Diary 2017 (56) April 16th (2) – Thrall

Sunday night, Easter Sunday 2017, April 16th, we first went to The Secret House. We that’s Jenny, slave Flo and I. We met Argi over there and chatted a bit. It was very laggy and even the conference IM lagged terribly. Time to do something else. I still have some landmarks to explore and discover that I found surfing profile.

April 16th at TSH: Jenny, slave Flo, Diomita and Argi

We went to Thrall. Somehow the name rang a bell, but Jenny didn’t remember it and nor did I. The orignal description I had was “Welcome! Island home to Miss Angie and Shae. Use the TP pads to explore, and enjoy the castle, the forest, the caverns, the space station, and of course, the dungeon. Bring your loved one here to visit one of our many dark cells, or just to cuddle 🙂“. When we arrived at Thrall, we learned that Thrall is currently under recontruction and might be some mess.Thrall. The moment we arrived it felt familiar. In particular many names of the Thrall group are very familiar. Shae, that’s Shae Thatcher, she has her private hime there, Sharie Criss, Aimee Riptide, Tania Owatatsumi …. many more, not close friends but acquaintances of a long Second Life. And Thrall? Yes, we’ve been there before. It is a homesim right next to Lochme. A lot more quiet, medieval, some private homes. It offers nice looks and views and also a dungeon. As opposed to Lochme, you won’t get that much attention at Thrall. Everything is more private here. Jenny, Argi, slave Flo and I roamed around Thrall for about an hour. We had fun exploring it and the longer I walked around, the more familiar the place became to me again. We shall come back soon to check what is remodelled.
We walked over to Lochme (well we had also to swim) and finished our visit. After slave Flo went to bed, I grabbed what is mine. I had in mind to take Jenny to club DeLust and we actually also went there, but lag was unbearable that night, so we went home and spent some time together in our own Fetisch Club before I took Jenny to the annex of our skybox, where I took advantage of being in control. We ended this night dancing at the rooftop of our skybox.

April 16th at home at Fetisch Club Chez Maurer: Diomita and Jenny

Diary 2016 (3) Jan 5th- 7th

Jan 7th, Adding colour to HBC: Posion, Diomita and slave Flo

Jan 7th, adding colour to HBC: Poison, Diomita and slave Flo

As announced just a short post inbetween. Not that much happened as I had some RL issues to deal with and Jenny was at work. But we continued with getting new outfits for the slaves. Flo got her suit in yellow and and pink. Tonight I took slave Flo to Heavy Bondage Club where we met Poison and  we stayed there a bit watching the crowd and I had some IM. Later Sklavin Gebby logged in and I took slave Flo to Lochme to see her. It was quite crowded with some old friends too (Nano (nano.siemens), Trixie (trixie.hobble), Starry (starbright.wingtips) to name a few). Mii did join us too. So I had some fun. And for sure slave Flo and sklavin Gebby did add some colour to Lochme!

Jan 7th, adding colour to Lochme: Mii, sklavin Gebby. Diomita and slave Flo

Jan 7th, adding colour to Lochme: Mii, sklavin Gebby. Diomita and slave Flo