Simploring 2021 (27) Ilha Do Sol

For my simploring tour on Monday, June 21st, I picked “Ilha Do Sol” from scoop it SL Destinations.

Ilha de Sol is Portugese and translates to “Island of the sun”. It consists of 3 connected moderate homesteads – Taal Lake, Norton and Peace. Ilha de Sol is owned by Syx Toshi and his partner Bryn Toshi (Bryn Bulloch).
The landmark description wraps it up in just a few words:
Island of the sun. A beautiful Mediterranean Island. Come and enjoy our town, vineyards and beaches. Surfing, horseback riding, bicycling and much more.

Ilha Do Sol – overview and orientation map

The landing is right in the center of a small town, that radiates the atmosphere of the Mediterranean. The town is livened up with quite some static figures, hence you’re not alone there. Tourists and photographers stroll through the town. And on the central marketplace there are also dealers at the stands. I sat down at a caf´e from where I could watch and enjoy the atmosphere.

Impressions of Ilha Do Sol (1) – in the town

At the market you find the entrance to a tunnel. The tunnel leads to the surf beach. It is a very long beach. Along the beach you find several camps of surfers as well as a few buildings. But the main purpose of the beach is – surfing. at the end of the beach is a surf board rezzer. You can see the 2 big waves on the ocean, that are “surfable” in Second Life. I never surfed so far and hence I postponed it.

Impressions of Ilha Do Sol (2) – the surf beach

Instead a visited the surf shop. It is not an inworld store for surf boards and accessoires. The shop is just very decorative and looks “real”. There’s someone at the register, there are customers in- and outside, there’re a lot of surf boards, a shop to repairing boards and a lot of decoarations and details. It’s a great place for taking pictures as well as just to explore and enjoy.

Impressions of Ilha Do Sol (3) – the surf shop

I left the beach of Ilha Do Sol and took another way back in the direction of the town. The road led me into the countryside. I came by a little garden with fruit trees, sunflowers and a few chicken. And I came by a hut with a horse rezzer in front of it. I took a horse and rode into the contryside.

Impressions of Ilha Do Sol (4) – the countryside

I visited the vine terraces and came to a private residence, most probably the home of Syx Toshi and his partner Bryn Toshi (Bryn Bulloch), who own the sim. The rest of this homestead (the private residence is on the homestead “peace”) is free to visit and offers real countryside, a bit meagre but typical for the Mediterranean. I for my part liked the natural beauty of the landscape a lot. And there is a large and lonely beach. As rezzing is allowed you could bring your beach gear with your and enjoy the loneliness. You’d never get that in RL *winks*.

Impressions of Ilha Do Sol (5) – the countryside, vine terraces, lonely beaches

Somehow I felt like I should try the surfing once being here. Hence I changed into my swimsuit and rezzed a board. I got a quite detailed notecard with instructions. Surfing in SL can be tricky and needs practice. But there’s also an option for beginners and an easy mode – and I tried that. It was real fun! YAY!

Impressions of Ilha Do Sol (6) – Diomita surfing

I had a great time at Ilha Do Sol. It was quite like a short virtual vacation. I could almost smell the Mediterranean. Thank you Syx (Syx Toshi) and Bryn (Bryn Bulloch) for sharing your great and lovely place publicly. I really enjoyed my visit like a short vacation!

Landmark to Ilha Do Sol

Simploring 2019 (43) Secondlife National Park and Wildlife Refuge – an update

After publishing my simploring report about Secondlife National Park and Wildlife Refuge (read here), I got a nice comment from Bryn Toshi (bryn bulloch), who owns the SL National Park together with her partner Syx Toshi:
Our private home will be open to the public in the next day or two, so every meter of both sims will be accessible to anyone who would like to visit during our Open House and photo contest running from April 12 through May 12th! Thank you so much for sharing your visit with folks. We invite everyone to come and enjoy both sims as well as our surfing and beach sim, Monkey Cove!

SL National Park: The rangers station and the orientation map

I used some spare time Saturday, April 13th, to visit the parts of SL National Park, that were close during my visit and that are private usually. I started with the rangers station, right next to the landing point. I found an interesting orientation map, some more info iside of the station and I made a silly picture with the ranger, who stood outside (actually a mesh statue) and against whom I’m ridiculous small with my 5’11” (or he’s too tall!!)

Impressions of the Toshi Farm house at SL National Park (1)

Then I walked to the private home of Syx and Bryn. No surprise that the house is another master piece. It was decorated for Easter putside and is furnished with style and love for the detail.

Impressions of the Toshi Farm house at SL National Park (2)

The Kitchen did catch my eye in particular, There’s even the recipe book open for meal. Of course there’s also a dining room, a living room and bedrooms and a bath. And behind the house is a nice flower and herb garden.

Impressions of the Toshi Farm house at SL National Park (3)

That’s it for this short update about SL National Park. Thank you, Bryn Toshi (bryn bulloch) and Syx Toshi for opening your home to all for a limited time and once again for providing your sim to the public!

Landmark to Secondlife National Park and Wildlife Refuge

Simploring 2019 (43) Secondlife National Park and Wildlife Refuge

Sunday, March 24th, I visited “Secondlife National Park and Wildlife Refuge” (lateron shorter referred to as SL National Park) after reading Inara Pey’s blogpost “Touring Toshi Farms in Second Life“. SL National Park is created and ownd by Syx Toshi and her partner Bryn Toshi (bryn bulloch). It expands over 2 (moderate) homesteads and it is changing according to the season or to it’s owner’s desire.

The landmark description is inviting:
Come visit our Farm and Wildlife preserve. Its now spring at the farm and the forest is full of life. We have swiming, boating and nature trails. The area is also pet friendly“.

SL National Park – overview

The landing point of SL National Park is in the center of the Southern sim which is connected to the Northern sim by a bridge. Close to the landing point is a covered Bridge, an event barn and a private area that looks like being the park administration. It’s no surprise that you find yourself in a beautiful nature refuge. You can walk along the trails that will lead through the park. Along the trails are benches to take a rest and to admire the environment.

SL National Park – Park Administration, Event barn, covered bridge

But there’s more to do and to discover at SL National Park. For example you can rezz a canoe and see the park from the water getting a different view on it. The park is not restricted to the sim you land. It continues when you you walk over the bridge to the Northern sim, just the sim name changes to “Peace”. And walking further north you get to a Toshi farms. The main building of the farm looked quite private to me, hence I didn’t walk it.

Impressions of SL National Park – canoeing

Not far from the farm, on the Eastern shore of “Peace” is a public hut, that offers space to sit at a fireplace or to sit on a balcony overlooking the sea and enjoying the peace of SL National Park.

SL National Park – around the farm house

SL National Park is a great place to take pictures, to experience the almost unlimited possibilities of Second Life. It looks really natural and like a National Park in the US. It conjured a smile on my face when I discovered the toilets along the trails – just like you’d expect it when visiting a National Park.

SL National Park – at the farm, a toilet house and more impressions

Along the way is a lot to discover, there’re are over 50 different animals living at SL National Park. Anything else I did beside taking pictures and enjoying the wonderful nature? Yes, I jumped and dived from the swimming platform close to the coanoeing.

SL National Park – the public hut, jumping and diving, hiking

Let me close this simploring report with an excerpt from Bryn Toshi’s profile:
Syx and I have tried to create a realistic, natural country setting. A Farm and wildlife refuge where you just might catch a glimpse of any of over 50 different animals! Part of this sim is devoted to our family home and farm, then flows seamlessly into the Second Life Nature Preserve where you can experience the absolute BEST National Park experience in SL. It changes as the seasons change. There’s always something just a little different each time you visit! Wildlife abounds, creeks flow, water falls, trails beckon you to explore… Hiking, bike riding, kayaking, swimming and MORE! All just here waiting for you to enjoy.”

Thank you, Syx Toshi and Bryn Toshi (bryn bulloch) for sharing SL National Park with the public. I really enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to Secondlife National Park and Wildlife Refuge
Inara Pey’s blogpost “Touring Toshi Farms in Second Life”