Dio’s 1st year in Second Life Feb 11th 2009

This text was written about my second life. My journey into a many fantasies, real friendships, a wonderful love and may hours where I forgot and will forget the worries of all day life. For my one year Rezz Day I wrote the following note to my friends in 2nd life. This note might tell you a little it about me and how my first year in SL has been.

During the last days I began to look back on this year in SL. And it has been a year of many adventures, expiriences, good converstations, fun and happiness. I thank you all for your support, your friendship, your care or simply that you shared some of my time here with me. Thank you !!

There were some really basic events for me which coined my SL. During my first weeks I came to pandora’s box. I had the luck that I met Mechelle Oceanlane and that night I became a guard in her prison. Pandora’s box is a great place and I want to thank Mechelle for providing it and particulary that she gave me the opportunity to expirience a real great time at her place. I look back to this time in the box with joy and I often plan to get back to the box more often and I am sure I will show up there again.

The second really basic event was that I discoverd Stonehaven. There’s something magic about SH. The community in SH is simply wonderful. Thank you Dirk Massiel for giving us all such a place to come together and to have fun. The patio is a great place to meet people, new members and old friends. I hope that Dirk continues to provide this place to meet for us all.
It was in SH that I met Chriss Rosca and Moss Hastings and Chriss invited me to see her place. And I was impressed! Probably she doesn’t know how much she and Moss influenced my further SL. Her place, her creations and the way she lived her SL seeded something in me. Thank you, Chriss for the good talks we had and for all the technical support you gave to me!

These two places led me to meet Yasmin Heartsdale. I met her first at pandora’s and I didn’t give much attention to this event. It happened one night that I met her and her brats at the patio and I noticed that we were neighbors up in the sky of SH. Yas teached me to step over several limits. And she did that not forcing me, it simply happened. We had some convos about dominance and submission and I wanted to expirience her way. Thus I ended locked up in a cage. She exposed me to her girls and I do remember very well how badly I felt. What impressed me the most was that she released me as she realized that I couldn’t bear it. But she didn’t stepped out of my SL, she talked with me about my feelings and became a friend. Only a short time later when she and myself were at the former brat island I called her Goddess the first time and I do remember this moment as it was yesterday. I ended leashed in her office that night and was released three weeks later as her brat. The collar she locked on me May 8th, 2008 hasn’t be unlocked one day except for technical reasons. Thank you, Goddess. I belong to you. I love you. And I hope to be still yours when I’ll celebrate my 2nd Rezzday.

The brat pack family is home for me. This includes the many friends and former brats and sisters and grandbrats I met beeing in the family. If I list them all I might forget one – hey, I’m not the youngest any more *grins. So, let me just say: Brat or grandbart, former or actual member or just friend of the family …. I love you all. And I hope that I can keep off any drama that do happen in families unfortunately.

Tyra was the one who companied me during my three weeks in trial with Goddess (the attentive reader may notice how this trial coined me) is one of my closet friends in SL. It’s a joy beeing with you and to have someone I can talk with when I need to talk. Or simply to go shopping with!

The third basic event was meeting Jenny. Right now I say it was “the” basic event. What began as a playfull session led quickly to cage her like I was caged by Goddess. She became my sub June 8th, 2008. She’s my slave, my sub, my best friend, my fucktoy, my slut, my pet. we developed a close relation and I am the most spoiled person in SL that I got her total devotion. Consequently we first partnered and then we married Oct, 24th 2008. The happiest and most important day so far in SL for me. Those knowing us know what we mean for eachother. More or less we’re one. Jenny, my wife, I love you to bits !!

Last year I also met Claven Albatros, who was shortly close to the brats and is still close to some and I am one of these. I like her ways and we have good convos and also fun together and there’s always something thrilling between us. She’s an impressive personality and I always take something with me when I meet her, may it be an advice or a technical hint or simply a the memory of a nice time. Thanks Claven.

With Jenny I began to form my own little family within the brat pack. I call it the Eurobrats. Nicola Micheline was my sub for a much too short time and I miss her but we needed to part, Nonetheless I still feel close and the best thing in life is that humans forget bad expierences and remember the good things. So I do remember my time with her as a wonderful expierience. Thank you, Nic .
And there’s vanessa Rendelstein, my slutty sub, my hure – better spoken our sub and hure as she’s also owned by Jenny. Although she’s not online as often as I would like and despite she’s a technical newbie and can be hard work if you need to get her update or edit something she’s a present. Met her and you will find a playful sub who is willing to learn to her way at the feet of her dommes..and you would know why we love her. As we are quite possesive you may not have the chance to expierence that as she’s used by us when she’s online. Thank you for your submission, van.

Last but definitively not least let me say something about Fae Howlett, my lil. Fae is my sister and a full brat like me. Due to time zones I met her more often than other family members and she became close to me more and more. And since Christmas 2008 and with Goddess’ permission she’s my sub sister and sister to Jenny (Don’t try to really examine these relations in comparison to RL*smiles). We simply enjoy eachother and the development in our SL. I love you my lil and I am so proud that you became part of our little family. Thank you for your love and submission.

Unfortunately I am not able to celebrate this occasion with all my friends due to other RL activities. Nonetheless I wanted to write down what I expirenced this last year and to express that I am gratefull to all of you. And if you’re not listed personally here it doesn’t mean that I don’t care, it simply means that I could write books about positive things and wonderful friends I met here and didn’t had the time to write it down … or it means that I simply didn’t open all the cells in my brain where you’re in.

Thank you all for a great year.
Diomita Maurer

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  1. Nicola Micheline
    May 10, 2009 @ 16:52:09

    I just wanted to write that I still love and hold Diomita and Jenny in my heart. They will always have a place there. I too am grateful for time, and grateful for everything they’ve taught me. And I look forward to many happy moments with them, yet to be.


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