Simploring 2020 (69) Walsh County

For my simploring tour on Saturday, August 29th, I picked “Walsh County” from SL Destinations. I read Maddy Gynoids “Simtipp: Walsh County” (in German) before I went there myself. Maddy made some great pictures there!

Walsh County is a general homestead owned by Randonee Noel. At the landing in the middle of nowhere on highway 17 you can grab a notecard by clicking on the highway sign. The notecard provides some information:

Up near the Canadian border glaciers have leveled the earth to where you can see that it’s curved. The winds move across the landscape interrupted only by the lines of trees planted there to interfere.
Agriculture is the cornerstone and the crops are gold. There are fewer than 9 people here for every square mile, but most will share a cup of coffee and a smile if you’re polite.
Welcome to Walsh County, North Dakota.”

Impressions of Walsh County (1)

Walsh County is not a fiction. Walsh County lies on the east side of North Dakota and has a population of about 10,000 people. You can read more about it on wikipedia here. Also the highway 17 is not a fiction. It is 139 miles in length and its alignment was established in 1939 (see wikipedia here).

Impressions of Walsh County (2)

When I looked around immediately “The Far Away” came into mind. I visited “The Far Away” in 2019 the last time (read here) and it is a real classic sim in Second Life.
Walsh County is also flat and there’s nothing but the highway, one tree, one pond with 3 ducks, one truck, a wind sock and ….. wheatfields. Anything else? Yes! A crop duster plane that spreads crop protectant over the cornfields. Watching the plane is fascinating and kept me busy for a while.

Impressions of Walsh County (3)

The scenery reminded me of a scene in the film “North by Northwest” directed by Alfred Hitchcock. In the film the main character Roger Thornhill (played by Gary Grant) is attacked by a crop duster plane – in the middle of nothing.

Impressions of Walsh County (4)

In Maddy’s post I read that SmacemanSpiff Grau, the parnter of Randonee Noel, supported her with building this fantasic sim. Walsh County is perfectly rural and transports the feeling of endless fields very well. A place to wind down. A place to take great pictures.
Randonee Noel also made a short video clip of Walsh County:

Thank you Randonee!

Landmark to Walsh County
Maddy Gynoids “Simtipp: Walsh County”
Randonee Noel’s video clip of “Walsh County”
Walsh County on flickr

Simploring 2019 (95) The Far Away

I decided to do a quick simploring tour on Monday, August 19th, and picked The Far Away from SL Destinations. It is a real classic sim, a place that I visited several times, particularly during my first years in Second Life, but I didn’t write anything about it.

The Far Away – Impressions (1)

The Far Away was created in 2006-2007 (!) by AM Radio and is maintained by Ziki Questi and Kinn (Kinnaird), Ziki Questi has her gallery in a seperate skybox above the sim. And what is it? Well …. a large wheat field with some oddities. Most outstanding is the big railroad engine in the midst of the wheat field. The plane above the wheat field reminded me of the film North by Northwest from Alfred Hitchock in which Gary Grant is running through a field chased by a plane. But I doubt that the plane is a reference to the film.

The Far Away – Impressions (2)

What else? A table with some radio equipment, a windmill, a diner table for two with a closet amidst the wheat field. And that’s about it. The horizont seems to be endless and you can recognized some farm houses far away. The Far Away is an art installation and everybody has to get to their own conclusions and interpretations. Considering that The Far Away exsists since 2007 and that the possibilities of building with mesh and sim surrounds were far more limited than they are today, it is still great and intriguing. A sim you should have seen! Oh and don’t forget to turn on your music and to listen to music from the 1920 and 1930, very fitting to The Far Away.

The Far Away – Impressions (3) / lower right is a view into Ziki Questi’s gallery

I also visited Ziki Questi’s gallery above The Far Away. She’s a SL photographer and has an eye for great motives. The pictures look great in the lights of the gallery and the rooms as large enough so that the pictures can develop their atmosphere. I just picked a few examples of what you can see there.

Pictures taken at Ziki Questi’s gallery

Thank you Ziki Questi and Kinn (Kinnaird) for keeping The Far Away available for so many years!

Landmark to The Far Away
Landmark to Ziki Questi’s Gallery