Simploring 2021 (6) Club Queen Thea

When I was at Puerto Esclava with Mistress Jenny on Friday, January 22nd, I saw Thea Papp there. She wore the tag “Queen”. Mistress and I always feel blessed when Goddesses, Queens, Princesses and other royals are around us. In Second Life it is easy to become a royal, you just need a tag *winks*. I had spoken to Thea Papp almost a year before we saw her at Puerto Esclava again that afternoon and she had been nice. I read her profile again and came across “Club Queen Thea” there: “Female, male, submissive, lesbian, Mistress, Master, slave, shemale, sissy, slut, bi, straight, gay, femdom, dance, cuddle, hangout, latex, … Drama, discrimination or any other disturbing behavior shall not be tolerated. The group is free.

After Mistresss had left for dinner I decided to have a quick look at “Club Queen Thea“. The club is located on a sky platform and consists of a very luxurious club building, and open air play area, an event dome and a large pony play area. It is located in a full region, of course an adult region. The region is owned by Thea Papp. I was about to start exploring when Thea came to her place and she was nice again and gave me a tour and explained her concept to me.

Club Queen Thea – bird eye views and orientation map

Diomita Maurer: Is that your private place?
Thea Papp: No, I have an entire private sim downstairs for my own, this is just a skybox. I do this for fun, not for business or so
Diomita Maurer: Is your sim publicly accessible?
Thea Papp: No but i can invite people of course. This place is of course open for everyone, I wanted to make a place with no rules except being polite and respecting others. I did find too many clubs are imposing silly rules.
Diomita Maurer: That is true
Thea Papp: And sometimes more people sometimes less people, but I’m happy. Most people are very open and polite, I do not mind gender also, not even it is a human, a cat or whatever. A lot of sissies, shemales and so on come here, but also females and males. I try to talk with everyone and I almost know every member myself. I find personal contact better then standing like a plant somewhere in a club.
Diomita Maurer: We call them S&M clubs, Stand&Model. So I’m allowed to use the gear here anytime?
Thea Papp: Sure, a lot are often naked here also, I do not mind that.
Diomita Maurer: Do you have regular events?
Thea Papp: We have parties sometimes, but not every week or so

Thea showed me the really large pony area. There’s all you need to exercise with your pony and of course there’re also stalls. Thea showed me the event dome. It is furnished with style and looks really good. The black panels at the walls have sex animations. I can imagine that you could have quite some kinky parties in there! Thea told me that some come here to talk, others for dancing and still others just for fucking *winks*. At the entrance you can grab a free collar, which is rather unique as it has the logo of the club engraved.

Impressions of the event dome at Club Queen Thea

We went to the “Club Queen Thea” next. Again the building convinces with its style in- and outside. Most furniture inside is rlv enhanced, but you can also just play chess or drink coffee there. Of course you find also some thrones there. I really liked the Club.

Impressions of the Club Queen Thea

What else is there? A nice outdoor play area with some more rlv enhanced objects, like a billard table, a table tennis, a bondage rack, a jail cell, a shower….
Thea Papp: A shower to wash cum away. Well you need to provide it. Some can’t go home with cum on their body :-))
The jail cell is quite exclusively for Thea’s particular guest as only she has the keys to lock it. Again even the jail cell had style.

Impressions of the outdoor play are at Club Queen Thea

I should mention once again that the membership in the “Club Thea Queen” is free. And the place is really worth a visit and if the people are as nice and polite as Thea is, it might be even more worth visiting. Yet, don’t get fooled, Thea herself is strict and demanding and she doesn’t mince her words.
Thea invited me to see her private place. It is even larger and her personal villa is large and luxurious. Some of Thea’s staff was present, she seems to have some to support her. Well, a queen should have many staff, shouldn’t she?
Her private sim has quite cosy corners as well as places for worship.

But back to the public “Club Queen Thea“. I enjoyed my visit a lot. If you look for some kinky fun with style, give it a try. Thank you for the tour, Queen Thea!

Landmark to Club Queen Thea

Diary 2020 (60) April 24th/25th Black Widow Academy

When I met Mistress Friday, April 24th, in the early afternoon we had a lot to talk and catch up with. Mistress had met Kitty and Amy (chastitycontroled). I will try to keep it short and to not give away to many details but will focus on the main points. Kitty, now Puddle whore, is still under full control of Amy (I reported about Kitty’s ongoing “adventure” here a few days before). Mistress talked with both and she and Amy came to an agreement about the further life and training of Puddle whore:
First of all Kitty will remain a member of our family.
For the duration of the training she will be temporary under the full control of Amy and of the Black Widow Academy.
We will be able to visit her but will not interfere in the training. We will get reports – written by Puddle whore – that will document her progresses and some of it might be published here.
And when the training has ended Puddle whore will be returned to us.

After we had finish talking we went to Heavy Bondage Club for a quarter of an hour and continued talking there. We also talked about the theme for our Friday night..
Mistress Jenny: “Since we are all working from home, why not just drop everything and come in your work clothes. It could mean somebody comes to night in their sleep wear
Diomita: “yes … and everybody can interpret it in their own way … our slaves can refer to their SL for example
Mistress Jenny: “yes, just a fun idea for a change

April 24th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club and in our loft skybox

We went to our loft skybox and Mistress allowed me to get my fix by licking her before we had to tend to our RL again.

Our party at night was great, once again. We had quite a full house, great music, we chit chatted and enjoyed the start into our weekend.

April 24th – Friday night party: slave Gwendi, slave Flo, Argi Boa, Diomita, Mistress Jenny, slave BB (Ebony Massey), Amanda Fonda (kndra17), Jammy Serendipity (navanaxsacratus), Thea Papp, illa Quan (upper row), Virgo Babii, Trixie Hobble, Claven Albatros, Claire (maddh4tt3r), Alaunirra (ams684), Starry Starship, Della Randt, Sara (sararandall), papafox57, Amelia (amelia991) (lower row)

Saturday, April 25th, our day in Second Life started comparably early in the morning. Mistress had arranged to meet Amy (Chastitycontroled), Alice Stranglove (AliceStrangelove) and Puddle whore to finalize above mentioned enrollment of Puddle whore to the Black Widow Academy. When I came inworld Mistress was already at the Academy with Amy, Alice and Puddle whore. She ordered me to unlock and to remove Puddle whore’s collar and to hand over another master key for her gear to Amy and Alice. Thus the enrollment was done and we look forward to get returned a well educated Puddle whore.

April 25th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita enrolling Puddle Whore (formerly known as Kitty Maurer) to the Black Widow Academy with Amy (Chastitycontroled) and Alice Stranglove (AliceStrangelove)

After finalizing Alice had to leave and Mistress Jenny and Amy had a drink at the bar to celebrate and while Mistress sat on my face in her queening bar stool and Puddle whore cleaned the floor, Amy and Mistress chatted about how Mistress Jenny turned the tables on me. It was humilating for me, yet exciting, in particular as just Mistress’ latex skirt was between my face and her pussy and I could smell her. What a start into that Saturday!

We met Saturday afternoon again and spent some time together at Heavy Bondage Club, just chatting and looking a people. Mistress took me to our loft skybox afterwards and allowed me to lick her once again. She said she felt no that mean anymore as I had craved to lick her in the morning when we were together with Amy, Alice and Puddle whore and her skirt prevented me from it. And my addiction gets stronger and stronger ….

April 25th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club and at our loft skybox

Our night was relaxed and very enjoyable. We took slave Flo, slave Luci and slave Gwendi to Mesemrize Dungeon and later to Psi’s realm. slave Zeph joined us and acted as Mistress Jenny’s chair. We chatted amoung us and with others and had fun.

April 25th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo, slave Luci, slave Gwendi and slave Zeph (Zephany) at Mesemrize Dungeon and at Psi’s realm

And finally Mistress Jenny and I danced naked on the rooftop of our skybox at home to crown the day and the night.