Diary 2017 (195) November 17th-19th – My favourite colour

You might think that my favourite colour is black. I prefer wearing black or dark colours (in Second Life particular made of leather and/or latex). But I also love other colours and enjoy the variation. Of course my favourite colour in Second Life is green, in the sense of getting a green light with Mistress Jenny. And this weekend I got it again. Unfortunately I couldn’t take full advantage of it due to RL obligations.

November 17th – a particular pov: Diomita providing something to drink to slave kelly after our Friday night party

We had our Friday night party, November 17th. It was once again well visited and I had fun although Mistress was not present that night. slave Flo held up the flag for our family until I arrived a bit late. I chatted a lot, danced and enjoyed. slave kelly was allowed to cam to us for a while so that she could see what she missed at least. When I left early morning, I stopped by the pit and gave her something to drink again.

Saturday, November 18th: Diomita enjoying control over her very owned Mistress at Cyprian Garden

Saturday night I took control and spent time with my very owned Mistress at Cyprian Garden, an adult sim that I had visited with slave Flo just a few days before in preparing my green light. I had to change my plans unfortunately as the bdsm furniture I wanted to use was occupied. But I had fun with my property nonetheless and made the most of it.
Later at night we went to club DeLust with slave slut cecy and we stored her at the voting cage at Lochme before we retreated to bed.

Saturday, November 18th: Diomita with Jenny at club DeLust (upper left) / at Lochme teasing slave slut cecy (upper right) / storing slave slut cecy at Lochme (lower left) / cuddling at home (lower right)

I spent a relaxing Sunday afternoon with Jenny. After we caught up about RL und SL, she had to strip and I put her into a chastity belt. I hid her under a black cloak and we visited The Secret House and Domme a Domme where I proudly exposed my property while she enjoyed a vibrator humming inside of her chastity belt (or didn’t she enjoy it as there was no relief allowed?). Time flew by way too quick and I took my owned Mistress back to my annex of the skybox at home where I kept her safe until night.
It’s very special to have Jenny under my control!

Sunday, November 19th: Diomita enjoying control over her very owned Mistress

When I returned online I found my property fighting with the excitements that the chastity belt provided. I gave her the relief that she needed. Then we went to our Stonehaven patio, where we met a visitor, Hadrian (Radek Galaxy). Mistress Jenny had fun teasing him and we might see a bit more of him soon. slave Flo joined us there and when Hadrian had left we went to The Secret House. It became a family night. slave slut cecy was summoned there and Argi joined us … and another sub, Bella (BellaRose1998), knelt also by us. Bella has the fantasy to be locked up strictly and might join our keyholding service.

Sunday, November 19th: Diomita and Jenny at our Stonehaven patio with slave Flo and Hadrian (Radek Galaxy) / and at TSH with slave Flo, slave slut cecy, Argi and Bella (BellaRose1998)

And that’s it for this diary entry … oh, I have to add that my green light ended already again with this night *sighs*

Diary (20) March 6th – A Sunday at Mistress Jenny’s leash

March 6th: Sunday at Mistress Jenny's leash

March 6th: A Sunday at Mistress Jenny’s leash –  being naughty at the Cyprian Garden

My Sunday began very relaxing. I went to The Cyprian Garden and continued exploring. I found out that there’re 4 parts: The Cyprian Garden, The Cyprian Gallery, The Cyprian Terrace and The Dark side of Cyprian. I found a dungon hidden in a vault behind a thick steel door and still being naughty, I tried the wall rings that I found there (see the picture above). Later I spent this Sunday at Mistress Jenny’s leash. She exposed her property first at The Secret House …

March 6th: Mistress Jenny exposing her property at The Secret House

March 6th: Mistress Jenny exposing her property at The Secret House

She didn’t demand me to kneel … she used the cuffs to hogtie me and I had to smell the carpet. The next station she took me was Domme a Domme. Mistress Jenny ensured that everybody can see who is in charge of us the two of us …

March 6th: Mistress Jenny exposing her property at Domme a Domme

March 6th: Mistress Jenny exposing her property at Domme a Domme

After Domme a Domme Mistress had a surprise in mind for me. She took me to a red-light district where she placed me behind glas like a whore who expects her punters … and obviously Mistress enjoyed the view.

March 6th: Mistress Jenny exposing her property at red-light district

March 6th: Mistress Jenny exposing her property at a red-light district

But at least I got rewarded by Mistress. She took me into a seperate room in the back and we cuddled and I could enjoy her presence .. mmmwah

March 6th: Mistress Jenny teasing Diomita

March 6th: Mistress Jenny teasing Diomita

What a Sunday at Mistress Jenny’s leash! At night we visited 4you, former venustus. I met Sandra Bing a few days before and she complained that we didn’t show up for a long time. Actually we hadn’t seen yet the refurbished club  “Lock & Chain”. We, Mistress Jenny, slave Flo and I had a great night dancing to  best classic rock.

March 6th: Mistress Jenny with slave Flo and Diomita dancing at 4you "Lock & Chain"

March 6th: Mistress Jenny with slave Flo and Diomita dancing at 4you “Lock & Chain”

But the night was not yet over. slave Flo had been cheeky all week long and she certainly longs for being punished. When we returned home she had prepared a board and a tranparent Picture of herself. The board text is “Slave Flo declare to all and everyone: It was Mistress Diomita who should get all honor for building the new Island. To all those who heard about Flo has worked hard … this is a lie. All she did was Messing her Mistresses work”
Oh my, isn’t that cute? Well, slave Flo, that won’t save you from being punished for your cheekiness … and not just about the lie above *winks*

March 6th: slave Flo's declaration

March 6th: slave Flo’s declaration

Thank you for this Sunday at your leash, Mistress Jenny.