Simploring 2018 (71) Island of Trust

For my simploring tour on Thursday, August 16th, I picked “Island of Trust” from SL Destinations.
The landmark description is promising: “A breathtaking Africa themed sim with glorious beaches, magnificent scenery, beautiful animals, birds and marine life and lots of romantic places to cuddle, dance or bring a lover. You will land in a hub so use the TP board to explore!
Island of Trust is owned by Krystal (Krystal Iridescent) who also owns the adjacent sim *Xtal* Garden and the *Xtal* store, which offers a wide variety of furnishings and a few homes.

Impressions of “Island of Trust” (1) – The landing skybox and landing at the island itself

The landing is in skybox. There you’ll get a notecard with some really basic rules you should follow when visiting “Island of Trust“. It is an adult sim, yet that doesn’t mean that you can do what you want and it is not a sex sim – in short: act like an adult. From here you can go either directly to the “Island of Trust“, or teleport directly to some points of interest there, or visit the above mentioned *Xtal* Garden or the *Xtal* store.
I decided to visit the “Island of Trust“, the teleport led me to the beach and to a couple of boards repeating the rules. Quite close to the landing I found a feather, on which you can sit down and that takes you on a tour over “Island of Trust“. That’s a prefect start for a simploring tour:
Welcome to the Island of Trust! Sit back, turn off your AO, allow the region windlight and put your speakers on to hear the sounds as i take you on a safari! We have lions, leopards, cheetahs, rhino, monkeys, birds, gazelle, zebras, meerkats, lions and more here!

Impressions of “Island of Trust” (2) – The feather tour

During the tour you get a lot more information about the wildlife, about the animals, the declining population and about some of the many endangered species all around the world because of human overpopulation causing habitat loss and fragmentation.
The tour guide also provides links to further information. Besides the great views I could collect during the feather tour the provided information is very serious and eductional. Krystal clearly wants to contribute to spreading the information about the endangered wildlife.

Impressions of “Island of Trust” (3) – The wildife

After the feather tour I visited “Island of Trust” on foot and I could take many great pictures. There’s a lot to discover and I’m pretty sure that I still missed a lot. In Second Life you can get very close to the animals, they won’t run away from you. You can even pose on them or next to them and take some really funny shots – and you don’t harm them at all. This kind of a safari is a very environmentally friendly and friendly to animals. I think the pictures show how much fun I had and what beautiful views I could get.

Impressions of “Island of Trust” (4) – The wildlife (and funny poses)

Impressions of “Island of Trust” (5) – great views

Besides the animals the nature is just great and Krystal has also added storm and rain. The places to sit and watch or to cuddle offer mostly a great view into the landscape. There are some huts and houses which provide further opportunities to sit, cuddle or simply talk.

Impressions of “Island of Trust” (6) – Some of the many places to sit or cuddle

I’ve never been to Africa in RL myself so far, but that’s how I’d picture a visit to it. Yet I doubt that I would see that many wildlife as on “Island of Trust” and for sure I won’t get that close to the animals and most probably I wouldn’t want to either *winks*.
I like the way Krystal has combined information with fun. “Island of Trust” is really a great place to have fun or to retreat and enjoy. I hope that I can fulfill my intention to go back for further simploring and for visiting the *Xtal* garden. Thank you Krystal (Krystal Iridescent) for this great place in Second Life!

Landmark to “Island of Trust” (Skybox)
Landmark to *Xtal* Garden
Landmark to *Xtal* Store