The “Mistress”

For all of you who like a good laugh… here’s a IM dialogue from Jenny of today. She was at a crowded site and got this in her IM….

X          : Greetings little one
Laylady Lay: Hi
X          : you are a slave and just say hi  to a Mistress
Laylady Lay: I am owned by one wonderful lady not all and sundry
X          : and your Mistress name girl
Laylady Lay: try reading Profiles girl
X          : i see her name now
Laylady Lay: maybe you would like to kneel before her
X          : she as not brought you up well girl
X          : i will be im-ing her with your rudeness
Laylady Lay: and you base that judgment on what evidence?
X          : as i said i will be im-ing her with your rudeness
Laylady Lay: so you know nothing and you think you can judge others
X          : i know enough
X          : on how you talk to another Mistress
Laylady Lay: and you are a Mistress because what?
Laylady Lay: you are quite funny really
Laylady Lay: 🙂
Laylady Lay: you are more than welcome to kneel before us both
Laylady Lay: just IM us any time
Laylady Lay: we will send a chariot
X          : ha ha ha
Laylady Lay: thank you for the laugh

You made our day, X !!

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