Diary 2017 (177) October 17th/18th – Two varied days

Tuesday, October 17th, I took the slave Flo and slave kelly to Adara Kattun’s rebuilt place, that I named for myself silent bondage palace as silent bondage island doesn’t fit anymore for it. Slave Flo still wore her Michilin latex suit. We explored it a bit but is was really silent as there were no others than us. We went to The Secret House next and after a while returned home.

October 17th: Diomita with slave Flo and slave kelly at silent palace and at The Secret House

slave Adarra was inworld ad I decided to have a relaxing night at home. I put slave kelly and slave Adarra on two tubular boobular racks facing eachother at the Stonehaven patio and had fun playing with the remotes. Both slaves entertained me with their moans and begging and as I was in a generous mood bit slaves did cum for me.

October 17th: Diomita watching the slaves kelly and Adarra at our Stonehaven patio

Wednesday, Ocotber 18th, Mistress Jenny came inworld in the afternoon and she inspected slave kelly and gave her permission that I may take her into trial. Hence now slave kelly is not just a slave that we control, play with and sell again. Now we consider to keep her permanently. We had an relaxing hour together and visited The Secret House together with slave kelly and slave Flo. slave Flo attracted some attention in her Michilin suit. Other guests discussed what might happen if the bubble explodes spreading all of its fluid content around in the room. Will the repulsion cause slave Flo to fly around like a ballon? Anyway, we had fun.

October 18th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home with slave kelly and at The Secret House with slave kelly and slave Flo

I bought a new office desk and had slave kelly and later also slave Flo at my side while I was doing my work (actually I wrote the first part of this blog entry). When I had finished, I first changed slave Flo’s Michilin bubble suit. The red suit was spread outside for drying and I put her into a shorter suit in yellow and pink. I took the slaves to Venustus. I had noticed just recently that Venustus is back. I had lost track after it was closed and moved several times. It was full and slave Flo did again attract some attention and banter in her bubble suit but also slave kelly’s plugs didn’t stay unnoticed. I had fun and I learned that Venustus is already back for 2 years. We might visit more after again.

October 18th: Diomita with slaves kelly and Flo at home and at Venustus

After slave Flo went to bed, I visited Bondage&Storage Project with slave kelly and put her on a spanking rack, just for my entertainment. Then we made a tour with the blimp and chatted from up there with other visitors at BSP. Finally I went to club DeLust to wind down and to finish the day. slave kelly was unattentive and sobbed on my thigh. Hence I went home and administered an according punishment at the new office desk before I stored slave kelly for the night.

October 18th: Diomita with slave kelly at Bondage&Storage Project, at club DeLust and at home

Diary 2017 (121) July 25th slaves on stage

Tuesday night, July 25th, started with a surprise. Mistress Jenny and I were just saying hello to slave Flo, when slave Adarra came inworld, just next to us in front of our house. We hadn’t seen her for a while again due to her RL. Mistress Jenny decided to have a night at home and to take the slaves to our patio next to the Stonehaven wall to tease them and to enjoy.

slave Adarra was fixed on the “Tubular Boobular” and for slave Flo I moved her beloved pony Bronco from the decking to the patio. Mistress and I sat down in 2 old movie theatre chairs, that I acquired recently at the Fleamarket in HeAdLiGhTs – and the show began.

Shortly after the show has started, puppy slave C and our Rubbertoy appeared. I picked up puppy slave C from the porch in front of our house and moved her kennel to the patio. Rubbertoy was fixed hanging spread eagled on a rack an impaled by a dildo. Time to sit back and relax? Not yet. We got another visitor who joined us watching the slaves – Argi. Together we watched and teased the slaves and had fun – and the slaves had their particular fun either cuming for us (slave Flo and slave Adarra) or getting used to puppy life (slavin C) or being simply a nice rubberized decoration (Rubbertoy).

Diary 2017 (8) Jan 10th – Tubular Boobular

Tuesday, January 10th, Mistress and I had planned to go out for a particular play with someone else. We went to Heavy Bondage Club just to have some eye candy while waiting but our contact didn’t show up. We know, that’s one of the downsides of SL, it is the second life and the first life has priority for all of us – so it is just postponed.

Jan 10th: Mistress Maurer at HBC

Jan 10th: Mistress Maurer at HBC

In the meanwhile head slave Flo cleaned the house, except the sweeping and except the Shangri-La, as I told her to leave some work for the other slave maid, who showed up a bit later at home, still locked on the platform. I had set at timer (as we planned to be out).
While we waited, we caught up and after a while we went home. Mistress found slave Flo and slave cecy sitting (!) and Kitty standing in front of them. That had to be discussed, Mistress and I both don’t like sitting on wet chairs. slave maid cecy became her assignment to to finish the cleaning later but before slave Flo returns the next day.

Jan 10th at the platform Patio; slave Flo, Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Kitty and slave cecy

Jan 10th at the platform Patio: slave Flo, Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Kitty and slave cecy

Then Mistress rezzed a rack with a vibrator dildo at our new platform patio. I thought she wanted one of the slaves to demonstrate it but she had another intention: “We can let the girls use it when we are not about. It might keep them off the chairs!” She set it to group so that all can use it. She continued “It can be set up to trap the unsuspecting slut. If we find somebody locked on it we might have to spectate first before releasing you”
It didn’t take long and what I first expected, a demonstration was given – of course by our always horny and wet slave maid cecy. By the way, the rack is called “Tubular Boobular II” (a funny nane, isn’t it?).

Jan 10th at the platform Patio: slave maid cecy demonstrating the "Tubular Boobular"

Jan 10th at the platform Patio: slave maid cecy demonstrating the “Tubular Boobular”