Diary 2017 (170) October 8th – The Weekend (part 2)

Sunday afternoon, October 8th, I was lucky meeting Mistress Jenny inworld before she comes back home form her vacation. I took her to the Bondage Cafe at Adara Kattun’s place and we caught up.

October 8th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at the Bondage Cafe

At night I met Angelique and slave Flo. Not surprisingly slave Flo complained about her tight corset and it’s restrictions and Angelique asked me, if I could do anyhting about it – of course I could. I went to the house and got another hood, which is more restrictive, had a gas mask and many other features and replaced slave’s Flo pacifier gag and Andromeda hood with this hood. The complaints decreased accordingly *grins.
I took slave Flo also to the Bondage Cafe and played a bit with the hood. It is a complex piece of gear and maybe not suitable for a longer time without getting more familiar to it. I had fun … but in the end I exchanged the hood again for the pacifier and the Andromeda hood – at least for this night.

October 8th: Diomita and slave Flo in her most restrictive “xtrem” hood

When slave cecy joined us, I went to Domme a Domme with the slaves. I saw that Pamela Emmons, a sub who I had played with before, couldn’t get her eyes from us and I asked her to come closer. You may guess what happened next :-).
I ended my weekend with storing slave slut cecy at the S&L Storage Facility.

October 8th: Diomita with slave Flo and slave slut cecy (and Pamela Emmons) at Domme a Domme / storing slave slut cecy at S&L Storage Facility

Diary 2017 (169) October 7th/8th – The Weekend (part 1)

Saturdays are often quiet in Second Life, it’s the time I often go simploring. This Saturday in visited Deadman’s Island  (read here). Later in the afternoon I met with Mistress Jenny who came inworld again during her vacation. We spent most of the time in our skybox and caught up, then we visited Domme a Domme and The Secret House.

October 7th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita enjoying togetherness

At night I met with our niece Angelique. We went shopping and visited FitMesh Designers Expose October Round. There wasn’t much that we really liked, just at one board I dound something for me that I can wear potentially for my wedding anniversary with Mistress Jenny. Angelique found something for herself at the same board. When we got home, we tried on what we bought and to my surprise Angelique had bought the same dress like me. So once again we do look quite alike – just like aunt and niece.

October 7th: Diomita and Angelique shopping

When Angelique had left for bed, I decided to wind down a bit at club DeLust. I was not very surprised when slave slut cecy came inworld just when I was about to leave for bed myself, as I did expect her to get online. At least we could talk a bit and slve slut was happy to see me.

October 7th: Diomita and slave slut cecy

Sunday morning I met Kitty. She was at Zhora, the sim that was fomerly owned by Marine Kelley and was the headquarter of the SLBI. Most parts of the sim didn’t change but it is owned now by Tom Wyoming (zerotsm). Kitty introduced me to OrahMalkaFromSomePlaceInSpace (orahmalka), or shorter Orah. Orah told us about the bane program she’s running at Zhora. I wonder if Kitty is interested in becoming a bane now. The bane processing center is at Zhora, right next to the prison museum and I think I saw it before there. Orah continued telling Kitty and me about the bane program. The just keep them for 4 hours, which doesn’t sound long but can be very long due to punishments that add to the time. Banes have to go to the center every hour to be hooked up to tubes to eliminate waste and give nutrients. If they don’t show up in time, 1 hour is added, for every second they don’t move one minute is added, hence the bane time can rapidily raise. The only downside is that the banes have to remove everything including a collar in order to be processed. Anyway, Mistress Jenny and I can consider it for having a time-out and keep the slaves busy in a particular way.

October 8th: Diomita and Kitty at Zhora and at Adara Kattun’s silent place

Back home, Kitty told me another news. Adara Kattun has rebuild her silent island, not as an island (her last place wasn’t an island anymore too) but with the main features we know. I quickly went over there with Kitty. For sure I’m going to explore it soon more detailed.

If I think of it, weekends aren’t that quiet….

Diary 2017 (49) April 3rd – Silent island gone again

Every once in a while we visit Silent Bondage Island. Our Kitty and Adara Kattun do have a quite strange relation. She hates our Kitty with her 9 lifes but she also likes teasing her. Silent Bondage Island was always different. Never really full, never laggy, full of traps and cages, a large dungeon, every once in a while you saw people there imprisoned. There were big boards remembering you to keep your subs and slaves gagged. And last but not least, Adarra has a talent for planning and building. The sim itself was beautiful with a Mediterranean touch and contained several levels of underground structures. Then the island was gone :-(. But Adarra buildt a new one a bit different but as beautiful as before and with the same adult features. Then this island was gone :-(. It didn’t take long and we discovered the next rebirth of Silent island, this time smaller and in the skies. No harbour anymore, no hills, instead the familiar big villa in the center of a park and… yes, traps, cells, dungeon and a big board “Keep your subs and slaves gagged” – just as the name implies… silent island.

Jan 3rd at Silent Island: slave puppy Adarra, Diomita, slave cecy, slave Flo and Mistress Jenny

This last rebirth is about 6 – 9 month old, honestly I don’t remember. I myself went there last time a few weeks ago. On April 3rd I got a message from Kitty that the latest rebirth of Silent Island is again gone 😦 And she also send me a little chat that she had with our former slave Dana:
Kitty told Dana the same (that Silent Island is gone again)
Dana: of course
Dana: she is in
Kitty: in?
Dana: shes out
Dana: shes in
Dana: shes out
Kitty: copulation with SL… In-Out-In-Out
Dana: nice kitty
Kitty: must be one of the stranger fetishes out there… hehe

All joking apart, we will miss Silent Bondage Island! And I hope that Adara just tore it down in order to build a new, even better island. Let’s look out for it!

April 3rd at Lochme: slave slut cecy, Diomita, slave Flo and Mistress Jenny

Anything else? Monday night, April 3rd was relaxing. After we put the slaves in their April outfit it was about time to relax and to expose them. We went to Lochme with slave Flo and slave slut cecy and we had fun chatting and talking with each other and with other visitors – and we got the first application for our key holding service *winks* (read about this service here).
P.S.: As Kitty was able to find out about Silent Bondage Island’s (preliminary?) end, she must be free again. I suppose she has herself talked out – and talked someone else into the cage at S&L Storage Facility now 🙂

Diary 2017 (29) Feb 23rd – Shackles

When I started my Second Life and came into the BSDM scene, RLV (Restrained Love Viewer) was something new. Cages that restrict your avatar were new and new features to RLV were released step by step. My first cuffs were Real Restrained shackles which are still available nowadys. In 2008 they were more or less the only cuffs available in Second Life. These RR shackles are functional but they really look ugly and clumpsy. Hence I really don’t like them.
Wednesday night, Feb 22nd, when Mistress’ went to bed, she put these shackles on my wrists (of course fully aware about my dislike). Luckily she only put the wrist shackles on and not the upper arms or even worse the ankle or thigh shackles which look totally clumpsy. She locked the wrist shackles and kept the keys. It could have been worse as Mistress Jenny loves it to leave the keys out (and not available to me though). Anyway with these cuffs you’re truely marked as property.
I had some time for being online in the afternoon. But going out with the shackles? To make the best of it, I went to The Secret House and to the Heavy Bondage Club and stood around there looking at the crowd. To stay honest, nothing happened at all, just one IM from a sissy boy.20170223-dio-tour_009

I went to Silent Island, the new skybox island of Adara Kattun and – nomen est omen – it was silent, none there. I looked around if there’s anything new but there wasn’t. What I did is taking a nice picture. I had a picture like this in mind for quite a while, but it is not easy to find the time for it. As mirrors don’t work in SL I had to take 3 pictures and then had to process them into one. Well here it is …

February 23rd: Diomita exploring the villa at silent island

February 23rd: Diomita exploring the villa at silent island

Then I decided to go simploring but where to with these shackles on? More about it in tomorrow’s entry.

Silent Island – Gags obligatory

One of the sims we used to visit regularly was Silent Bondage Island. The Island was really pretty well build, had style and the little something. And it offered a lot of possiblities to get trapped or to store a slave or sub. Silent Bondage Island? Yes, because at it’s harbour, where you arrived, were boards demanding to keep subs and slaves leashed and always gagged. There always was sort of a love-hate relation between our Kitty and Adara Kattun, the owner and builder of Silent Bondage Island. Kitty seems to have even more than the legendary nine lives of a cat *winks*. Anyway all of a sudden for us, the island was gone about 2 months ago (or was it even shorter). But today, when I checked Adara’s profile picks, I found that she has rebuildt it, not as an ssland but as a skybox and it is still called Silent Island. We explored it on January 3rd, Mistress Jenny, slaves cecy, Flo and Adarra (our puppy slave is written with 2 “r”) and myself. Of course the slaves were gagged as the big board at the landing point requests it. There are many many elements reminding of the old island and taken from there, like the castle and the dungeon maze, the barn, the fountains, the boards and many more. Again, the layout is very smart and you wonder how much you can build within a little space. Chapeau, Adara!
Don’t miss out to add Silent Island to you regular visit list again. Get trapped or in trouble in any other way.

Jan 3rd at Silent Island: slave puppy Adarra, Diomita, slave cecy, slave Flo and Mistress Jenny

Jan 3rd at Silent Island: slave puppy Adarra, Diomita, slave cecy, slave Flo and Mistress Jenny

Landmark to Silend Island

Diary (21) March 7th

Today I continued working on some details of our refurbished sim. At night first slave Nina showed up and after a tour over the new island  I took her to the “Dungeon of FDS“, a more or less public dungeon, that we visit from time to time. They have some particular barstools there and it was about time to experience slave Nina’s tongue.

March 7th: Diomita with slave Nina at the Dungeon of FDS

March 7th: Diomita with slave Nina at the Dungeon of FDS

When slave Flo came online I was just satisfied with slave Nina’s work. We had to take some pictures for Flo’s story (yes, part IV is going to be published very soon). We tried different places for the picture but finally ended at Adara’s silent island. After the pictures were taken I had a relaxed chat with the slaves – sa far as they could speak with their ballgags.

March 7th: Relaxing with the slaves Flo and Nina

March 7th: Relaxing with the slaves Flo and Nina

and that’s it about last night.

Diary 2016 (4) Jan 8th – 9th

Yesterday we had our first regular Friday night party. It was very enjoyable. Just before it started I found the time to get the new colourful outfit for our 3rd slave Nina. Hers is in pink with a white corset, so now we have slave Flo with the yellow suit and the pink corset, sklavin Gebby with the green suit and the blue corset and slave Nina with the pink suit and the white corset. The slaves Flo and Nina attended the party and Jenny and I had a good start into the weekend.

First Friday Night Party 2016: slaves Nina and Flo watching their owners Jenny and Diomita dancing (Sklavin Gebby added to the picture)

Jan 8th – First Friday night Party 2016: slaves Nina and Flo watching their owners Jenny and Diomita dancing (sklavin Gebby added to the Picture)

In the picture above I added sklavin Gebby making it the 1st picture of all three colourful slaves together. We’re planning an enjoy bondage night soon and they will for sure add some colourful highlights.

Jenny allowed another green light for me. Today afternoon I just enjoyed her at my feet. I put her into the Restrained Freedom hood and we went to Heavy Bondage Club  and later to Adara’s silent bondage island, where I took some nice pictures of me and my property. Later slave Nina joined us. While we roamed around a bit on the island Jenny was trapped twice in a strange green  foot trap and we could watch her struggling to get out of it (I couldn’t help her at all).

Jan 9th: Diomita takes Jenny to Adara's silent bondage island

Jan 9th: Diomita takes Jenny to Adara’s silent bondage island

Jan 9th: With slave Nina and Jenny at Silent bondage island

Jan 9th: With slave Nina and Jenny at Silent bondage island

Jan 9th: Jenny trapped at Silent bondage island

Jan 9th: Jenny trapped at Silent bondage island

This Saturday afternoon tour ended at Gwen’s storage where I took Jenny and slave Nina to store them as I had to log off. That’s it for the Moment.

Jan 9th: Diomita with Jenny and slave Nina at Gwen's storage

Jan 9th: Diomita with Jenny and slave Nina at Gwen’s storage

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