Art in Second Life 2020 (60) The Crystal Dragon by Cat Boucher

On Saturday, August 29th, I had some time at night unexpectedly. I usually don’t go to live performances at night as I’m busy with my SL family. I went to visit HEA-Gallery. Cat Boucher had an installation there at the HEA Performance Platform, which could be reached by a teleporter.

The Crystal Dragon by Cat Boucher – program / I attended Ryo Sogame

At the platform Hannington endowment for the arts & cool cat’s art music circus presented live performances of music artists. And the platform, the event space was designed by Cat Boucher.

Cat arranged a colourful ensemble of objects around the stage, big light objects looking a bit like mushrooms, glowing flower beds, giant ice menhirs and crystals … all in different colours, yet the main colours were greens and blues.
The platform was huge and the event was visited well, there were around 30 people and I knew at least 10 people, artists who’s work artists I had seen before.

Impressions of The Crystal Dragon by Cat Boucher from Saturday, August 29th (1) – upper right is SoJuKaNoU (Ryo Maynard), lower right is Cat Boucher

Cat Boucher is in SL since 2007. Like myself she was immediately fascinated by the creativity I saw here. Cat started to support live musicians and other artists and built a music circus to hold my events/concerts, a circus without animals but with clowns. She learned to build and to create objects in SL.

Impressions of The Crystal Dragon by Cat Boucher from Saturday, August 29th (2)

The event on that Saturday night was to the music of SoJuKaNoU (Ryo Maynard), a mixture of psycadelic and chill out music with some vocals. SoJuKaNoU (Ryo Maynard) is from Japan and a music geek. Listening to the music you can feel his passion.
The whole stage was flooded with different particles, fitting to the music. I took a lot of pictures. These events are noot static and everybody gets different views – and it is gone again. The whole installation is gone again. What remains are memories and the picture and the good feeling watching art provides.

Impressions of The Crystal Dragon by Cat Boucher from Saturday, August 29th (3)

As the event is over and can’t be reproduced, there’s no landmark, where you could go to see the event yourself. There’s just the hint to watch out for events like this for example at HEA-Gallery.

HEA Gallery is owned by Hannington Xeltentat and was built by Tansee, who also runs the gallery. Thank you Hannington for providing the space and thank you Tansee for enabling the live performances on Cat Boucher stage “The Crytal Dragon”. I enjoyed the show.

Hannington Endowment for The ARTS