At times melancholy

Now that I am 2 years collared by Goddess the family just changes a lot. Goddess took a short break of SL and shortly after her return she and Tey parted. While I never talked much to Tey I always appreciated her patient and calm ways. And I could always rely on her. Although I don’t know how things will develop it leaves me being melancholy. Tey was Goddess’ first brat and she companied me as a sister through nearly all my SL life.
At the same time, and I know it is just a coincidence, my sister Claire asked to be released from Goddess’ collar and consequently also gave up her submission to me. Claire simply wants to explore other things in SL and roam around free and independent. She will stay close to us and I am happy to know her. My other subsister Fae didn’t return really since Summer 2009 except for 3 or 4 short visits. We hope that she’s doing well and as far as we know she is doing well.
Rayn, who also was always sort of a family member, left SL. Luckily we know she’s doing fine and she has made this decision as she’s convinced that it is the best for her.
I read several other blogs who dealt with the subject of people suddenly leaving SL without any notice. I can only say that it hurts when close friends simply leave and cut all connections. Although this is a virtual world the relations that we build can be quite strong. And those that left, left a footprint in SL. They left people thinking of them and worrying what happened. My sub Siobhan is one of those who left and I look at the pictures that I have and ask myself whether she will ever come back, whether she’s doing well. Let’s hope the best.
Last but not least when Goddess took a break and used the word “hiatus”, I needed to look it up in my dictionary. I begin to doubt now – hiatus might be a SL virus.

When something is changing we tend to become melancholy as we know what we had and as we have a natural discomfort about the unknown future. Just writing this down helps me to overcome this discomfort. I look forward happy about what I had in SL and confident to be resistant to the hiatus virus.

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  1. laylady Lay
    May 17, 2010 @ 19:55:12

    To all our friends that have left SL. we loved you because you are special and we miss you for the same reason.
    Like Diomita I wish you the very best for your RL
    Take care where ever you are.


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