Simploring 2020 (67) Snuggles Forest

For my simploring tour on Wednesday/Thursday, September 16/17th, I picked Snuggles Forest form SL Destinations. The entry led me to post of Maddy Gynoid “Simtipp: Snuggles Forest“, which I read before visiting. The landmark profile is quite fitting to what I was going to see: “Enjoy a beautiful stroll, relax on the beaches, hold your sweetheart close, cuddle, and dance, sit in one of many romantic spots, explore, propose, even get married in the chapels, with a automated service.

Snuggles Forest Overview and orientation map

Snuggles Forest is a moderate homestead owned by Teagan Parnas. It is one of five regions that are connected. All 5 sims belong to Teagan. She owns a chain of shops with the label “Snuggles“, that sells Baby Animesh Clothes, furniture, and gifts and everything else for SL babies, cards and seasonal decorations. I could see large buildings on the other regions, but there’s no shop at Snuggles Forest.

Impressions of Snuggles Forest (1)

Snuggles Forest is a sim just to enjoy and to wind down. It is mainly a forest. The landing is on a trail next to a big board with teleport destination on the sim itself and to the shops on the neighbourhood sims. The trail leads you around the sim mostly close along the shore. In the center is a large mountain with a high plateau. The selected windlight is a but hazy, but with this windlight the pictures look a bit like watercolour paintings and I like that.

Impressions of Snuggles Forest (2)

Impressions of Snuggles Forest (3)

Also quite close to the landing is a horse rezzer if you don’t want to walk on foot. I decided to walk this time. Along my way I saw many places to sit and enjoy. Close to most of the cuddle places are intan dance poles making Snuggles Forest a place for lovers. The selected trees and plants provide a natural atmosphere. I came to the beach with the lighthouse and to small hut where a few cows were grazing. Walking along the river you can see two waterfalls … and of course more places to cuddle and snuggle.

Impressions of Snuggles Forest (4)

The trail led me to the second beach and to the wedding chapel. There are several opportunities to walk up on the mountain with it large forested high plateau. In the forest you find again these nice spots to sit and watch.

Impressions of Snuggles Forest (5) – lower left shows the wedding chapel

And that’s it about Snuggles Forest. If you seek a quiet place to wind down, if you enjoy forests and nature, or if you like taking pictures then Snuggles Forest is a great place to visit. I always appreciate it when shop owners combine their business with giving something back to the community like Teagan did with this sim. Thank you very much, I enjoy my visit a lot.

Landmark to Snuggles Forest
Maddy Gynoid’s “Simtipp: Snuggles Forest”
Snuggles Forest flickr
Snuggles on marketplace