Simploring 2019 (52) Copper River – Flourish Sales Studio & Studio 52

Following Inara Pey’s Living in a Modemworld blog and her post “Showing a little Flourish in Second Life” I came across Copper River and visited it on Wednesday, April 17th.

Copper River is a full (moderate) region owned by Keely Stromfield (Keely Mistwood). It has been designed by Julz (Juliette Rainfall) and her partner, Leaf (Peyton Darmoset). The sim is home for two bi-monthly sales events, the Flourish Sales Studio and Studio 52.

Copper River Overview and Flourish Sales Studio

The landing point is close to the entrance to the (outdoor) Flourish Sales Studio. Addicted to shopping as I am, I had a look at it first. The current sales event offers a broad range of products, male and female fashion, accessories, docoration, furniture and more. The current event started April 10th and will be closed May 4th.
Salon 52, (previously Hairology) is a bi-monthly event for everything hair related. Event months are January, March, May, July, September and November.
Keely Stromfield (Keely Mistwood) runs her own blog (, it is about SL only and deals with amoung other issues with SL Fashion and home decoration.

Impressions of Copper River (1) – around the bus stop

Besides being home for the above bi-monthly events Copper River is an outstanding designed place. It’s somewhere in a desert, the vegetation is dominated by cactuses, creosote bushes and shrubs. You can seemingly feel the heat of the hot sun burning on your skin. Far away on the horizont you make out the silhouette of a large city with skyscrapers. Roads lead in an out Copper River. The sim is perfectly embedded into the surrounding, some bushes and cactuses being off sim but you only notice it when you want to get closer and reach the sim edge. Same goes for the roads which lead far out of the sim. Chapeau!

Impressions of Copper River (2) – around the appartments and the motel

Copper River offers some really great backgrounds for taking pictures and some oddities as well. Walking from the Flourish Sales Studio along the street you pass by an appartment complex and a bus stop. The bus’ engine is running yet there’s no driver nor guest. At the bus stop you find entertainment machines and food, it seems that you might have to wait very long for a bus out here in the desert.
Next to the bus stop is a truck which front is covered with tv screens and with slogans, really odd … and there’s camera as if there’d be anything to film here.

Walking further outbound you come along a motel, a crashed private jet plane (it is off sim already), a large solar park and a row of 3 huge female scultures which form the sentence “Life goes on”

Impressions of Copper River (3) – in the middle of nowhere

In the center of the sim is a large deep water reservoir. At least you won’t die of thirst in Copper River. The reservoir is fed by a waterfall and by wooden canals that come from the mountains. The wooden canals are dry and along them are stairs that lead into the mountains. Embedded into the mountains is the huge building for the Studio 52 bi-monthly event. The building can also be reached following the street. If you’re at the building and look over the water reservoir you see an event tent and platform, that you might oversee when just walking along the street. It is a bit hidden and it was the last stop on my simploring tour.

Impressions of Copper River (4) – the event area (upper left) and in the mountains close to Studio 52

I do appreciate the combination of inworld shops with a place to explore. And exploring Copper River was pure fun. It offers such great and particular views and I took a lot of pictures. Thank you, Keely, for providing Copper River along with the bi-monthly events. I did enjoy my simploring tour!

Landmark to Copper River
Inara Pey’s blog post “Showing a little Flourish in Second Life”
Keely Stromfield (Keely Mistwood)’s blog

Simploring 2017 (55) Ash Falls

I came across Ash Falls by following Inara Pey’s Living in a modemworld blog. Just a few days ago she published her post about “Ash Falls in Second Life“. Ash Falls is a homestead sim build by Birdy Moone (silent halostar) and Leaf Moone (peyton darmoset) and owned by a group named Dirty.Pretty. The group and Ash Falls are freely open to the public until July, 31st 2017. Later the region will return to group access only and you’ll have to join the Dirty.Pretty group in order to visit Ash Falls.

The windlight setting of Ash Falls (Bryn Oh’s Mayfly) is quite dark and enhances the intended atmosphere of it. Ash Falls is a volcano island, the ground and in particular the large beach is covered by dark volcano ash sand. The vegetation is dominated by large conifers. The landing point is at the North West end of the U-shaped island. Along your way discovering Ash Falls you will find quite a lot, hidden corners to sit and mediate or to cuddle as well as terraces with nice views. At the other end of the island is a residental, modern home that looks occupied and in use. What else you will find? There’s an old quarry, obviously not in use and semi-flooded lightened by floating laterns. Not far from the quarry is outdoor cinema. The projector is still running but you won’t see a movie, just shadows on the broken wall that was once used as a screen. The sound of the projector together with the dark light creates a strange morbide atmosphere. And not far from the cinema is an old shack and barn. The modern truck in front of the farm indicates that someone is still living there. And there’s the large beach. Quite close to the water is a shed that is used as a coffee house and offers seating in and outside.

Ash Falls is outstanding and a great place to take pictures, to explore and to sit and watch. For me it looks like a long forgotten place that has been discovered by some people who made it their personal retreat. They buildt the new residential home and are just about to bring a bit of life back to the island. The dark windlight setting provides a particular atmosphere that fits perfect to the volcano character of the island. I took some pictures with more light, but then the mystic of the island is gone.

Ash Falls is worth a visit and I enjoyed my simploring tour. Thank you Leaf and Birdy Moone!

Landmark to Ash Falls
Inara Pey’s blog post about Ash Falls