Having Fun

During the last weeks we rebuilt our home plot at Rivers Rock. With the remodelling we gained some space on our beach. By accident we found a game, obviously not something new, that we installed at our beach – En Garde. Basically it is fencing based on luck and some strategy. For us it is just fun particularly as we  make little naughty side bets. So don’t be surprised when you see us fencing at our beach just for fun beside all bdsm playing.

As our friends know I love taking pictures. I store them into slideshows. We got an huge number of pics by now that document our Second Life and just watching it and remembering the good nights and all the fun we have had is very relaxing. Since yesterday we are now the proud owners of a little photostudio. Now we can make portraits and other pictures for us and for our family and friends. We still have a lot to explore with it but definitively had already fun with it and will have much more. Maybe we build a litte business around it – but in principle it will be our little hobby. Here’s one of our first takes….


Last but not least our little dungeon – Maurer’s Dojo – is developing and we installed a nice Shibari frame. Awww… you didn’t think that we’re not weired anymore, did you?

By the way for a limited time only if you have read our blog you may be entitled to one free Profile Picture taken in our new studio. IM us and use the phrase “Please Take me or my Picture” and we will see what we can do.

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