Mistress Diomita


Goddess Yasmin Heartsdale arranged a competition with the theme “My Mistress is the best Mistress / Domme because..” in under 350 words.

Whilst my entry did not make the top 4 I would still like to share it as it gives an insight to how much my Mistress and wife means to me.


Mistress Diomita Maurer


I propose that Mistress Diomita Maurer is the best Mistress. There are many reasons why and everything about Mistress Diomita culminates in a unique experience if ever you should be one of the lucky few that submit to her.


First meeting:  When I first met Mistress Diomita she never made any assumptions nor did she push or force herself on me. Instead she asked if she may take my keys and then she gave me a guided tour of her house in Stonehaven. Whilst there she showed me her cage and the whole experience was very daunting for me. I asked would I be expected to go in the cage then and Mistress Diomita replied not now but you will the next time you come here.  The confidence in which she said that made me know inside that I would be spending a long time in that cage and I would have gone into it there and then.


The Trial: Consisted of going into that very cage the next time we met and spending the next 12 days there where Mistress Diomita visited me and listened as we talked every day. We became good friends very quickly.


My limits: have been gently eased so I no longer remember what they where and I have been coached and my Domme side encouraged and Mistress Diomita has enjoyed that I display my Bratty side too.


Personal details: Mistress Diomita pays attention to needs and to what ever you tell her. During a very sad personal time in RL she supported me and was happy to sit with me and help me when she could have elsewhere having a good time. Mistress Diomita always makes time for everybody in her care.


I have highlighted the important traits and I believe that to be a good Mistress you must have all of these qualities before you even try to own somebody or tell them what to do. Mistress Diomita has all of this and the confidence to carry it off in a subtle manner that commands respect.


Jenny Maurer


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  1. raynhalfpint
    Mar 12, 2009 @ 17:39:47

    Well said, and I could not agree more. Miss Dio is wonderful. I count myself blessed twice for being able to have you two in my SL. I miss you both. MUAAAHHHH.


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