Art in Second Life 2023 (28) Uncolored Journey by Awesome Fallen @ NovaOwl Community Center

Owl Dragonash invited me to visit the newest exhibition at the NovaOwl Community Center named “Uncolored Journey”. The exhibition is by Awesome Fallen und consists of 10 pictures. Owl sent me a folder with a description written by Awesome and a poster. The poster summarizes the exhibition nicely as all showcased pictures are in black and white – uncoloured. The post shows how the colour is seemingly pulled out of a picture.

Uncolored Journey by Awesome Fallen @ NovaOwl Community Center – Exhibition poster / the gallery wing at the NovaOwl Community Center

The 10 pictures show a girl holding a ballon who is exploring and discovering the world. Awesome wrote a short story about the girl, but of course every spectator can make up their own story about this girl:
Once upon a time there was a naive being who enjoyed wondering and wandering the metaverse…………. everyday she went a little further, confident, enchanted with the no boundaries world, entering the unknown, unaware of danger………. in her pixelrides traveled many whereabouts and villages always following soulless paths………. but sooner rather than later arrived, unexpectedly, to the feelings meadow where this little being met a seasoned sorcerer who blinded her eyes, tore out her heart, and then by dint of tears erased her words………… after months imprisoned in his spells, she was left to fend for herself in the sea of emotions………. adrift, helplessly, she had to smother the sorrow with lights and colors, and reckon with images……..

Impressions of “Uncolored Journey” by Awesome Fallen @ NovaOwl Community Center (1)

For me personally the pictures aren’t that dark. Being monochrome makes them look vintage. Yes, the girl, which we always see just from behind, is wondering around, is exploring the world, be it a real world or a virtual world. But I don’t see her heart being torn out or her words erased. For me she looks just curious and maybe surprised by what the world has to offer.
I like the 10 pictures that build up a storyline. They are artfully reduced to focus on what the girl sees and they are processed and look like etching.

I came across Awesome Fallen in January 2021 the first time when I visited “Mind the Gap” at Itakos Project and Art Gallery (read here).
Awesome Fallen is in SL since 2010, yet the profile does not give away much: “…… just another wave in the ocean …….”. Awesome has a flickr page tough with a lot of followers and I can understand why. The pictures are intriguing, invite you to take a closer look and to comprehend what Awsome wants to express or to make up your own story to the picture.
In the folder I got from Owl is a bit more information. Firstly there’s a quite long list of former exhibitions by Awesome, and secondly Awesome did give away a bit more of herself: “RL or SL, it doesnt matter, I love telling and creating…….. photography, painting, modeling, writing, glass lampwork, since ever addict to any artistic expression ……. First in RL, and later in SL when I discovered that offers unlimited options to create and to tell …….. studied but also self-taught …… I don’t know if I’m an artist or if I even could call myself that……….. I just know that strong emotions fire up my inspiration …. telling with colors, painting the silence…..
Endlessly grateful to the ones who allow me to share my work and to those who take the time to observe it

Impressions of “Uncolored Journey” by Awesome Fallen @ NovaOwl Community Center (2)

The NovaOwl Community Center and Gallery and the NovaOwl Sky Gallery is owned by Uli Jansma, Owl (Owl Dragonash) is the general manager. NovaOwl is an international community on the mainland continent of Corsica. NovaOwl is located on Novatron. It is a meeting place where events take place regularly. Thank you Uli and Owl for providing the space for the art and for enabling the exhibition “Uncolored Journey” by Awesome Fallen. I enjoyed my visit.
“Uncolored Journey” by Awesome Fallen shall stay open through June.

Landmark to NovaOwl Commuity Center – Gallery & Club and to the exhibition Uncolored Journey by Awesome Fallen
Landmark to NovaOwl Sky Gallery – current installation “Memento Vivere” by Selen (read here)
Awesome Fallen’s flickr