Backflash February 2023 “Angelique collared one year” (Feb 21st, 2013)

In the “Backflash” series I select an old entry once a month and present it here. This way I force myself to browse in the archive and to fresh up a few of the many memories. For our readers the series shall provide an insight into my and our Second Life without reading back the many posts and it might also give reason to browse through the archives. It has been a while that I had the last “Backflash of the month” entry in this blog. With this post I intend to continue the series.
For February 2023 I selected a post from February 2013 – 10 (!) years ago. It is a diary post about Angelique, who celebrated her 1st collaring anniversary on February 21st, 2013. I appreciate a lot that Angelique is still close to me, still my niece and still such a special person in my life.
Enjoy the travel in time ….

Angelique, our sweet niece, is collared one year today!

When Angel first came to us she was a troubled young lady who used to embarrass herself quite often.  We took Angel under our wing and decided that Angel was in need of some further education in order for her to become a young lady who would be a real credit to our family.

However when we first tried to help Angel we found that it often became a struggle and that she would resist some of our help. Over time we discovered that what Angel really needed was two role models and not just a Mistress / Sub relationship. We decided it would be best if we adopted her into our family and we became her Aunties. After this Angel’s behaviour improved a great deal and we noticed that her embarrassing problem was now under control. A few people still tease her by calling her little miss pissy pants but those days are long gone.

We found a good finishing school for Angel to attend and she began her journey to becoming quite the young lady. Unfortunately as with a lot of things in SL, people come and go and so do the places. We have had to move Angel a number of times, but this has also helped her to develop many new skills. You are quite likely to find Angel at our home dusting and cleaning when she is not busy in class. One thing that we can both say about Angel is that she puts her heart into everything that she does and always gives 100%. She is bright, funny and has brought us many smiles since we met her. In fact Angel we both love you very much.

One final word of warning for you though Angel. Aunties have a habit of knowing all the dark secrets of their nieces. Just because we have not said anything does not mean that we are blind to it, just that we do not disapprove. (winks).

Angelique Maurer's collaring anniversary

Angelique Maurer’s collaring anniversary

Happy first collaring anniversary, Angelique
Love from your aunties Diomita and Jenny

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A tribute to Jenny Maurer

Those who follow us in this blog might have an idea how difficult it was for me to write this text. If I missed anyone close to Jenny in this post, please forgive me – it was not intended!

My beloved partner, my property, my Mistress, my world and my best friend passed away unexpectedly in in July 2022.

There is no second life, we all have only one life. Second Life was Jenny’s and my heavenly escape. A place where we could try out ourselves, do things we’d never dared doing in RL, we could dress kinky and own a big island. We could be evil and nice. But still this second life was part of our one life.

Diomita and Jenny Maurer (2009/2010)

Jenny rezzed her avatar (Laylady Lay) in Second Life on March 19th, 2008, just 6 weeks after I had rezzed mine. We met each other the first time on May 21st, 2008 at a place called Stonehaven, which was at that time a very popular sim for bondage lovers, cage lovers and for other kinky people. I had a small house up in the skies of Stonehaven. I just had been collared by Yasmin Heartsdale and was a member of her “brat pack”.
Jenny and I, we both sat at the patio of Stonehaven. Frankly, this was a really ugly place, but it was popular. There was a wall with hooks where subs and slaves were leashed and put on display and a few chairs for the visitors who watched what was going on. We began to talk and that night I showed Jenny my house in the skies and the cage I had there. She wanted to go in spontaneously but I stopped her from doing so. Instead I promised her that I would allow it the next time we would meet. Jenny returned the next day and entered the cage. I kept her in there until June 5th, 2008. That day I collared her as my slave with the blessing of my owner those days, Yasmin. We had used her time in the cage to talk for endless hours, to get known to each other. We talked about our expectations, about our kinks, about D/s, about bondage and yes also about our RL. It was the beginning of a wonderful time we had together, more than 14 unforgetable years, in which we saw each other daily for several hours. When our RL prevented us to come into second life, we stayed in touch with other media.

Diomita and Jenny Maurer (2008/2009)

We got partnered in Second Life and married with a real virtual wedding ceremony (held by Yasmin) on October 24th, 2008. For our honeymoon we got a skybox which is still in the skies of our homesim today and which we named “Chez Maurer”.

We founded an own family within Yasmin’s brat pack. That’s why we called our family “Euro Brats”. I forced Jenny to be dominant towards the other slaves who I collared over the years. One of our first slaves was Santana Thibedeau, who we collared on November 22nd, 2008. He once had a play with other slaves of Yasmin’s brat pack and became a cat, a Kitty for a limited time. And she began to enjoy it that much, that we decided that he stays female. (S)he became Kitty Maurer.
Jenny enjoyed her dominance towards our subs and slaves more and more with time and she wanted more. She negotiated that I submitted to her for limited times, which we called a “green light”. After my release from Yasmin’s collar in 2011, Jenny convinced me to wear a collar again – her collar. And I agreed that we owned each other mutually. Later we fixed a day for my collaring: April 21st, 2013.
Our family changed … slaves and subs came and left. In 2012 we collared Angelique. Angelique Maurer became a close family member. She became our niece and as our niece she literally grew, she persued her own way and her own way of roleplay. And more and more we became her aunts, providing a stable family and base for her just like in RL. Angelique was never officially released by us, and we loved to have her around – as our niece. In these hard days of grieving for Jenny, I am very happy to her her around.
And there is our Flo. We enslaved Flo on Nov 29th, 2013 – she had no chance once we got our claws into her. On the occasion of her 7th collaring anniversary in 2020, we promoted our long standing friend and slave to “Maurer’s Housekeeper”, a position with more duties and not more rights. Thank you, Flo.
With the years going by, Jenny’s dominant side developed and became stronger and stronger. On the eve of our eighth wedding anniversary, October 23rd, 2016, I finally fully submitted to Mistress Jenny and became her married slave, her Ehesklavin for the rest of our time together. I still owned her as well but since that day Mistress Jenny was in charge. She was the one who granted green lights, the limited times when I was allowed to dominate her, and when she could let her hair down and relax being mine for a couple of days. As a true dominant, she made her life comfortable and kept me as the head of our family – she was smart.

Jenny and Diomita Maurer’s 10th wedding anniversary October 24th, 2018 (witnessed by our niece Angelique)

We had our own homeplace, a homestead named Mount Everest, since June 2011. We occupied 1/2 of our homesim and had rented out 1/4 to Sarah Fhang, a friend of ours who we knew from our Stonehaven times. And another 1/4 was rented out to Virgo Babii and Tyra Sciarri, also longterm friends from that time. Virgo is the dj of the legendary Friday night party, that is celebrated every Friday since 2008 and took place (and still takes place) on our sim since we owned it. Jenny loved the Friday night parties with which we started into our weekends. She hated to miss them due to RL shift work. We used to talk about a theme for the party every Thursday and she came up with great ideas.

We were inseparable, a domme couple, yet everyone around us knew that I was Mistress Jenny’s married slave. We were embedded in a great community of family and friends: Claven Albatros, Baroness Capelo, our stepdaughter Ebony, Argi Boa, Starbright Wingtips and the whole pixie gang and many others. In 2021 we collared slave Holly and Jenny was pleased owning her. Just lately we also enjoyed the presence of slave Alessi (who is not collared by us) and we became closer with our domme friend Dely (krybia).

Jenny was a wonderful person. She was always polite and tolerant. I learned a lot from her. She took things not too seriously. She wanted that all around her had fun. She insisted that we never forced a slave or sub to stay, that we never collared someone against their will. She had wit and creativity. She taught me being more “British”. Since she had retired in RL in 2021, Mistress and I had more time in the afternoons, more time for togetherness. Mistress Jenny strengthened her position as my owner. She pushed me deep into subspace and I enjoyed it. She did prepare her steps. Nothing happened by accident. Yet she also kept her spontaneity and she took care of me so that I never doubted her love. She loved teasing me and keeping me on my toes.

Dominance is the ability to create a hunger in someone that’s so strong they will do anything, anytime, anywhere just to please you. Jenny created this hunger in me. I really loved, admired and worshipped her. I craved to please her and she always confirmed that I pleased her always and anytime and anywhere. She was very proud to own me and I was proud to be hers. But most of all we were close friends. Jenny was – and will always be (!) – the love of my Second Life. We enjoyed our time in SL, that was a part of our RL. We had just great years, memories that I will value for the rest of my life until I see Jenny again on the other side.

We respected our privacy. Although we talked a lot also about our RL, about our children as well as about projects, about food, about vacations, about work and about everyday life we never exchanged pictures of us, phone numbers or adresses. Thus we kept the picture of each other that we had in Second Life. We lived our Second Life. When Jenny didn’t show up anymore, I had gloomy premonitions that something bad had happened. I am thankful that I got certainty when someone close to Jenny in RL contacted me to tell me that she passed away.

Jenny will be missed not only by me but also by her family and friends in real life as well as in second life. I myself miss her badly, every day. I talk to her, every day. I think of her, every day. I feel her close, every day. I feel her unconditional love every day. Jenny will stay unforgotten not only by me. Rest in peace, my love.

I have to make some decisions now that I am a widow in Second Life. An important chapter in my real life and in my second life has ended. I am more than thankful for my time with Jenny. My second life will go on. I won’t let down our family and friends in this virtual world. Jenny will always be with me, she will watch me from the other side. And as we were inseparable a part of her will live on in my real life and in my virtual existence until I see her again.

Farewell my love, rest in peace, Jenny

Backflash May 2020 – Dear Diary (May 22nd, 2012)

In the “Backflash” series I select an old entry once a month and present it here. This way I force myself to browse in the archive and to fresh up a few of the many memories. For our readers the new series shall provide an insight into our Second Life without reading back the many posts and it might also give reason to browse through the archives.
For May 2020 I selected a post from May 2012. At that time I posted way less posts than nowadays and the posts for the diary were just titeled “Dear Diary”. The post also takes us back to the time, when Mistress way my Ehesklavin (fond memories!). This is a part of us and our history, that is still important for us and for me and by the green lights, that I get every once in a while, it is kept alive and Mistress Jenny is and will stay also “mine”.
But back to 2012 …

Dear Diary

As mentioned in several posts before this blog is also just a diary for Jenny, my family and friends in SL and for myself. And this post is a diary post saving memories from the last week up to today. Last week we first continued playing at Sarah’s new patio. On Tuesday, May 15th, Z visited us and I enjoyed surfing through her rlv-folder.

As this last week was about bondage and having Tyra and Virgo as our “guests” the party on Friday night consistently was about bondage.  Again we enjoyed great music from Virgo who was nicely tied down with Tyra. And several other toys attended the night tied down. This is SL and here you can dance to some extent even tied down and more important –  you can also spin records!
Then last week we noticed a lot of dust in our house and thus Tyra and later Virgo became our maids to keep the house clean. Jenny did a great job selecting their uniforms. They really look just amazing in their skirts! Last night we had a real weired scene with “The head”. It all began with some disciplinary actions for Angelique. She was put into her latex bag and made helplessly. Then we tried to forcily teleport her to us but that failed already with the first place we choosed. Angel did tp back immediately several times until i took that ability before she could tp back. But then there was just her head left. It looked completely weired. We went back home and teleported the head to us. She didn’t respond in main nor did she in IM. Finally we but a pole under her head and buildt a stage. That’s in short the story behind the picture above. I’m curious to hear what happened. But I can tell, we had fun.

Last but not least – on May 21st, 2008 I met Jenny. And of course we celebrate in our way – for example by wearing the hairstyle we had in 2008. The picture below is not from 2008, it’s from last night. Look how Jenny’s locket beams. Thank you for all your love and devotion, Mrs. Maurer, my Ehesklavin. Thank you for having me! Nothing compares to you.

Remark: What happened to Angelique was a SL bug. She seemed to be online (as “the head” but wasn’t). She emailed me, but I couldn’t help. Then the next day Jenny proposed to restart our sim and that did help. In the meanwhile Angel had already sent an email to me and was asking for a sim restart. Things overlapped. Happily this bug occurs rarely – and we were happy to have Angel back.

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Regression – News from Angelique

We didn’t have a lot about Angelique in this blog lately. Angelique, our brat, our niece, was and is a quite independant sub and seeking her own way of role play. Lately she’s very happy and having fun and excitement in SL again. Her new superior, K. Parks, is taking her into “regression”. This kind of kink is hard to describe. There is a definition on Wikipedia for regression but that doesn’t fit for the kind of bdsm kink that Angelique is experiencing (is there any description of “bdsm regression” in the net?). Anyway. regression takes Angelique back into being a young wayward girl. She has to wear retro girl outfits. She has to wear cuffs and she’s humiliated, admonished and exposed. And we know about Angelique’s weakness for plastic panties, do we? Last Friday night Angelique attended our party. Actually K. had ordered her to do so and to show herself and her outfit. Of course I had to save that for the diary. We hope, that our niece will continue having a good time!

July 1st: Our niece Angelique, the wayward girl, at our Friday night party

July 1st: Our niece Angelique, the wayward girl, at our Friday night party

maid Angelique

Our niece Angelique started another adventure. She’s a maid again.

Angelique visited an island where demons and witches live. She saw a maid there cleaning and talked a while with her. And soon after she started an adventure as maid at that island. Maid Angelique is now dressed in a mandotory full rubber uniform.

March 27: full rubber maid Angelique (1)

March 27: full rubber maid Angelique (1)

And she got a lot of instructions of course. She had to change her name to “maid” and she lost her former life, her profile as well as her social network (the groups in SL). She wears a particular collar and she’s restricted to the island where she has to do all necessary chores. Her life is restricted to work and serve as it should be for a good maid. We’re curious to hear more from Angelique’s newest adventure and hopefully to see more pictures.

March 27: full rubber maid Angelique (2)

March 27: full rubber maid Angelique (2)

Diary (19) March 5th – Eurobrats Headquarters rebuild

Just one week ago we had the Saturday mess …. and now the refurbisment of our island within Mount Everest is done, at least for right now. I did some final adjustments and I changed the landing board map. So feel free to visit. And Angelique got a little private area for her own up in the sky. It is a private area and cannot be reached with the teleport network system.

March 5th: The Eurobrats Headquarters rebuild

March 5th: The Eurobrats Headquarters rebuild

Jenny is in charge and she locked my heavy collar around my neck a week ago, thus I was very aware of her during my building activities. This afternoon Mistress asked me to wear a short black dress and the ballet boots. After this busy week I went exploring The Cyprian Terrace today. There are a lot of lovely spots and also some toys and racks to use. Being at The Cyprian Terrace … and seeing a very exposed rack, I became naughty made several selfies and stayed there waiting for Mistress Jenny coming online. I bet you like the pictures.

March 5th: The Cyprian Terrace - naughty Dio in chains (1)

March 5th: The Cyprian Terrace – naughty Dio in chains (1)

March 5th: The Cyprian Terrace - naughty Dio in chains (2)

March 5th: The Cyprian Terrace – naughty Dio in chains (2)

Actually it took a while until Mistress Jenny came to pick me up. We had already chatted and caught up and she wanted to show me something at home when I asked her to pick me up. Mistress was quite surprised to find me in chains.

March 5th: Mistress Jenny picking up Diomita at The Cyprian Terrace (1)

March 5th: Mistress Jenny picking up Diomita at The Cyprian Terrace (1)

Instead of unlocking me she smiled and thanked for the gift and before removing the last chains she attached the armbinder. She decided to keep me locked for tonight and to expose her tied-up property.

March 5th: Mistress Jenny picking up Diomita at The Cyprian Terrace (2)

March 5th: Mistress Jenny picking up Diomita at The Cyprian Terrace (2)

She added a gag, restricted IM and began roaming with me at her leash. That was quite a quiet night for me. Mistress visited Sarah with me, we had a short visit to The Secret House together with slave Flo and then we visited Lochme where we met Starry and Della. Mistress joined the chatting about cookies and politics while I knelt quietly at her side enjoying her presence.

March 5th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita visiting Sarah

March 5th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita visiting Sarah

March 5th: Mistress Jenny with Diomita and slave Flo at The Secret House

March 5th: Mistress Jenny with Diomita and slave Flo at The Secret House

March 5th: Mistress Jenny with Diomita at Lochme meeting Starry, Della and others

March 5th: Mistress Jenny with Diomita at Lochme meeting Starry, Della and others

After all the building work that was really an enjoyable night and Mistress did take me home after Lochme for a bit of togetherness. Thank you, Mistress Jenny.

Dio’s 8th year in Second Life Feb 11th, 2016

Today is my 8th rezzing anniversary in Second Life. It has been a real addition to my real life throughout these years and I hope it will continue for more and more years, as it hasn’t lost it’s facination and it’s addiction for me. As every year on the occasion of my rezzing day I write a longer blog post summarizing the last year. I’m blessed with a stable environment in SL, a base from which I can explore and discover myself, my (not so secret) kinks as well as the beauty of Second Life and the creativity of the residents building this temporary virtual world.
We, Jenny and I and the whole Eurobrat family still live at Mount Everest Island. It’s great that we could keep it for all these years. Tyra (Tyra.Sciarri) and Virgo (Virgo.Babii) on one side and Sarah (Sarah.Fhang) on the other side are still our neighbours. Thank you! Our island didn’t undergo dramatic changes but we continued to develop it. Last year we moved the dungeon from a skybox to the ground level and covered it with a hill. I learned how to build rooms underground and how to make an entrance to it. It looked so easy, but it isn’t. And I know now how elaborated some other sims with large underground areas are. I was about to add more space underground but it means to raise the base level and will take a lot of more building work. This might be the next change for this year. As in RL, there’s always something to do.
Along with building the new dungeon we also build a small very private dungeon just for Jenny and me, where we can retreat to for some private playing.
20151231 Our new dungeon_003
With regard to our family we had again some changes:
We had to face reality and released our “poor” bondage victim qt (queen.takacs), aka, Maurer’s It and our inspiring sub Rona (ronapotter.resident), aka. Maurer’s Künsterlin. qt became the victim of a hackers attack. She was more than 4 years our bound victim. We miss her wit and the way she teased us about being not strict enough with her. She returned after the hacker attack with a provisional alt to tell us what happened, but after all she shyed away from building her world and avatar from the scratch again. She was always nervous when we had to change anything as the technique and software issues were something she really disliked. All the best for you, qt, from Jenny and me and the whole Eurobrat family and friends… mmmuuuhhhh *winks*.
We don’t know what happened to rona. It’s more than a year now that she left SL. This is really a downside of this virtual world, that you don’t know what happened to people who leave all of a sudden. We can just hope that rona is doing well.
20151231 Rona and qt
We collared Gebby as Maurer’s sklavin on August 11th, 2015. Gebby is a very obedient slave, always following her rules very attentively. She’s always in chains, or in a cell or restricted in some way. After some experiments we finally enforced spoke-when-spoken to on her permanently. Gebby can only speak when the trigger word “sklavin” is spoken in main chat and of course she has to answer then. This keeps her very attentive and we appreciate it. We might play around with this a bit more this year and make slight changes.
We collared Nina as Maurerien orja on December 15th. Nina is from Finland and Maurerien orja means nothing else than Maurer’s slave in Finish. Orja has a constant desire for bondage and we will certainly take advantage of it as we see fit. Slave Nina will also become kind of our phographer slave thus contributing to our blog and getting some work done for us. She has an own deviantart account and documents her Second Life with pictures there. This way we become aware of her activities when we give her some days off in addition to the steady control we enact. slave Nina will also support slave Flo in keeping our house clean.
Welcome to the family to both of you!
20151231 Gebby & Nina
We sold our slave Dana on December 27th, 2014, as I wrote here a year ago in my last anniversary blog entry. Dana was our collared brat for more than 4 years. To make a longer story short, Dana came back under our wings and under our control. Once again we had a good merchandise to offer for the right domme. Finally, Dec 31st, 2015, we sold Dana again. Her new owner is in her timezone. As we did the last time, we gave full warranty for the slave and will take her back within the warranty time. As we won’t reimburse the money, that’s always a good deal.
And as of today it looks as if we will get slave Dana back under our wings again very soon. Will we get rich?
So right now the family consists of the 3 slaves – slave Flo, sklavin Gebby and slave Nina – and Angelique and Kitty.
Slave Flo (florence.riddler) was around and with us most reliably of all of our family. She kept the house clean and spoiled us with her dedication. Of course she still tests her limits and needs to be punished and restricted every once in a while but beside her complains we know she enjoys that as much as her owners do. Thank you for your contribution to our family, slave Flo.
Angelique started a new adventure by joining the uniform punishment group, where she had some fun and she still is in this group (read: Beside that Angelique had a really hard time in RL that had it’s effect on her SL. Her online times changed and we don’t see her as often as we would like. As our niece she always enjoyed some special freedom and it is just great having her around. I’m quite sure that we will find ways of playing together again. Anyway, we love you, Angelique!
Kitty (Santana.Thibedeau) settled more and more in her female role. Jenny and I love to tease “her”. She really looks female now, more like a vamp and we support her change with advice and motivation. Beside diving deeper into her femsub role, Kitty still contributes with wit and silly jokes to our SL and makes it brighter. Thank you for being our’s, Kitty.

20151231 Dana & Kitty & AngeliqueIn May 2013 we started a little series “Enjoying bondage”. Surprisingly we could keep it up until today so we might reach the 3rd anniversary for this series soon. Last year we had 2 in my eyes extraordinary entries. The first was roaming around tied up, which is more fun than I thought and it offers a lot of opportunities to take pictures. The fun is more than doubled if you do it together with someone else as I did together with Jenny
(see The second was about suspension. Several slaves and guests were excited about a picture in our dungeon, that shows a slave, fully encased in a latex catsuit and latex hood, that is suspended from the ceiling by her arms. Thus this became another theme for the enjoying bondage series. With the MD cuffs you can suspend a slave accordingly and we had several models for our series. Together with a simple plain white background it looks really artful (see

20151231 Enjoying bondage 2015
And this year started promising as we decided to choose a similar latex outfit for our 3 slaves. We called it living latex dolls and improved it more and more. As we did we even got 3 other living latex dolls to share the fun: slave L, slave Mii and slave cecy. In January we had several nights enjoying bondage and finally I succeeded to publish a picture of all of our living latex dolls.
Enjoying bondage January 2016: Living Latex dolls slave cecy, slave Mii, sklavin Gebby, slave L, slave Flo and slave Nina

Enjoying bondage January 2016: Living Latex dolls slave cecy, slave Mii, sklavin Gebby, slave L, slave Flo and slave Nina

Slave Flo contributed not only to our family by her submission and dedicated work but she also contributed to the blog by adding a little survey (The Health study, see and by writing a fiction (The Accountant, part I and II just published this week!). Both will be continued hopefully. Slave Flo had also an important part in Toy’s appearance last year. Toy (formerly known as Karen Emms) joined us last summer as a kidnappee and the roleplay with her was real fun. Unfortunately timezone and RL were against us and we had to let her go before we could collar her. Toy wrote a diary for us which I published in 3 parts in our blog.
20151231 Toy and Flo
Scrolling back in the blog I noticed that I did quite some simploring last year. As mentioned above, visiting sims is still one of my favourite activities in Second Life and it is again and again amazing what people build mainly for themselves but also for others to enjoy and share. I need to mention that most of my simploring tours have their origin in Inara Pey’s “Living in a modemworld”- blog, that became my never ending source of great places to visit in SL. Thank you, Inara! If you select the category “Exploring sim in Second Life” in the blog you will get a long list of blog entries about my tours. It is nearly impossible to pick just one as my favourite of last year. For sure my autumn tours were a highlight for me (see the 3 blog-entries “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are octobers”). Also before Halloween Ironwood Hills was another highlight. We visited this sim several times.
20151231 Simploring 2015
 Speaking of our activities in Second life beside our bdsm, I also enjoyed a lot the “hunts”. The hunts are organized by the store owners in SL and they take you around the shops with riddles to solve and you get a little giveaway in every shop. Some of the giveaways are really worth the long hunt, most are just giveaways that you store away or bin quickly. But it’s fun to solve the riddles and to search the giveaways and you get around in SL. In addition the hunt fulfills what it is intended for. We visted some of the stores again later to buy something.
My Second Life with Jenny couldn’t be better. Our relation is still developing and changing after all these years. For our 7th wedding anniversary I made a little video that also provides a bit of insight into our relation, but mostly it is simply a thank you to Jenny and what she is for me and the family in SL.
We switch control back and forth but there were some very intensive weeks for both of us. I pushed my beloved Ehesklavin into subspace for several weeks in the time before and around of her 7th collaring anniversary in June 2015. I remember, that it was not at all easy for me to let her get out of subspace again and recover. I for sure enjoy her submission. Also before our wedding anniversary last year Jenny allowed that I take control for a longer while. Having my Ehesklavin on a leash has become something very particular for me and I do enjoy every second. Last year Jenny became the one, who decides about granting control to me, whereas she takes control whenever she sees fit. She always tries to consider my mood as long as I make her not wait too long. But it is up to her.
Mistress Jenny herself put me into several also longer red lights, after which I had troubles to recover my dominant side. Mistress knows exactly which buttons she has to push. My submission to Mistress has become very strong and she brought it to the point by saying in passing “I could own you in an instant”, but she also added “but you will always own me”. Mistress Jenny’s will to control me is strong and I might experience longer phases in subspace in near future. I can’t be prouder owning her and being her property. Thank you, my wonderful wife!
20151231 Changing control
What is missing? Yes, an actual portrait picture of me as I start my 9th year in SL. For a change this year it won’t be just a portrait picture as my face and hair style didn’t really change and luckily you don’t get any unwanted wrinkles in SL (too bad you still get them RL). End of 2015 I bought a mesh Body, the Maitreya Lara mesh body. I did that mainly to play with it and to get familiar with the technique. But after a while I began to like it. One big downside is that I can’t use my skin anymore and my tattoos are on my skin. But you can wear tattoos with a mesh body with an applier. Unfortunately I’m not (yet) familiar how to make the tattoos myself. But I found someone who made them for me and they are at the right place marking me as Jenny’s wife and property. Once I had the tattoos, I began feeling very comfortable with my new body (once again, what a shame that you can’t just buy a new body in RL). Another downside is that you can’t wear the clothing layers from the prim body. You have to get so called appliers and beside that you have to wear mesh clothes. Now I needed some new clothes. I said it is a downside? Maybe that’s an upside indeed as I did some shopping and shopping is fun, isn’t it? Anyway, here are some pictures of me as I enter my 9th year in SL.
20160131 Diomita Maurer Maitreya Mesh BodyThank you all for making this world for me and for us. SL is first of all about people and it’s you all who make my and our SL what it is: Still going strong, still enjoyable and still exciting! It was a great 8th year in Second Life and I look forward to the 9th!

Love from Diomita

Angelique’s diary: The Uniform Punishment

Our niece Angelique sent me her diary about her experiences in the “Uniform Punishment Group”. According to the group profile, the group is founded for long-term behavioural control. Angelique had attended several institutions for behavior control as well as for manner education. But none of these schools and institutions did really change her and she’s still our brat and behaves like a brat if she’s up for it – and we love her.
The Uniform Punishment Group had attracted her attention for quite a while already. Nothing excites Angelique more then being exposed in public. If anyone notices her plastic panties she wants to hide and to sink into the ground. So this group seems to be made for her. And finally Angelique started her experience 3 weeks ago. This is her diary and I kept it mostly unchanged and just formated it. So it is just like Angelique presented it to me and also the illustrating pictures were taken by her. Enjoy reading….
Log started Sunday 2015/08/03
(As this is a log from days I am online it could be there are days missing)
Day 1
Several months after joining the group “Uniform Punishment” I started the training. My trainers looked all nice and helped me with the ten rules.
1. The uniform should be uncomfortable to wear
2. She should look childish or silly in it, not ‘sexy’, so that she feels ridiculous wearing it;
3. It should require effort to keep it looking clean and smart so that it is an irksome task to prepare it for her punishment session
4. It should be awkward to attire herself in it and fiddly to keep looking precisely right
5. It should offer plenty of scope for failing to reach the required standard of presentation
6. Uniform rules should encompass all aspects of her personal presentation and grooming, not just the clothes themselves
7. She must know the uniform rules in detail and be able to recite them or write them down on demand
8. She must know how to present herself for any aspect of uniform inspection and the correct responses to give to any enquiry concerning her uniform
9. She should be required to consider why she has been put into uniform and acknowledge how she looks in it and why she deserves to have been put back into uniform.
10. Anything which increases for her the humilation of being put back into uniform is to be considered as an advantage
But soon I noticed I was in trouble. Sir C showed up and told me I had to change clothes. He handed a few basic things I had to wear for at least one week, no exceptions:
– a pair of heavy pvc wellingtons
– a heavy pvc rain coat
– pvc bloomers
– as top there were no restrictions as long it was simple and sober.
I looked stupid in them, and felt humiliated. From moment I was wearing it I started sweating getting hot. Sir C just laughed at my request to take at least the raincoat off.3HIJAB humiliation suit, hood Balloon, Shorts rubber Yellow
Day 2
Nothing much happened until the moment trainer Lady D took me and a few others apart for a lesson. She told us we were similar a animals. I hate her for that. Anyway she taught us some basic commands that we had to follow. It was an awful lesson, and I had troubles staying focussed. Lady D noticed it and took me apart, telling me that my thoughts and opinion don’t make any difference for her. I decided to myself to avoid her as much as possible. Nothing more noteworthy happened afterwards.
Day 3
I saw Sir C, after greeting properly he told me I was a good student and deserved a treat. He gave me a lovely dress that I had to wear with some high heels. I was happy and proud about myself for this nice complement.
Tank Dress with Bow Belt (pink)
Then he said I had to wear plastic panties under the dress. I couldn’t believe my ears and looked desperate at him, begging to reconsider it and letting me wear normal panties. But, as I should have known, he was inexorable and I had to wear plastic panties. “Nobody will know besides me and you”, he said. That thought reassured me, but later he ordered me to tell Madame A what kind of panties I was wearing. I wanted to vanish … but of course that didn’t happen, and I told Madame A deeply blushing about my plastic panties. She just smiled and said “very good, you need it”.
Day 4
When  arriving several trainers were present and one said “It’s time for your nose piercing ring Angelique”. My eyes widened shocked not believing my ears and I looked almost begging at Sir C “please say something”. Of course he didn’t, instead he took position behind me and placed his hands at my head fixating it. My protests were ignored as Lady D took some tools from out of her purse.
The following minutes felt like hours. I sensed an intense stabbing pain at my nose, my knees twitched and tears popped out my eyes. The nose ring was placed.
I got a few minutes after that to take grip of myself before I got ordered to redress in some embarrassing uniform.
Day 5
Today Sir C ordered me to redress in my cleaners outfit but had to left out the pants.Cleaner (red) without pants, rough green boots [front] Cleaner (red) without pants, rough green boots [back]
“Go cleaning the toilets, when I am back make sure they are clean”, he said, “If you are done with your task before I am back you are allowed to go to HBC (Heavy Bondage Club). But, ….you are not allowed to change uniform”.
I looked upset at him , whispering “I will stay here Sir.”
He raised an eyebrow and said “No, you will not!”. I don’t know why, but somehow he saw I was far from happy with that order.
“What’s wrong girl?”, he asked. I hesitated to answer, because I did know he didn’t want to hear complains. He must have noticed what was bothering me because he started laughing and said “you are allowed to add the cleaning pants”.
I sighed in relief “thank you Sir”.
After my task I went to HBC as told and there I saw my aunties. I felt ashamed they had to see me in my cleaning uniform, as my aunties asked several questions about it. Ashamed I did my best to answer all the questions they had truthfully but they seemed not convinced. I was relieved as their attention turned to someone else after a while.
Day 6
After greeting everyone I was allowed to change in something more decent, the Sunday uniform. Yay at last. Strangely enough, I had to wear it with the heavy pvc wellingtons in black. But it felt clearly like Sunday.Ladies Blouse with Pencil Skirt (sundaydress)

Day 7

Today Sir C said that it’s time for me to wear just a cute apron. I had to wear the heavy pvc wellingtons in black as shoes. And as my plastic panties are obligatory they were very exposed, which made me feel deeply embarrassed. Besides that I had a hairstyle, that I used to have when I was way younger. My request to change in something less revealing was denied, as well as changing my childish hairstyle. I had to face the fact I had to wear what I was wearing for longer time.Heart Apron [back] Heart Apron [front]
Day 8
Still in my silly yet cute apron and plastic panties.
Day 9
I visited home and saw my beloved auntie Diomita. We had a nice talk, although I found myself ashamed in my outfit that I did wear now for more then one day.
Day 10
I saw Sir C and was hoping he would allow me to change outfit. And yes he did, but was I happy with it? Not really, no I was not. Sir C called it a dress, but it was more a blouse then something else.  It was short so my plastic panties peeked out under it. I was also not allowed to change my hairstyle. Alternatively, if I really wanted it, I was allowed to change it in a ponytail. Which I did later that day.
When I asked permission to change my panties I was told to come with an alternative. I was not allowed to come up with something I would feel comfortable in. I didn’t had an alternative, so I got an assignment to have an alternative within two days.
Nightwear Robe (red blouse) [detail] Nightwear Robe (red blouse)
Day 11
I did a lot of shopping today trying to find the alternative panties, without success.
Nothing more noteworthy happened afterwards.
Day 12
An other attempt to find alternative panties, again without success. Madame A told me to change Outfit. It was a relief seeing what she choose for me. And she also allowed me to change my hairstyle.Doll Collar Long Sleeve Dress (Total innocence)

Day 13

A big day today, I am extremely nervous as I will have to face Sir C. He summoned me the moment he arrived, and was very direct with his question. My heart stopped for a moment when i showed him the panties I had chosen. He didn’t say a word, instead he gave me a blouse, “wear it now, leave the panties on” he said.
I felt so embarrassed having to change my Outfit in front of all the others. My panties were extremely exposed because the blouse was very short and reached just above my belly button. It felt like I was standing like this for ages, but it were just a few minutes until Sir C gave me a leather skirt. “Wear this too”, he said, “and some nylons”. I slipped quickly into the skirt hoping it would cover my panties completely but it didn’t. Bad luck for me, the skirt was short too, the panties peeked out above the skirt and …. well … everyone who would look closer could see them under it. I didn’t dare to protest knowing it would only get worse. Sir C nodded approvingly and said “this will be your uniform for the coming days.”Detail Ladies Slim Blouse Tucked for High Waists, black leather mini
Nothing more happened afterwards.
Day 14
Nothing happened today.

Angelique 3rd collaring anniversary

Happy anniversary, Angelique

Happy anniversary, Angelique

Today marks Angelique Maurer’s 3rd collaring day. Jenny and I are very happy to have Angelique around us and in our family. Angelique might be one of the most patient persons who I know. More than 3 years ago she came into our Second Life. She watched, she stood close by and listened, she never interfered unasked, she waited for us to have time to talk with her, she roleplayed. Roleplaying is Angelique’s strength. She does is that well, that I sometimes can’t differentiate between her roleplay and her real emotions. Her roleplay might aim for being punished, for getting what she secretly wants but doesn’t dare to say openly or it might be that she really doesn’t like something. It really took time to get as close to her as we are today. We are her aunts, her protectors, her base for her SL. And we get love and loyality of our niece in return – and the fun of roleplaying with her every once in a while. Up until today, Angelique is patient. She waits for us to have time when she wants to talk about something. She never claims priority. She is our angel. We do hope to have her around us for many years to come and we wish that she is rewarded with good roleplays, that she meets people who understand how she is: a brat, a kinky person, a cute young woman, a good observer, a wonderful friend and our angel.

Don't forget your anniversary spanks, our niece!

Don’t forget your anniversary spanks, our niece!

Thank you for being you, Angelique!

News from flo – Chapter 12: Honest and silent


Again slave Flo wrote about her life for our blog. According to her counting this is chapter 12 now (all are published, but some chapters were put up as one entry in this blog). We will use her counting from now on. So this is chapter 12. This time she even took and processed a lovely picture to illustrate the entry. Thank you for writing and documentating, Flo. Although enslaved, we love you dearly. Enjoy reading!

Long time since the last few sentences from Flo – the little doc. Since many weeks she is close without any mistakes. Doing her daily dusting every afternoon, alone and without any complaints… just…one time she took all her courage and told Mistress Diomita that the ball she had to bite on is hardly battered and the the feather is really obsolete. Her Mistress did not care for and so little doc had to use them and tighten the straps even stronger to keep up her good work in dusting. some would say there are more undies. Mistress Jenny took her to shopping and purchased for Flo a wonderful white leather corset and a nice thong in same material. Something unbelievable occurred one day…. her Mistress Jenny called her by name “Flo” not slave … no “Flo” – it was like jingle bells in her ears – Flo was so happy to hear – therefor Flo gave much more attention in doing correct the please her Mistresses. or correct wear ballet boots. Flo is very skilled in walking on such high heels and balances with elegance aside her Mistresses. Flo is a honest prissy slave.

One scene was very hard for her to understand as Mistress Diomita punished her lovely niece Angelique. Each stroke of her hard slaps had burned in her own brain like arrows of fire. Poor Angelique did not tell to Flo why she received that hard punishment. Flo became witness of several new girls like Chianna or rona. Rona has fulfilled her trial and became one of my new step sisters. Flo admires the high level of rona’s submission and her skills as creative one – therefor Mistress Diomita gave her the title “Künstlerin”.
For the start-up Party of the football WC her Mistresses gave her a suitable bikini in the colors of her country – Flo was happy as she never has been even the thong was that tiny and showed more than covered. This bikini was worn on every game of her team, but as the Swiss team lost against Argentina it has seen the last use of. Flo was’nt sad about the result as she told us she’s proud that her team hasplayed 120 minutes longer in world cup than UK, Portugal, Spain and Italy.

Flo modelling her outfits

Flo modelling her outfits

The family is growing as Dana came back as well as Kitty. Since Kitty is back there is someone close by who always is teasing Flo with something like “helmet”. Flo knows well but doesn’t show any reactions as these times had been very hard for her – but its long time ago.

I love you my Mistresses and kisses you both on your…..
little doc Flo

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