Loyality and Happiness

This will be my first blog which is not filled only with happiness. But it will nonetheless end happily.

Stonehaven has been my and our place since my early days in SL.
It’s the place where I met my owner, Goddess Yasmin Heartsdale.
It’s the place where I had my first house in SL.
It’s the place I met my slave who is now also my wife and partner, Laylady Lay – Jenny:-)
It’s the place where I met so many friends of mine.
It’s the place where I spent uncountable hours of fun, happiness and talks.
You can read what Stonehaven means to me also in our former blogs. It is at least a place to which I am emotional strongly conected.

A few days ago I got a message from Goddess in which she banned me and her family from going there. Honestly, I was shocked and irritated. What I was told later by others was that the reason for the edict was that Goddess couldn’t bear the fact of being eliminated form the Warden list of Stonehaven – a list I personally wanted to be on a very long time but never was.
Is it possible that I am owned by a domme who acts thus stubborn about such a minor item? And if so – what should I do? Should I argue? Should I flout the clear command? Should I try to mediate? Should I break my friendship with Dirk who owns Stonehaven? Well, Goddess didn’t demand that and she never did demand to break relations, she never forbids going  anywhere.
There is one simple answer: I will obey. I will not go there unless the edict is withdrawn.

Why is the answer that simple although I am emotionally hit by Goddess’ edict?
Because I would expect exactly the same of my subs. I would allow them to ask me about reasons, I would try to explain but I would expect my subs to accept my decision.
Because I trust in my owner. I trust in her love. I don’t say that she’s perfect – who is? I willingly submitted to her and would do it again. I get plenty of room and freedom to develop to what I am. And even if she’s wrong with her decision and edict – and I am not saying that she is wrong – I will obey.
And my friends that still go to Stonehaven will understand that I will not company them there as they know me and they wouldn’t expect anything else from me. And those who understand or accept that stay friends.
My place is with her. Point. Loyality.

Will I miss Stonehaven? Yes.
But I know that it is not only the place what makes it mystic to me. The people there made it to what it is for me. I feel spoiled and happy that I belong to Goddess’ family. Happiness is where my family is around. Without them Stonehaven will loose it’s magic for me. Thus I’ll keep it in my memories as the environment I had during a very good time. It is on many pictures that I saved. It is in my mind.
I will go on in SL with Jenny, with my family branch, with Goddess’ family with her friends as I have found – Happiness.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jen (laylady lay)
    Nov 06, 2009 @ 22:24:14

    There are no prizes for guessing where my place is and where I will be.
    We are blessed to have great family and friends and our time is always filled. We will miss SH but it is not the end of the world.


  2. RaynHalfpint
    Nov 07, 2009 @ 00:02:09

    SH died long before that for me.


  3. Yasmin Heartsdale
    Feb 06, 2010 @ 22:55:20

    I think your blog is broken Dio. It won’t let me read the posts you wrote AFTER this one. *taps her foot impatiently*


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