Art in Second Life 2023 (5) The Farigoule collection @ Nitroglobus The Annex

Dido Haas drew my attention to a new exhibition in the annex of her Nitroglobus Roof Gallery: “The Farigoule collection”. The exhibition was opened on January 16th.

Together with the invitation I got a notecard with Dido’s description of “The Farigoule collection”:
A while ago when meeting with Jules Farigoule in his loft, which is really a superb tastefully made place, I asked him if he was willing to exhibit his awesome art collection at Nitroglobus. At first he hesitated and told me he was neither an artist nor was this a ‘collection’, just images which he likes to have around him; a very subjective and personal selection. However, in the end he said YES. I am so happy he did.
The Farigoule collection a set of images, gathered from meetings, friendships and by chance, from the serendipity of Jules’s long second life (Jules Farigoule joined SL end of 2008). Jules explains in the notes which are hung on the walls of the gallery along side the art works shown, why or how these works touch him,, what he sees in them, the personality of their creator, or the situation that led him to acquire them.
Moreover, Jules constructed parts of his loft here in the gallery to give the visitors of the exhibition a more intense look and feel of his home and collection.

The exhibition consists of 9 large pictures hung along the walls of the annex of the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery.  It is Dido Haas’ concept that the floor seems to mirror the pictures at the walls, an effect that intrigues me every time I visit the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery.
In the back of the exhibition are 2 rooms, which represent parts of Jules Farigoule’s loft in Second Life, as described by Dido in her notecard.

Impressions of “The Farigoule collection” @ Nitroglobus Roof Gallery / The annex (1)

You find texts about the artists and Jules’ thoughts about them, their art or his connection to them right next to the pictures. Some of the artists were not new to me, of others I never heard. And at least one artist has never had any exhibition in Second Life. The featured artists are: Baizzy Savira, Dido Haas, Caly Applewhyte, Tutsy Navarathna, Alix Figaro, Wicked Eiren, Blip Mumfuzz, Joss Floss (jossinta) and miu miu miu (miumiumiusecond).

Impressions of “The Farigoule collection” @ Nitroglobus Roof Gallery / The annex (2)

The two rooms are decorated with 3D angels created by Phenix Rexen. If you look at the exhibition poster, you may recognize that it shows part of Jules’ loft with a view trough the window. One wall in this loft is dedicated to the featured artists. It shows pictures used in their Second Life profiles (at least as far as I could find out)-

What made me smile was, that I personally have kind of my own collection of art. I got presents from some artists after publishing about their work and I also bought a few pieces. Like Jules I didn’t want to have the art just in my inventory, I wanted to see them, every day. Hence I created my own little “art park” at my homeplace. And that I like to take pictures in SL shouldn’t be any secret anymore. Anyway, I am for sure not the only one who has an art collection in Second Life. But also for sure “The Farigoule collection” is very well and professionally presented at the annex of the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery!

Impressions of “The Farigoule collection” @ Nitroglobus Roof Gallery / The annex (3)

Nitroglobus Roof Gallery is owned and curated by Dido Haas. Thank you, Dido for providing the space for the art and for enabling the exhibition “The Farigoule collection”. Thank you Jules Farigoule for the allowing a glimpse into your Second Life and into your personal collection of art pieces and memories. The memories we make in Second Life are not virtual, we take them with us into our real lifes.

“The Farigoule collection” ist the January exhibition at the Annex of Nitroglobus Roof Gallery. It shall be available for a visit at least throughout January 2023.

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Art in Second Life 2022 (58) “Body Language / The invisible woman” by Wicked Eiren

Dido Haas invited me to visit “Body Language / The invisible woman” by Wicked Eiren. The exhibition is shown in the annex to the Nitroglobus Roof gallery, the space that Dido has dedicated originally to display her own art but that is also used to feature the art of other artists every once in a while.

This is the first time Wicked Eiren is showing her work at an SL Art Gallery. It is an intriguing and very emotional exhibition by Wicked who with these images asks for acknowledgement of/attention for her situation, and that of many others in the world who are suffering from Central Sensitivity Syndromes (CSSs), an umbrella term which houses a series of complex chronic diseases like myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), fibromyalgia, and many more. For more information about CSSs read here)
A diseases that you can not see, but which needs to be heard, the silent scream! (taken from the accompanying notecard)

I am an invisible woman.
Not because people refuse to see me.
They know I am here.
But it’s as if my (pain) detracts from my existence.
My presence too often mistaken for absence.
I am an invisible woman.

poem by Toni Blackman

Wicked Eiren is from Wales and lives in Canada nowadays. She’s in Second Life since 2009. She wrote in the accompanying notecard, that her challenge is to make SL photography look like RL photography with the help of digital elements. And looking at the showcasted monochrome pictures of “Body Language / The invisible woman” I can confirm that she succeeded. Chapeau!
Wicked has a flickr account as well as a website.

What was once a vibrant beautiful engaging woman who’s passion was dancing, now hides from a world which has no understanding of this disease.
People only see “you look normal on the outside” no one knows who I was before this disease took me. You cover your body and start to shield it from light, touch, sound, and movement…eventually love!
You try to join the living and put on a face for others, but the cycle repeats after you return home, the inner scream your body rebels and no one can see the pain inside, never knowing if or when you overdo. Receiving remarks as ”you look fine” or ‘it must be in her head’…the stress you battle within and the pain in your limbs.
(Wicked Eiren’s description of the exhibition)

The 14 pictures Wicked selected for the exhibition reflect her symptons. For each picture you find a short text in the notecard that you can grab by touching the exhibition poster. But the titles alone explain it already as well. The pictures are just beautiful, an homage to the female body. Lights and shadows are set to perfection and at least for me the pictures are very erotic. Nonetheless with Wicked’s titles the spectator (me) notices another level, an emotion that’s not seen on the first glance but becomes dominating once you know it. You get very aware of the body language. And all of a sudden the pictures tell another story.

The set-up of the exhibition with the light art and the mirroring floor makes Wicked pictures even more intriguing.

Nitroglobus Roof Gallery is owned and curated by Dido Haas. Thank you, Dido for providing the space for the art and for enabling the exhibition “Body Language / The invisible  woman” by Wicked Eiren. Thank you Adwehe for the light art. And a big thank you to Wicked for her great artwork. I enjoyed my visit.

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Wicked Eiren’s flickr
Wicked Eiren (Georgina Hannay)’s website
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