Simploring 2021 (31) Nelipot – Autumn 21

I read Inara Pey’s blogpost “Nelipot’s Autumn peace in Second Life” and it tempted me immediately to visit the place myself as I love the colours of Autumn.

Nelipot is a moderate homestead owned and designed by Shawn Shakespeare (SkinnyNilla) and Lien (Lien Lowe). It consists of 4 smaller islands and one bigger island. The landing is on one of the small islands right next to a lovely camping site. From here you have already the first great views into the colours of Autumn. The trees glow in different colours, the ground is full of leaves and more leaves are falling.

Nelipot Autumn 21 – overview / at the landing point

A roundtrip starts naturally by crossing the covered bridge withe the fitting inscript “Welcome Fall”. It leads to another island with a farm. The two buildings are furnished nicely inside and invite to take a look at many details.

Nelipot Autumn 21 – camping site / covered bridge / farm

The path continues naturally to the main building at Nelipot, an old windmill. The mill is used as a bar and again is furnished with style. The banks and chairs outside are a great place for a rest drinking a glass of wine or a rare beer – both can be found inside of the mill. The area outside of the mill seems to be also used for small events. The water from a waterfall flows beind the mill. From the mill you follow a wooden path along the shore until you reach a little platform with a chair – another lovely view into the Autumn landscape.

Nelipot Autumn 21 – at the farm / the old mill in- and outside / the wooden path and overlook platform

Next to the platform is a small pier with a boat. The boat is only for sitting and can’t be used though. A zip line connects another island with the pier, but it can only be used from the island side. I had to walk back to the wooden platform and walked to the other side of the main island where you find an old tram and tram tracks. Around the corner is a nice and cosy little hut, which I named “Writer’s hut”. A place to be and to enjoy, lovely decorated and the big windows offers anotehr great view.

Nelipot Autumn 21 – the pier / old tram / Writer’s hut

As I couldn’t use the zip line I had to walk back along the wooden pathway, along the old mill to the farm. At the pickup is a bridge to the next island which is used for a residential house. Again that is furnished and decorated with love for the detail. I sat a while on the porch and inhaled Autumn. From here you can walk over a bridge to the last island, a small island with a wrecked shack. This island has its own charme as you look to the landing island and to the writer’s hut from here. A real paradise for photographers.

Nelipot Autumn 21 – pier and zip line / residential house / wrecked shack

I finished my visit with taking a few more pictures and of course I used the zip-line.

Nelipot Autumn 21 – at the wrecked shack / using the zip line / Autumn views

Nelipot is, as Inara wrote it, a very peaceful rural sim. It offers countless nice views and I enjoyed the colours of Autumn. A very well made, romantic place. A place to wind down and forget the world around us and to simply enjoy.
Thank you Shawn Shakespeare (SkinnyNilla) and Lien (Lien Lowe) for creating Nelipot and in particular for sharing it publicly. I enjoyed my visit a lot!

Landmark to Nelipot
Nelipot flickr group
Inara Pey’s blogpost “Nelipot’s Autumn peace in Second Life”

Winter at The Mill

Last Sunday, November 27th, I went simploring and picked a recommendation of Inara Pey’s blog again “Wintertime at The Mill in Second Life“. Her description of “The Mill” is perfect as always, hence I have not that much to add again. For me it was not my first visit to The Mill. I visited the first time in spring 2016 (see here in this blog) also following a post of Inara.

November 27th: Returning to "The Mill" in winter

November 27th: Returning to “The Mill” in winter

Now the winter has come to The Mill and changed it quite a lot. First of all upon my arrival I got a “friendship”-bear offered. What a cute plush toy! I did recognize some key elements and had a deja vue seeing the pier and the sailing ship, or the mill itself of course.20161127-the-mill_019 But there’re now acitivies like sledding or ice skating and a zip line starting at the lighthouse. And you see some of winter animals like ice bears and penguins. As I did in spring I spent a relaxing hour in this lovely sim and enjoyed myself, used the sledding and the zip line and took quite a lot nice pictures.20161127-the-mill_020

November 27th: A lovely winter day at "The Mill"

November 27th: A lovely winter day at “The Mill”

Many thanks again to Maxie Daviau and Shakespeare (Skinnynilla) for providing your sim for a visit – and for the friendship bear of course!

Landmark “The Mill”
Inara Pey’s blog about “The Mill”
“The Mill” in this blog