RL & SL – Happiness, Emotions, Composure

Inspired by Goddess’ ranting I want to write also something to get that off of my chest.

In many profiles you read that SL is SL and RL is RL. Many people want to keep their SL separate from their RL. Why? We try things out in SL, we explore ourselfs. We want to be young again, we want to be slim and attractive. We live fantasies that we wouldn’t live in RL. We’re actors. There’re many motivations. I am not different! I try to keep my RL separate from my SL. It could destroy my SL world if i would see or hear my SL friends in RL and if that picture does not fit with the one that I buildt in my mind. Thus it is also a form of protection of my SL to keep it separate from RL as much as possible. As much as possible … I can’t separate everthing. I can’t switch off my thoughts when I log off.  And thus when i had an argument or a bad expierence the thoughts about it follow me through my RL day. As well as many positve thoughts follow me into my RL. You would see me smile when i think about my lovely wife in SL, when i think about my SL family. My SL is part of my RL and not an unimportant part of it as i spent most of my free time online in SL. I don’t deny that SL is a part of my RL….. and consequently RL also is part of my SL.

And as in RL we do love and hate. We have emotions, we feel, we cry, we love, we build families, we build networks, we talk, there’re rumors and badmouthing like in RL. It is like this. And I am very aware of it. In additions in our bdsm community we try out relations that can’t be lived that way in RL and that might imply other difficulties in SL – but in my personal opinion provide even more joy (just by the way).

Why do I write this? Why do I want to spread these thoughts? I observe that some people loose their manners in SL. They don’t consider that people can be hurt badly in SL and take bad feelings it their RL. I want to appeal for tolerance. Simply accept that some people don’t love eachother. Accept that in SL relations can be as complicated as in RL. Please be always aware that we all have emotions. Please be aware that we can’t blind out SL in our RL and vice versa. Please keep SL a place to be happy. Accept the weired behavior of others who try something different in their SL. Also accept banning. In RL you would not give the keys to your house to someone you don’t like or with who you had a serious fight. You would keep your door locked. And in SL you have the wonderful function to mute those you don’t like (unfortunately this isn’t invented yet in RL).

I love my SL. As said above it is an important part of my RL. I love my wife and and my family in SL. I love my Goddess and owner. I am devoted to both. I enjoy.

Just…. let’s keep things in perspective.

Do I feel better now …. yes !!

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