One year wedding anniversary

Really one year? Time flies particulary when you’re having a good time. One year ago was our day. We married at Rivers Rock. Goddess held the speech and said our vows. After the wedding we had a one week honeymoon. The family had build a skybox for us and furnished it. Most of it was done by Fae. Thank you Fae. We had a great week. It was such a good time that we decided to keep the skybox. We bought the furniture, we added a detail here and a detail there. We added a dance floor on the roof of it. And we gave it a name “Chez Maurer”. CM is still our place when we retreat and it is located in the skies above our plot at Rivers Rock.


One year with Jenny, my Ehesklavin, my partner, my wife, my fucktoy, my slut. Can you imagine such an all-in-one person? I can because she’s mine.
Jenny – she’s a quiet and patient sub, she’s obedient, she’s following my rules, she accepted to be controlled and I do control her.
Jenny – she’s demanding, she’s mean, she’s makes evil plans, she’s adventurous.
Jenny – she’s my partner, my wife, my friend, the one at my side.
Jenny – she’s my slut, my fucktoy, my horny slave.

We have experienced a lot together, we developed together and we’re still desiring eachother. From being just my slave Jenny began to become more and more confident. Self-confident and knowing that I would do everything for her, she defined her place within our relation. She developed her domme side also. She will always be MY property, my collared Ehesklavin but …. I have also sub needs and Jenny knows about them and she plays with them and during what we call a “green light” she takes over. And sometimes she devolpes evil plans how to treat me. It’s all about trust. I can relax, can let things happen as she planed them. I know in advance about her deep love and devotion and that she won’t hurt me. It adds another dimension of bdsm playing for me.

For our one year anniversary we decided to spoil ourselves and made some pictures of us. We’re happy about them. We love memories like this.


I look forward to every night that I can spent with you, my Ehesklavin.

I look forward to our second year as a couple in SL, my love.

I look forward to all the adventures we will expierence togehter.

Thank you for this year, Mrs. Jenny Maurer. I love you.

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  1. Jen (laylady lay)
    Oct 23, 2009 @ 23:08:49

    Thank you Mistress Diomita
    I could not love you any more than Ialready do.
    This has been a wonderful 12 months.
    I am sure we will have more and i will continue to be at your side.


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