Diary 2017 (76) May 11th – May 15th On Tour

Once again I was offline for an extended weekend, so for the diary there’s not that much to report. I had a relaxed night Thursday, May 11th with slave Flo at Psi’s realm, with slave Adarra and slave Flo at Heavy Bondage Club and then with slave Adarra and cow Kitty at Mesmerize Dungeon. Mistress Jenny was offline that night. I returned Sunday, May 14th, and that night was mostly filled with catching up with Mistress Jenny. slavin C was present and we decided to keep her naked for a while. She wants to experience being a puppy and got the assignment to propose some according gear and outfits. Later I visited slave slut cecy who is still at Psi’s realm.Monday night, May 15th, Mistress Jenny and I had a relaxing night at Psi’s realm. We controlled our slut cecy, who is still leashed and tied up there. And I had fun with two dolls, Dolly (jamiee daines) and Doll G (gwendolyn diesel). Dolly was wrapped up nicely in latex and in her profile she wrote about her restrictions as a doll (reduced vision, no hearing, no chatting, no start instant messages). She wasn’t that restricted that night but just reading about it scared our slut. I tied up Doll G just a few night before. She wore a straightjacket Monday night and I decided to make her accompanying our slut. And later we also hat cow Kitty visiting. Overall, just a nice evening with slaves and dolls.

Diary 2017 (70) May 3rd – in our Fetisch Club Chez Maurer

We spent Wednesday night, May 3rd, in our Fetisch Club Chez Maurer. Mistress Jenny and I relaxed while Kitty danced in front of us, rille and our slut danced in the cages, and slave Flo knelt quietly next to me enjoying her tight bondage. We had fun teasing our Kitty about her sexy dances and how we could make some Lindens presenting her at other clubs, at least as long as Dana don’t catches our Kitty again and transforms her into a cow. Later we stored slut cecy high above of our main house on the flag pole, as she was eagerly begging us – so be aware everybody, there might be local showers the path next to the flagpole might be slippery.

Diary 2017 (58) April 17th – slavin C at the patio

We spend Monday, Easter Monday night, April 17th, at home at our patio. Besides Jenny and myself, slave Flo and slavin C were present. We took slavin C at the suspension rack there, as we did with slave Flo, slave slut cecy and Kitty before. I removed the shield of slavin C’s chastity belt and drove the impaling dildo upwards with the remote control – then I started the machine to fuck slavin C. After some squirms she began to enjoy the tease more and more until she was begging to cum. Longer teasing made short, I allowed her to cum. Jenny was standing aside with maid rille (rille MacMoragh), who came to her for getting some help with her restraints. After slave Flo left I let rille clean our sklavin C, who was close to cum a second time yet I ordered rille to stop just before and shielded slavin C’s belt again. Later I took my property Jenny to club DeLust where we chilled down before bed.

April 17th at Club DeLust: Mistress Diomita and her property Jenny

Enjoying bondage series – October 2013: The Bondage Night

Sunday nights are quite particular in Second Life. Firstly lag is usually high and in some sims just unbearable because of the many US residents being online at their weekend daytime  – (our prime time at night). Secondly the family and friends tend to drop in frequently  on a Sunday at night even when they were busy in their RL. Thus on Sunday nights it is often a bit difficult to start anything as everyone drops in one after the other and begin to catch up with each other from both worlds. Our new lounge at our home, just by the main house, is the perfect place for these nights where we often just sit and chat. This Sunday we decided to plan something different for a change –  a bondage night … and so we did. The October entry for the “Enjoying bondage”-series has the pictures of Sunday, October 13th. Were we had 7  people in bondage and 6 at a time. It is not an easy job to keep all chains tight and have them all in various gear and smiling into their gags for the picture. So here are some impressions of that night. Maybe it won’t be the last Sunday bondage night 🙂 we will keep you informed.

from left: Rille MacMoragh, Angelique, Nirvana Elan, Daeneriis, Dr. Flo, Argi

from left: Rille MacMoragh, Angelique, Nirvana Elan, Daeneriis, Dr. Flo, Argi

you can tell, that Jenny and I had fun - dancing in front of a nice decoration

you can tell, that Jenny and I had fun – dancing in front of a nice decoration

Fae Howlett, Angelique, Nirvana Elan

Fae Howlett, Angelique, Nirvana Elan

And Monday? It seems that we had to relax a bit after that night….

The Day After (Bondage Night). From left: Dr. Flo, Argi, Fae, Angel, Jenny, Diomita, Daeneriss, Heddi, Nirvana

The Day After (Bondage Night). From left: Dr. Flo, Argi, Fae, Angel, Jenny, Diomita, Daeneriis, Heddi (hadlee Foxdale), Nirvana