Euro Brats

Euro Brats – our little family within Yasmin’s Brat Pack



The first two posts introduced Mistress Diomita Maurer and myself Laylady Lay, and gave an insight to how we met. In this post we both hope to explain how we expanded to form our own family within the Bratz Familiy headed by Goddess Yasmin.


Before anybody else came on the scene Diomita gave herself to Goddess Yasmin Heartsdale and she wears her collar with pride. This is Primary relationship that paved the way for the rest of us and we shall not forget this. When I met Diomita I was taken as her slave with the permission of Goddess and became a part of the family as a Grandbrat for me My Mistress is my first priority and I serve her unconditionally. As she is Owned then I ultimately answer to Goddess and must obey the family rules as laid down by her if not least of all so as not to disgrace my Mistress. However Goddess has been kind to me and supported our relationship so it has been an honour to know her and serve her too and this is why I only have two people who may take my keys at will and I answer to them both.


This has not always been the case though. When I first met Mistress Diomita I would have happily spent the rest of my life in SL on my knees just behind her displaying my loyalty to my Mistress to everybody to see. As our friendship grew and time passed the conversation arose about my getting a sister or two. Although I did not expect to know Mistress Diomita exclusively I was taken aback at first, the usual thoughts passed through my mind. Was I not good enough on my own to satisfy my Mistress, Would it mean I saw her any less, was she bored with me etc.

We didn’t exactly go looking but it wasn’t long before we met vanessa Rendelstein and Nicola Micheline. Not able to choose between them we decided to give them both a try.


Just before they where about to start their trial and the day before my RL birthday Mistress Diomita gave me a big shock and asked me to become her partner in SL.  The fact that it was the day before my RL birthday showed me just how much it meant as Mistress could not wait that extra day, and in any case something this important should be a celebration all of its own.


Nic is very creative and likes to design clothes. She is always eager to please and she tried hard to fit in with the family form the beginning.

van sometimes struggles with technical tasks like inserting scripts etc, but she is also eager to please and she also very quickly earned the nick name hure,,,, I wonder why J.


Nic and van both completed their trial by 4th October just before we were due to be wed but the difference in time zones amongst the Bratz made it difficult to arrange a day to suit everyone. We finally got married on 24th October and I adopted the name Jenny Maurer. It is a pity you can not change names in SL but I hear that one change may be allowed soon (for a fee of course).


Unfortunately and for reasons I will not go into here Nic left the family before Christmas but she remains a friend and still visits us from time to time.



In December Mistress Diomita came up with the name EuroBrats and made a flag for our beach house. This was because most of the Brats family live in the USA and we spent more time together before most of them logged in.


Fae Howlett collared by Goddess and a true Brat, started to spend more and more time with us as our times zones are the same, and she enjoyed being kept restricted my Mistress Diomita. With the kind permission of Goddess Fae is allowed to remain a Brat but also to call Mistress Diomita  her Mistress too and she is now as much a sister to me as she is to Mistress Diomita. She is a very joyful person and is a ray of sunshine when ever she is with us.


As the new year came in Mistress Diomita allowed me more time to express my Domme side and she coached me and guided me, and encouraged me to show my Domme side within the Eurobratz. I remain her slave first and partner second so Mistress will always have the first and last word on any matter. She has however asked that my sisters call me Miss as I am now her second in charge and responsible for the family when she is away.


Just recently and as part of coaching my Domme side, Mistress Diomita allowed me to become a guard at a Prison near to our home. Whilst there she met Pike Mayo, a person she had met on a number of occasions before and they quickly caught up and the idea of her joining out family came up. Pike has a lovely Partner Danii Szydlowska. Danii has her own Blog and has done some very interesting things herself in SL so it is worth a look. Up until this time Danii had been away for spell and as coincidence would have it I was working as a guard when she logged back into her cell.


I released Danii and let them both use our home to talk giving Pike a chance to explain the situation to Danii in private. Pike and Danii soon started their trial and they passed it on the 23rd April. Pike and Danii are still settling in and we hope we can all enjoy a lot of new adventures together soon…….




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Danii
    Apr 30, 2009 @ 17:33:48

    Lovely post!
    I’m looking forward to enjoy new adventures with the (Euro)Bratz family too!


  2. nicolamicheline
    May 16, 2009 @ 21:40:55

    I was honored to be part of your family, Diomita and Jenny, and I am equally honored to remain your friend. I will always hold a special place in my heart for you all.


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