1) – Circus, toy and technic museum

I first visited the circus, tow and technic museum. Well that’s at least what I think it is. There are two buildings and some stands, a roundabout, a space-capsule, ticket booths, horses, clowns and other stuff. For sure it is a great place for taking pictures.

Also next to the landing point is a house with a glass roof. I’m not sure what it is used for. First I thought it’s a bar, but there’s also a bed inside and a living space under the glass roof. Outside is a court with more places to sit. I called it Beach house. I continues my first exploration tour walking along the beach and came across the first adult bdsm toy, a bondage post. I was a naughty girl and tried some self bondage … ups. I need to get Mistress here when I’m in control again. Walking along the beach you come to a palce for rituals, a Stonehedge circle.

Impressions of Catena et Cavea (2) – Beach house, beach bondage post and Stonehedge circle

I walked through a arch (the one with a sword on it and came to a cage at the beach. What a place to store a slave or sub! Then I climbed up the rocks to get on the cliff. Later I found out that there’re also ways to properly get on the cliff plateau. The plateau again offers really a lot to discover. I certainly didn’t find everything. I started with exploring the cliff house. A modern house reminding me of Fallingwater, the renown house built by Frank Lloyd Wright. The veranda reaches over the cliff and it offers some nice spots to sit and enjoy the view – and the view mustn’t be restricted to the nature and the sea. There’re some more opportunitie *winks*

Impressions of Catena et Cavea (3) – Beach cage, Cliff house and Villa Antique

Not far away is a big modern house and a greenhouse. I called it “Villa Antique”. Although it is modern architecture inside it is packed with antiquities, very stylish! You can sense that a lot of love for the detail has gone into it. On the platform there’s also a sort of a temple with a fountain in the center and a big dome as well as a gazebo. The dome offers space for dancing. Well, naughty me found another spot for storing a slave or sub in a tormenting hanging cell exposed to wind and rain at the other end of the cliff plateau

Impressions of Catena et Cavea (4) – Fountain temple, Dancing dome, Gazebo and Cliff cell

Regarding bdsm there’s more ….
I visited the 2 residential houses at the other side of the cliff. Both a nicely furnished and offer opportunities to sit and cuddle or to tease a submissive. From there you can walk up the cliff properly. You will find a bar there that is built into the rock.
I also visited the dungeon of course. It is huge and by now I had expected it to be huge. I didn’t try out anything as I realized that my time was just enough for getting a first overview.

Impressions of Catena et Cavea (5) – Residential houses, Bar and main dungeon

My tour led me to the labs next. Those are not that easy to find. I walked through several safety locks, I saw strange gear and hazardous plants and I finally got to an elevator and to a room that was separated with a warning tape “Caution Keep Back”. Sounds like an invitation, doesn’t it? I dared and reached a beautiful fantasy room, colourful and intriguing – does it contain the results with the plants growing in the labs? I don’t know. But I know, the colours are just beautiful!

Impressions of Catena et Cavea (6) – Exploring the labs

The last spot on my first orientation tour to Catena et Cavea was the Harem. It is located a little bit below of the Cliff house and offers the right environment for harem scenes – very luxurious!

Impressions of Catena et Cavea (7) – Harem (let pictures), some art and a view inside of a Residential house

Catena et Cavea offers a lot not only for those seeking adult fun. The whole sim is also lovely designed and glowing in the colours of Autumn. The houses offer space for different activities and the sim offers background for those loving to take pictures as well as for those seeking the right environment for roleplay.
I hope that Catena et Cavea will stay for a while. Thank you Ororeia and Kyra for sharing your homeplace with the public. It is really worth more visits (for me at least).

Landmark to Catena et Cavea
Fluffy Chains on the Marketplace: